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This television series The Avenger features distinguished secret agent John Steed who works for British intelligence in an effort to save the world along with help from his beautiful female partners. This stylish series ran for eight seasons and fused together bits of thrilling espionage, science fiction, light spoof and fantasy.

Patrick Macnee portrayed John Steed who was charming, an impeccable dresser and loved his champagne. Steed’s bowler hat and umbrella of which he never left home without, often served as his weapon. Steed always remained a gentlemen in dealing with enemies, robots, monsters, mad scientists and even while facing death.

The Avengers also featured Steed’s female partners, all of whom were strong and assertive (something not often seen in 1960’s television). Steed’s first female partner was the beautiful Cathy Gale (portrayed by Honor Blackman) who in addition to being an anthropologist and judo expert, had an affection for leather clothing. After Cathy left, she was replaced by the stunning Emma Peel (portrayed by Diana Rigg). Decked out in her Emma-peeler jumpsuits, she is perhaps the most popular Avengers girl. Emma was always witty and cool, could handle a gun or sword just as good as any man and she excelled at karate. When it was discovered that Emma’s believed dead husband was found alive in the amazon jungle, Tara King was her replacement. The adorable Tara played by Linda Thorson, was not as experienced in judo as her predecessors but she managed, in fact Tara managed to fight off an enemy while inside a tank of milk. Unlike Steed’s other two partners, Tara was younger, having just completed her Ministry training and was in love with Steed.

Almost as popular as The Avengers is its endearing theme song composed by Laurie Johnson. Originally titled The Shake, it is an exciting and sexy blend of percussion and luxuriant strings. The song is a perfect fit as we see in the opening credits as it plays while a cork is shot off of a champagne bottle (during the Emma Peel years). The Avengers ran from 1961 to 1969 and was the perfect brew of crime-drama, fantasy, style and British wit.

6 Seasons, 254 Episodes - Canceled
January 7, 1961
Action & Adventure
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The Avengers Full Episode Guide

  • Steed is framed by Tara, Tara breaks through his defences.

  • Steed celebrates Christmas in February, Tara tries to set him straight.

  • Steed hides out with a young lady, Tara learns Mother has died.

  • Steed tackles a high-tension terror, Tara plays her own theme.

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