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The Colbert Report is one of the most interesting and amusing cable TV talk shows currently on the air. Every Monday through Thursday night, viewers of Comedy Central's late night lineup are treated to the comedy stylings of Stephen Colbert and his brand of satire. The show is full of laughs, but it also functions as a critique on more serious cable news programs by not only taking a look at the major news stories of the day, but by also examining how major news outlets are covering stories. Additionally, The Colbert Report takes a nightly stab at the many conservative-minded news and talk show hosts that populate the majority of the cable news networks.

Stephen Colbert is the show's host and its namesake, and he uses his own name while hosting the show. However, the version of Colbert that people tune in every night to see is an altered version of the comedian. In fact, the Stephen Colbert of the television show is a character that Colbert developed through years of performing and observing the worlds of both politics and the news. As a host, Colbert is loud, opinionated, smug and ridiculously patriotic. Moreover, he often presents news in much the same manner as professional news anchors, often for great comedic effect.

Another humorous aspect of the show is the way in which Colbert handles appearances by guests. On most interview programs, the host introduces the guest and the guest walks out to applause to greet the host. This process is turned upside down on the Colbert Report because after the host introduces the guest, Colbert rises to applause and fanfare before greeting the guest, who is usually already seated at a table. This type of comic self-aggrandizement is typical of Colbert's style, and it is a large reason why the show is so popular. It works because the audience is in on the joke, and they know that Colbert is, at heart, an entertainer who simply wants to make his audience laugh.

There have been many guests on the Colbert Report during its run on Comedy Central, and a number of political developments have come and gone. However, the quality of the show has not dropped through the many changes. This is because of the presence of Stephen Colbert, who knows exactly how to host a show that makes audiences laugh and think deeply at the same time. Thanks to Colbert's expert skills as a comedian, The Colbert Report is one of the most unique, yet funniest shows on cable television.

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The Colbert Report Full Episode Guide

  • Stephen invites his colleague and lifelong friend Grimmy to the show for the final episode of The Colbert Report.

  • Author Phil Klay sits down with Stephen to discuss his short-story collection "Redeployment."

  • Rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar visits The Colbert Report.

  • Stephen talks with Seth Rogen, star of the new movie "The Interview."

The Colbert Report News

Watch Stephen Colbert's Star-Studded Musical Send-Off from Final Episode of 'Colbert Report'

Last night, though we didn't say goodbye to Stephen Colbert the actor, we did have to say goodbye to Stephen Colbert the character...perhaps one of the greatest comedic characters in TV history. "The Colbert Report" aired its final episode last night, as Colbert is set to take over for David Letterman as the new late night host on CBS starting in the new year. On last night's final show, Colbert got a send-off fitting of his character's...let's call it "self-confidence.

Stephen Colbert Defends New 'Star Wars' Lightsaber

Of all the things we expected to be talking about when the new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer released, a weird-looking lightsaber wasn't high on the list. Still, the main takeaway the Internet had from the trailer was the lightsaber used by an unnamed Sith in the trailer. As he stumbles through the woods, he activates his lightsaber, which includes two extra, smaller blades at the hilt as a sort of crossguard. The Internet immediately latched onto that visual, some mocking it with memes and others jumping to its defense.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Have Hilarious Fight to Determine Who's the Biggest 'Star Wars' Fan

We've read a lot of "Star Wars" fan fiction in our day, but this one is really weird. To help promote the UNICEF campaign that "Star Wars Episode VII" has put together, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart put together a short but somehow still epic sketch. The goal: to determine who is the biggest "Star Wars" fan. The host of "The Colbert Report" and the host of "The Daily Show" square off in a knife fight—er, trivia contest to settle the argument.

Mitt Romney Backtracks After Camera Captures His Insulting Comments

Ouch, Mitt Romney. That wasn't well played. Some secretly-captured videos from a $50,000 a plate dinner in Boca Raton last May shows the presidential hopeful spouting a few statements that a lot of Americans can take some serious offense to. “Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it…” After continuing to discuss Obama voters’ sense of “entitlement” to luxury items like food and healthcare, and lumping the 47percent of voters who are expected to vote for Obama with people who don’t pay taxes (because if the number match, then clearly the two groups are the one), he also mentions: “And so my job is not to worry about those people.

Watch Michelle Obama's Speech from the DNC

With the Democratic National Convention under way, First Lady Michelle Obama took the stage Tuesday night to deliver her big speech. The result: an outpouring of reactions (mostly positive) on Twitter. In fact, the First Lady's speech generated more Twitter traffic than any of the speakers at the Republican National Convention, including Mitt Romney himself. That begs the question: do liberals use Twitter more, or was Michelle Obama's speech just that good? In terms of topics, the First Lady's speech was similar to that of Ann Romney: both women spoke of their first dates with their husbands, their family life, and their struggles to make ends meet back in college (though, if you don't mind me being a bit partisan here, I'm more inclined to believe Michelle on the whole poverty in college thing than Ann).

Watch Stephen Colbert Debate Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair

The country was abuzz on the final day of the Republican National Convention, not because of the speech delivered by presidential nominee Mitt Romney, but because of the one from surprise speaker Clint Eastwood. For those who missed the fun, Clint took the stage and argued with an empty chair, prompting some celebrity reactions and even a new meme. Naturally, Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" couldn't resist taking on the topic on his show the following night. After a bit of commentary about the speech, Colbert had a surprise guest of his own: Clint Eastwood's chair.

Stephen Colbert, Theater Owners Fight Against NYC Soda Ban

Movies and concessions go together like... well, like popcorn and butter. What point is there to sitting in a theater for two hours and watching "Battleship" if you can't sufficiently punish yourself by consuming a small silo of popcorn and a plastic cup of soda so large it could fit the contents of the Puget Sound? Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City doesn't seem to care about the theatergoing tradition of massive beverages, though, as he has proposed a citywide ban of all soda or other sweetened drinks (he's looking at you, pink lemonade) that are larger than 16 ounces.

Coming Soon: A Stephen Colbert Children's Book

Hey, if Madonna can get a children's book published, Stephen Colbert could surely write the first one to win a Nobel Prize for Literature. Oh, that's no hyperbole. This shall actually be a thing. A glorious, glorious thing. Grand Central Books made the official announcement Tuesday that it would make good Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" host's promise to legendary children's author Maurice Sendak and publish his book I Am A Pole (And So Can You!) on May 8.

Watch Stephen Colbert Explain His Absence....Hilariously

Family emergency notwithstanding, Stephen Colbert just didn't miss a beat. The Comedy Central faux-pundit host of "The Colbert Report" taped his show's first new episode since tapings were briefly halted midway through last week. Starting with the Feb. 15 episode, fans were treated to reruns through the rest of the week as Colbert tended to his seriously ill, 91-year-old mother Lorna back home in South Carolina. The emergency hiatus marked the first in the show's history, though such a measure isn't without precedent on Comedy Central.

'The Colbert Report' Resumes Production Today

Hope you enjoyed the vacation, super-PACers: the unofficial President-Elect of the United States of South Carolina is back on the clock today. After a personal emergency suddenly halted Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" tapings late last work, the comic this afternoon gets back to the business of making politics a laughing matter, reports the New York Times today. When Colbert's 91-year-old mother Lorna fell seriously ill last week, Wednesday "Colbert Report" taping ticket-holders received an email announcing that the show was off.

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