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Twisted is a family show that blends intrigue, drama and teen romance, creating an fascinating and captivating series. The show follows the story of the main character, Danny, played by Avan Jogia. Many years ago, when Danny was just eleven years old, he killed his aunt. He was then sent to a detention center. However, although Danny has been absent from his home town, serving his sentence at the detention center, the murder, Danny and why it happened have remained a source of gossip.

After five years away, Danny returns to the town where he once lived. There, he finds that his aunt's death, and the mysterious and dangerous rumors that surround him, have turned him into an outcast. No one wants to befriend him. This includes the two girls, Jo and Lacey, who used to be his best friends. While Danny's been away, Jo and Lacey have also drifted apart. Jo is now known as a bit of a geek, and is not very popular. Lacey, on the other hand, has become extremely popular, and is always surrounded by a large group of friends.

When Danny returns to town, old memories and secrets surface for all three of the old friends. Jo and Lacey are not sure they can trust Danny anymore, but Danny is determined to win back their friendship. He's also hoping to return to some kind of normal life, but no one in town wants to make that easy for him. Things become even more tangled when one of Lacey's closest friends, Regina, is found murdered. The top murder suspect is Danny, although there is little real proof.

Danny realizes that he must clear his name as soon as possible, or face charges for a second murder. At the same time, though, Danny is unsure of who he can trust to help him. He is still trying to keep his own secrets about his past and the murder of his aunt under wraps. In addition, the more time Danny spends with Jo and Lacey, the more the complicated feelings they once had for each other arise. Loyalties are soon under strain and, as some questions are answered, more mysteries surface.

2 Seasons, 23 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
June 11, 2013
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  • Richard Cottingham killed prostitutes during a 3 year period in New York City. Leading a double life as a respectable computer operator, with a wife and children at home, no one suspected that Richard Cottingham would become known as ‘The Torso Killer.'

  • In the 1960's Tony Costa brutally killed and dismembered four women in the Cape Cod area.

  • The love affair between Gerald and Charlene Gallego resulted in a trail of merciless rapes and murders across 3 states from 1978 -1980.

  • In the first-season finale, Kyle's investigation takes a new direction while the romantic triangle among Danny, Jo and Charlie comes to a shocking head. Additional secrets are exposed.

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