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Tiny and Toya is a BET show that follows rapper T.I.'s wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle and rapper Lil Wayne's ex-wife Antonia "Toya" Carter. The first season of Tiny and Toya was the highest rated series that ever aired on BET. Tiny and Toya are long time best friends. The show revolves around the two ladies and how that try to balance their kids and their business empires.

Tiny has a daughter of her own. She has two sons together with husband T.I. During most of the show Tiny wasn't married. The show revolved around Tiny being a single and hard working mom.

Toya and Lil Wayne have one daughter together. They were married years later but divorced about two years after they were married. In the show, Toya explains why her marriage to husband Lil Wayne ended. She said that she couldn't cope with Lil Wayne's career and being away from home so much.

Most of the show deals with every day family issues. Tiny's father suffers from Alzheimer's. Toya's mother is a drug addict. The episodes are very heart felt. Most show the pain the two women go through to support their loved ones and families.

Tiny and Toya prove that being a single mom is a tough job but can be done by anyone. They teach a single mom how to juggle her career and still by there for her children at all costs. The show doesn't air on BET anymore. Both Tiny and Toya now have their on shows.

2 Seasons, 22 Episodes - Canceled
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Tiny & Toya Full Episode Guide

  • Tiny's benefit concert is a success.

  • Tiny rehearses to the big event.

  • Tiny is displeased with the OMG Girlz and decides they need to pushed harder before their next performance. Meanwhile, Toya designs new outfits for the Girlz which turn out great.

  • After a heated discussion with Tamar, Tiny decides to get counseling from Pastor Redmond. Meanwhile, Toya gets a styling job.

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