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Teen Mom 2 is a reality series that airs on the MTV Network. The show itself has currently run two seasons, which information regarding the filming of a third season still to be announced. Like its predecessor, Teen Mom, this series stars four teenaged girls who got pregnant at a young age and were previously featured on MTV's show, Sixteen and Pregnant. Teen Mom 2 follows the lives of these four girls as they raise their children and try to make something of themselves in the process. The girls starring in this show include girls named Janelle, Leah, Chelsea, and Kailyn. They are all mothers of small children, although Leah has two twin girls.

The show itself essentially follows the lives of the girls from the moment their coverage left off on Sixteen and Pregnant. There are many recurring themes throughout the episodes themselves, such as that of working through relationships with other men and with their families, trying to support themselves and the children, looking for jobs, and trying to further their educations. For example, many of the girls got pregnant in high school, so much of the early season of Teen Mom 2 features them attempting to graduate with their high school diplomas or getting their GEDs.

Perhaps one of the most controversial girls on the show is Janelle Evans, who has been in jail several times for drug possession and is constantly fighting with her mother or her boyfriend at the time. She has been accused of being a bad mother, and this has lead many viewers to question her reason for being on the show.

In fact, Teen Mom 2 has been quite controversial since it premiered in 2011, as many adults feel as though it portrays too positive an image of girls who get pregnant at a young age. Perhaps for this reason, many of the more recent episodes of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have taken more time to show the down sides to having a child at the young ages that the girls on the show did. The show also often hosts "after shows," where the girls will discuss issues both inside and outside of the show, giving younger girls watching the series a better idea of what their lives are really like.

The show is currently awaiting an announcement of another season, but Teen Mom airs episodes every Tuesday on MTV and many reruns can be found online.

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December 19, 2010
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Teen Mom 2 Full Episode Guide

  • Farrah's mom approaches Simon at Sophia's seventh birthday bash after he shares an old mugshot of her on social media; Amber copes with the newest rumor in the media about Matt.

  • Remembering seven years with the original group of moms, and a peek of the upcoming season.

  • The moms talk about the most romantic, and heartbreaking times from "Teen Mom 2" and participate in a revealing game that prompts them to say "I Do."

Teen Mom 2 News

'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Arrested (Again), License Suspended

Janelle responded to the incident on Twitter.

Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Is Starting a Frozen Yogurt Store

Farrah Abraham, now known to most whether they watched the video or not as Backdoor Teen Mom, has a new venture: She's starting a frozen yogurt shop. Yes, surprisingly her long-term financial and career goals weren't met by the proceeds of her porn video, or as she would have you believe against all completely obvious evidence to the contrary, her "private sex tape." So now, the girl whom you can see participating in anal sex and handling various bodily fluids through a quick Google search is now going to try to sell you food.

Janelle Evans of 'Teen Mom 2' Welcomes Baby Boy, Posts First Pic

Congratulations to Janelle Evans, we guess. The "Teen Mom 2" star has given birth to her second child, the first with her current boyfriend Nathan Griffith. The couple had already chosen a name for the baby, and have decided to go with it: He'll be named Kaiser. Kaiser joins a growing family, as the couple takes care of Jenelle's other son, Jace, who was born to Jenelle and her ex-husband Courtland Rogers.

Is Jenelle Evans Bringing an End to 'Teen Mom?'

As Jenelle Evans gets increasingly out of control, insiders for MTV suggest that production on "Teen Mom 2" might end.

Janelle Evans Miscarries, Hints Divorce

Janelle Evans has miscarried her baby at eight weeks. Where was her husband during this difficult time?

Is 'Teen Mom' Star Janelle Evans Getting A Divorce... Already?

After letting the world know their issues via Twitter, are Janelle Evans and Courtland Rogers getting a divorce? Is there any hope left for the romantics?

Janelle Evans Marries After Two-Week Engagement

Evans has wed her short-term boyfriend Courtland Rogers in a surprise maneuver, just hours after his court appearance.

Jenelle Evans is Engaged.

Janelle Evans, of "Teen Mom 2," has found the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. No, not him. No, no, him either. The other one.

'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Files for Divorce After Only 6 Months of Marriage

Married, divorced and mother of two at just 18-years-old -- the baby mama drama never ends. Leah Messer, star of MTV's hit reality show "Teen Mom 2," will be living single once again now that she has officially filed for divorce. The petite blonde was spotted crying for cameras over the weekend as she read legal documents aloud to a friend. Messer and (soon-to-be-ex) husband Corey Simms married just last fall in West Virginia and it seemed like they might actually beat the odds.

'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans' Brawl Video Sells for $45K

The video footage showcasing “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans brutally beating another teen has reportedly sold for $45,000. According to E! Online Evans claims the girl who started the fight is the one who sold the footage. In the video, Brittany Maggard pushes Evans into a fight with Britany Truett. Evans says that Maggard sold for the video to the media. "She told me herself, and I got very upset," Evans said of Maggard.

'Teen Mom' Jenelle Investigated for Beating

"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans is under investigation for the brutal beating of another girl. As TMZ reports, Evans, who is notoriously seen fighting with her mother on the MTV show, is being investigated by the Brunswick Country Sheriff’s Department of North Carolina. According to the PopEater, Jenelle has been spotted in an online video “savagely attacking” another girl.

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