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The Only Way Is Essex which is also known by the abbreviation TOWIE is a reality type show that is set in Essex, England. The show puts what they consider to be real people in situations that have been modified. This show has been compared to the British version of the Jersey Shore.

Each season of the show there are different cast members. Each season is ten episodes long. The cast is announced to the public before the show starts so they can get a little background on the people that will be watching. The producers try to pick a diverse cast. Since the show is so popular in England there have been additional episodes made with the cast including a Christmas special.

The first season aired in 2010 which featured cast member involved in a love triangle and being a big hit with the fans. Season two which premiered in 2011 was an entertaining bunch even making their own parody of a music video. Series three which began in the latter half of 2011 saw the departure of some of the members of the original cast which were replace with new members. Season four began in early 2012 which featured many new people. The series plans on showing a live episode which is a first for this type of show. The Only way in Essex is so popular the television show is rumored to be turned into a movie.

Many of the cast members have became household names. Jessica Wright was the sister of Mark Wright who was also on the show; She recently released her first music single. Sam Faires is the co owner of a boutique and is a former model. Kirk Norcross had a revelry with another member of the show which was made public. These a just some of the cast members that have become household names and had their lives broadcast on television for all to see.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on ITV2
16 Seasons, 192 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 10, 2010
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The Only Way Is Essex Full Episode Guide

  • There's no need to be lonely this Christmas as the TOWIE gang are back on our screens with some mega festive lols and more drama than you can shake a bauble at.

  • The Essex clique bow out in eventful fashion, with all eyes on Jess Wright in the aftermath of Lewis' revelations about their drunken kiss. Emotions are also running high as everyone gathers to in regal fashion to celebrate Nanny Pat's 80th Birthday.

  • Feisty Ferne is feuding again and once more Chloe Lewis has caught her wrath. Jess shares details of her and Pete's growing intimacy with the girls and Bobby. Chloe S has a celebratory birthday lunch with daughter Madison, Danni and Bobby.

  • Love lives of the guys and girls of Essex have never been in such flux -things may finally be back on the up for Arg and Lydia. Liam writes a rap about his all too brief frisson with Ferne and Lewis has it out with Nicole, with heated words being thrown.

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