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Taboo is a National Geographic television show that is focused on addressing the world's taboos. What is interesting about this TV show is that they are willing to talk about topics that other people would normally shun. This is a fantastic show for learning about the world's taboo topics and learning why certain topics are a taboo.

The fact that Taboo talks about taboo topics that no one else is willing to, is what makes it an interesting television show. The topics range from the utterly bizarre all the way to the disgustingly strange and offensive.

One of the episodes on Taboo talks about a millionaire man who hops trains when he is not running a multimillion dollar company. It is an interesting episode that later talks about a lady who wants to have a surgery done to become a paraplegic. She has a rare condition that is called Body Integrity Disorder which gives a person the desire to become a paraplegic.

The show delves deep into the depths of the psyche of these people who are involved in the taboos. It is a great show for developing an understanding of people, and the reasons for why they think the way that they do. It is also one of the most interesting shows on television because it talks about topics that would otherwise be scorned.

The show can also sometimes be downright hilarious. For example, there is an episode where a guy is a real life superhero, and he listens to the police scanner and goes to attempt solve the conflicts. Taboo does a great job explaining why this is a taboo topic, and what about it is appealing to this real life superhero.

The one thing that you will quickly learn about this show is that it is highly educational. You will learn a lot about why people think the way they do and a lot about the topic in general. For example, in the real life superhero episode you will learn that real life superheroes are a growing trend. However, the majority of these real life superheroes are not actually trying to fight crime.

Taboo is a great show for anyone who has an interest in the bizarre and strange. You are guaranteed to find it here. Your eyes will be glued to the television from the moment the show begins to the moment that the show ends.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
10 Seasons, 115 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 30, 2002
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  • Different rituals from around the globe are profiled. Included: Body scarring in Papua New Guinea; spiritual healing in Venezuela; and yam harvesting in the South Pacific.

  • In Florida, a man known as Dada 5000 is the self-proclaimed ?King of the Ghetto.? Living in one of the most poverty-stricken and crime-ridden areas in America, he has turned his backyard into a savage fight club, and his bare-fisted business into an opportunity for glory and for survival. In Las Vegas, 500 miles of flood tunnels provide shelter for many of the Nevada homeless. These tunnel dwellers constantly face crime, violence and even the risk of deadly floodwaters.

  • Americans value physical beauty and those who achieve a firm and fit body. In Hollywood, Fla., Rajee is a transgender woman who took part in black market plastic surgery.

  • Focusing on extreme medical procedures - including leg lengthening surgery and taking snake venom.

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