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Do you have any young children in your household? If you answered yes, then there is an awesome program available for them to watch. The Fresh Beat Band is a program that airs on Nick Jr. It is age appropriate for children of toddler age through elementary school.

The ages between two and five are the most critical time in a young ones life for learning. This is the time when their brains are starting to focus and act like a sponge. Kids will soak up all information that surrounds them. Most young kids spend a considerable amount of time watching television. Parents now have the option of choosing shows that help their child learn and develop key fundamental skills.

The Fresh Beat Band is a great show that offers many critical skills that young kids need. The main characters of the show, are of various ethnic backgrounds. This demonstrates to young kids that it is o.k. to be friends with and care for people of different races. They also focus on sharing, another skill needed in life.

Music is a very important part of any educational process, especially in early learning. The Fresh Beat Band, offers many different songs and dances. The show involves lots of different instruments that the main characters play, while attending music school. They put on performances and perform special tasks with their instruments. The cast often asks questions and involve the viewers. This will get your little one involved more.

The show also focuses on choice factor. The characters will have a problem to solve and they will have to come up with a solution that fits everyone. They show how actions always lead to a reaction or consequence. Some positive and some negative.

Overall, The Fresh Beat Band, is a show that will teach your child. They will not only get to watch a great show, but will participate also. The show gets a young person's brain working and asking questions. If you are looking for an informative show, then you cannot go wrong when picking the Fresh Beat Band.

Weekdays 12:00 PM et/pt on Nickelodeon
3 Seasons, 57 Episodes - Returning Series
August 15, 2009
Animation & Cartoons, Children, Learning & Education
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The Fresh Beat Band Full Episode Guide

  • When the Fresh Beats use a giant blender to make snow for their winter show, they end up covering the entire town! How will they dig their way out of this one? Ice skating, anyone?

  • When a new ballet comes to town, Kiki is cast in the lead as the Pink Swan! She'll need help from the other Fresh Beats to learn to do five turns in a row ... and to figure out how to stop!

  • The Fresh Beats audition for a dance festival but don't make the cut. So they seek help from the mysterious Laughing Dance Master who trains them with some really odd tasks!

  • When Harper hosts an all-night dance contest at the Singing Pizza CafĂ©, the Fresh Beats get ready to show off their latest moves to win the grand prize! They revisit their favorite music videos as the contest goes on all night.

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