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This was the first dramatic series made for HBO. Episodes were thirty minutes long with no commercial interruptions. Each episode presented a morality tale set in the modern world. These morality tales typically took a very dark twist, thus it was seen as a "Twilight Zone" for the 1980's. A mysterious figure called "The Hitchhiker" introduced these tales and commented upon them.

Themes included lust, infidelity, greed, murder, and vanity. Each episode was like a modern portrait of one or more of the seven deadly sins and how seemingly socially acceptable mores could go oh so wrong. Many episodes have an element of "what goes around, comes around" often involving karmic death as the ultimate payback for a life filled with evil choices.

Some episodes show relatively mundane stories. In one episode, a man discovers the affair between his wife and best friend, and plans to murder the friend but accidentally kills the wife instead. The two then agree to cover it up, but ultimately die in an accident. Other episodes involve deals with the devil, ghosts and other paranormal forms of bad karma. For example, the ghost of a murder victim comes back to ruin the life of his murderer.

5 Seasons, 86 Episodes - Canceled
November 23, 1983
Action & Adventure, Drama, Horror & Suspense
The Hitchhiker
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  • An unemployed man deserts his family to pursue a topless dancer, but when he kills a pedestrian in a hit and run accident, he is finally forced to face up to the consequences of his actions.

  • An actress is willing to do anything for a shot at stardom.

  • Wifey and her lover decide to murder hubby and collect the insurance money on his death.

  • A milksop, who's always been dominated by his mother, finally has had enough and snaps.

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