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Prehistoric is a series about the extinct creatures that used to live where cities now sit in the United States. It includes large cities that are heavily populated, and uses popular attractions within those cities to inform the viewer the relative size of the animals. Using 3D simulations viewers can witness what could have been walking through their back yard hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years ago. Each episode focuses on a different city in the United States, including small islands attached to large cities.

Sundays at 8:00 PM on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 6 Episodes - Canceled
February 21, 2010
Animation & Cartoons
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  • Here in Denver, 65 million years ago, Tyrannosaurus Rex fought Triceratops in a battle to the death, and the Terminator Pig savaged anything in its path.

  • Ten thousand years ago, it was home to both mammoths and mastodons... 420 million years ago, it was drowned beneath an ancient sea. But where did all Chicago's dinosaurs go?

  • Mammoths once trampled down Fifth Avenue, sea scorpions were part of the prehistoric freak show on Coney Island, and some of the world's first dinosaurs roamed where the Giants now play.

  • Sabertooth cats once prowled LA just blocks away from the Oscar's Red Carpet. Duckbilled dinosaurs basked in California's famous surf-until they were attacked by fast and agile super predators. And underneath it all, the ground moved...

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