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Tosh.0 is a comedy series on Comedy Central hosted by the popular stand-up comedian Daniel Tosh. Tosh.0 has been consistently aired since June 4th, 2009.Tosh.0 typically features collections of humorous, or exciting viral videos from the internet, further satirized by the limitless wit of comedian Daniel Tosh. The show also features pictures from the internet and also from viewer submissions which are then discussed and made fun of.

While reviewing the video clips and pictures Daniel Tosh chooses one of them and gives himself twenty seconds to post as many comedic posts about the video segment or picture, twenty seconds that end when Tosh no longer can think of anything to post. During the end of this portion of the show Tosh starts what he calls the "Video Breakdown", in which Tosh critiques and pokes fun at a video segment from the internet, frequently stopping the video to more clearly illustrate pivotal moments throughout the length of the selected video.

The most popular portion of the show for many viewers is the "Web Redemption", while the redemption's do not take place in every episode, they are quite frequent throughout the series. Daniel Tosh's "Web Redemption" features a 'star' from one of the viral videos from the recent past; Tosh invites the person from the popular video onto the stage with him so that they can then view and discuss the individual's video, often Tosh will attempt to reenact the video with the guest, the guest meanwhile attempts to explain the video or what they might have done in the video in an effort, usually, to make themselves less embarrassed; A lot of viral video stars are more recognizable to the general public than some Hollywood celebrities, and, needless to say, not always in a good way.

Every week the show features a segment titled "Viewer Video of the Week". In the "Viewer Video of the Week" segment, Tosh reviews the video clip that achieves the highest number of viewer's votes, instantly boosting the video into internet stardom.

In addition to those immensely popular segments of Tosh.0, the show also frequently features such segments as "Web Remix", "Web Reunion", "Topless Pogo Stunt of the Week", among many others. There is still no word on whether Tosh.0 will return for a fifth season.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Comedy Central
8 Seasons, 227 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 4, 2009
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Tosh.0 Full Episode Guide

  • A sea lion finds its way into a fishing net, Daniel reflects on 2016, and some overzealous Tosh.0 fans get blocked.

  • A gang of raccoons finds a doting fan, a competitive eater goes to a theme restaurant, and Daniel's viewers bombard him with Tosh doppelgangers.

  • A performer gets creative with a mechanical bull, a teenage makeup guru lends Daniel his expertise, and Daniel charts the rise and fall of the mannequin challenge.

  • Daniel discusses all the big issues of the 2016 election, learns some surprising truths from a conspiracy theorist and tries to understand the mind of the average voter.

  • A woman downs an entire stick of butter, the internet's preeminent bong smoker gets a checkup, and a fan's email presents a chance for mischief.

  • A woman gets too close to the finish line at a race, a stuntman takes on Orange County's swimming pools, and the creepy clown trend meets its match.

  • Daniel studies the art of toad stacking, interviews a teen stuntman and tries a dangerous new version of ping-pong.

  • Daniel comments on a pants-dropping dance video, interviews a man offering his sex services on the internet and gives an award to the worst town in the world.

  • A girl battles a tree, a woman outsmarts a parking clamp, and Daniel gets personal with one of the biggest booties on the internet.

  • Daniel learns why anesthesia and camera phones don't mix; travels to Alabama; shares his DNA with the world.

  • Daniel has a reunion with some deformed faces, and divulges something disgusting with his fans.

  • A man gets acquainted with a beer-chugging fish, the staff of Tosh.0 gets embarrassing neck tattoos, and park ranger Brian Ettling combats climate change with comedy.

  • A woman showcases her hand-dancing technique, Daniel's Twitter followers critique video art, and a man trapped in an elevator induces a pop quiz.

  • A vlogger proves just how lazy he is, a personal chef demonstrates how to make the easiest recipe in the world, and a bro finds inspiration in a lost phone.

  • A woman consumes a live octopus, Daniel produces a movie with the first female Bond, and the internet goes gaga for bottle-flipping videos.

  • A woman learns the consequences of playing with snakes, a suburban daredevil attempts an ambitious jump, and Tosh.0 pays tribute to reckless fireworks enthusiasts.

  • A birthday party Spider-Man misjudges a flip, Daniel sets out to slay a dragon, and a Pasadena legend rocks out on the recorder.

  • Daniel rides bitch with Queenzflip, goes frolfing in his froffice and is introduced to the Vincent van Gogh of vaping.

  • A man uses a vacuum for the ultimate prank, a pair of Serbian thieves try (and fail) to steal a fridge full of beer, and the Internet goes crazy for hydraulic presses.

  • A dolphin witnesses a water birth, a musically inclined Hillary Clinton supporter targets Trump, and Twitter signs Daniel's yearbook.

  • A couple of musclemen hit each other with chairs, Vice investigates a questionable life-coaching operation, and Daniel's staff gets into "Genital Jousting."

  • A volunteer gets kicked in the head during a karate demo, a man claims he can heal people with the power of his gaze, and Daniel seeks a solution to catcalling.

  • A Brazilian man tries to walk off a broken leg, a woman uses her own urine as a panacea, and Daniel finds a presidential candidate he can actually support.

  • A wheelie stunt goes awry, Daniel hits the gym with an extreme bodybuilder, and a Maori wedding meets its match.

  • A small Welsh girl delivers a baby sheep, a stuntwoman takes an spill, and Daniel finds out if Google is racist.

  • Two lizards get sexy on chaise lounges, a Filipino drag queen flops hard, and a teenager shows off her gas.

  • A jelly bean taste test is disappoining, a fast food critic samples exotic new cuisine, and Daniel endorses a unique and new method of birth control for men.

  • A crab gets hold of a knife, two Japanese wrestlers compete in a kissing battle, and Daniel figures out the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

  • A church youth group gets funky, a fart fetishist receives a visit from a genie, and Daniel pitches a horrible business idea on "Shark Tank."

  • Todd Glass is back as host for the Awful Prank Show, a "human cartoon" visits Daniel's dream house, and Tosh.0 honors a legendary stand-up special.

  • A bear gets evicted from under a porch, a mall Santa botches a big Christmas stunt, and Daniel looks back on 2015's biggest moments.

  • A woman gets intimate with a wolf, an arm wrestler visits from across the pond, and Daniel tries to raise the profile of an obscure Swedish snack.

  • The Tosh.0 office begins a painful weekly tradition, a woman gets cozy with her pet opossums, and Daniel and his audience try to harness the power of their brain waves.

  • A halftime performer finds herself confined, a countrified YouTuber becomes reality TV royalty, and Daniel creates a Tough Mudder-style obstacle course.

  • A Brazilian man is to much for a zip line, a performance artist sticks it to humankind, and Daniel presents the follow-up to his Selena Gomez tribute video.

  • A young woman gets caught in a surprise mosh pit, Daniel makes the most of the proceeds from the Tosh.0 prop auction, and What's In Your Body? is back.

  • A man experiences a serious party injury, a nerdy couple holds a "Star Wars"-themed wedding, and Daniel investigates a cold case.

  • Daniel says hello to a special kitty; a demonstration of the scariest way to hold an iPhone; a debut of America's horniest new game.

  • A baby gets covered in peanut butter, people who try beach proposals struggle to overcome environmental obstacles, and a fledgling dancer strips for cash.

  • Daniel examines gun violence and adds sexy pledges as staffers. Also: the virtue of spitting.

  • A profile of a vulgar vegan vocalist. Also: Daniel talks to a man who has too much time on his hands; and promotes erectile equality.

  • Daniel dons an elephant G-string, hands out a web redemption to a clumsy cruise ship passenger, and members of the Tosh.0 studio audience share what's in their hearts.

  • Daniel gives a bully the what-for, a makeup artist turns herself into a husky, and an amateur stuntman gets serious.

  • Daniel breaks down a martial arts demonstration gone wrong, Welven Da Great talks about being the face of Deez Nuts, and Subway meets with a new potential spokesperson.

  • A woman gives birth in a car, a former member of Menudo gets a CeWEBrity Profile, and Daniel reviews a new book about football coach Nick Saban.

  • A redhead fulfills his destiny, teenage drivers make egregiously bad decisions, and Daniel finds out what some of his favorite Web Redemptions have been up to.

  • Daniel starts a new wrestling tradition at the office, a YouTuber gets intimate with some fruit, and Big Ass Baby goes to prom.

  • A camel gives birth, a high school football fan goes pro, and Daniel comes up with exciting new uses for a leaf blower.

  • A British man gets mischievous with a magnifying glass, Daniel helps out in his community, and two masochistic YouTube users find love.

  • Daniel gives a web redemption to a kid who isn't microwave safe, takes a page from late-night talk shows by playing stupid games instead of being funny and makes grieving for loved ones enjoyable.

  • A little girl gets hold of an assault rifle, a young woman's slam dunk attempt ends painfully, and Daniel adopts a hand puppet.

  • Daniel talks with a minimum-wage majorette, salutes the brave men and women in fake uniforms and brings some much-needed moisture to California.

  • A man finds a new use for Cheetos, a street performer gets in over his head, and Daniel opens up about his affiliation with the Church of Scientology.

  • Daniel battles an ardent atheist, a spacey Alaskan man runs for mayor, and the Tosh.0 staff helps out America's embattled fraternities.

  • Daniel redeems wrestling's number one fanboy, gets roasted by the least famous people in the world and makes the streets safe for fashion.

  • Daniel remixes a song with a rap goddess, cleans up the Internet bit by bit and presents a new hashtag for female empowerment.

  • A hobo gets a CeWEBrity Profile, a creepy critic gets critiqued, and Daniel connects America's racial divide.

  • A pious Christian launches a campaign against energy drinks, and Daniel reveals how viewers can make money just by using their home computers.

  • A woman becomes an awfully wedded wife, Daniel introduces sadomasochism to the workplace, and ASU engages in some distracting behavior.

  • On the Tosh.0 season premiere, Daniel takes the year's most acclaimed movies down a peg and declares war on the Super Bowl champions.

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Tosh.0 News

Funny Video of the Day: Here's How to Scare the Crap Out of Your Dad, Repeatedly

Scare me once, shame on you. Scare me another 40 times, shame on my poor situational awareness. This fantastic viral video is making the rounds today, courtesy of YouTube user andrembennett. In the video, our hero shows us the many different ways one can scare his dad. Or, more specifically, how it doesn't much matter what you say, provided you do a good job of sneaking up on him.

Daniel Tosh Explains The Oscar Nominees

If you didn't get a chance to watch all of the Oscar nominees for best picture, Daniel Tosh of "Tosh.O" is happy to explain the premise of each movie with a short review. Some spoilers involved.

Patton Oswalt Jumps (Foolishly) To Daniel Tosh's Defense

Sorry, Patton Oswalt. This is the feedback system at work. Daniel Tosh went way, WAY too far even joking about wishing rape upon an audience member...IN FRONT OF THE REST OF THE AUDIENCE. Think of it as risk-reward. In this case, the risk didn't pay off. It's completely fair that Tosh takes it on the chin. Hard.

Daniel Tosh of 'Tosh.0' Apologizes for Rape Jokes

In an incident that rings of Tracy Morgan, comedian Daniel Tosh was targeted by an audience member after telling rape jokes at a comedy club, leading him to apologize later on Twitter. Well, sort of apologize.

Tosh.0 Season 3 Episode 3 - Redemption for the Ice Cream Truck Guy

In a segment called "20 Seconds on the Clock” Daniel Tosh cracks as many jokes as he can about one video in about 20 seconds. Last week, Tosh featured a lady swinging her baby during some form of what she labeled yoga. Since the airing, the featured woman has received widespread scrutiny from the press.

Daniel Tosh may be joking but it seems these breakdowns could be serving as a public watchdog.

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Web Reflection - Best of Season 8 Clip (07:48) Twitter Block Party 2 Clip (04:41)