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The Dave Ramsey Show aired on Fox Business Network everyday except Thursdays. The show focused on how to make smart financial decisions, much like Ramsey's popular radio program. Dave Ramsey built (and lost and built again) his career on helping people get and stay out of debt. He is considered a financial expert, and has written best-selling books in addition to his radio program.

The television show allowed viewers to call in to talk to Ramsey about personal financial concerns. Ramsey also answered emailed questions on the air

FOX Business
1 Season, 206 Episodes - Canceled
The Dave Ramsey Show
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  • Dave talks to a man expecting his first child and wants advice on saving for college, a woman whose soon-to-ex is in jail for child molestation and she'll be getting up to $1M in divorce settlement…what should she do with this money?

  • Dave talks to viewers who have followed his plan and are now Debt Free including a couple who paid off $60K in 18 months, paid off student loans, credit cards, 2 cars, & 2nd mortgage, and a man who paid off $96K in 18 months

  • Dave talks to a man who can't get his wife on board to get out of debt.

  • Dave talks to a man whose wife took out 6 credit cards behind his back and now says she'd rather get a divorce than get a job, and a man who is 1 million dollars in debt and doesn't know how to dig himself out.

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