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Wildboyz follows Steve-o and Chris Pontious as they make their way through different countries experiencing native customs and wildlife.During the series they interact with wild animals interact with locals in rituals. On the show they dress up and run along side some of the animals, expose themselves to the somewhat painful and often smelly defense mechanisms of other animals, and try the native cuisine.

Many of their interactions with the animals are dangerous and often foolish.In example, purposely getting stung by an emperor scorpion.Attaching meat to the bottom of hammock and sitting inside while lions try to eat the meat. As well as coaxing sharks with chum, and then dressing up as seals and entering a short distance away.

The boys have had many close calls such as being bitten by a bear and almost being attacked by a jaguar. None of the animals in the show are tamed or hurt in the process but it is explained that nothing they are shown doing during the show should ever be attempted by anyone at home It is very dangerous to attempt anything shown.Steve-o puts a rather large fishing hook through his cheek which is an example of one of the things you should not be trying at home.

Though many of the episodes show ridiculous stunts that are thought completely insane, it is also filled with educational truths about the animals and the cultures that they find themselves interacting with. Both Steve-o and Chris have become popular with both comedy lovers and animal lovers for their lack of experience or training, as well as their fearlessness and dare to try anything attitudes.

Most of the native rituals and events they partake in are often some that most tourists visiting the area would not try, which makes it quite interesting to watch. They have visited over 19 countries. Sadly, due to the death of Steve Irwin, they ended the show in the 4th season stating that if it could happen to a professions they should keep in mind their own safety.

Over all this show is both hilarious and educational, but it should be noted this is not a show for children or those with weak stomachs.

4 Seasons, 32 Episodes - Canceled
October 26, 2003
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  • Russia ... from the Siberian expanse to the old world charms of Moscow, this country boasts some of the world's greatest athletes, scientists and military warcarft.Delving into the expansive land of Russia, the Wildboyz join forces with Johnny Knoxville and Loomis Fall to buy their way onto a military base and get buck-wild with a tank; get the living daylights whipped out of them buy an 80-year-old Cossack general; duck into Siberia for a quick visit with a remote tribe of reindeer herdsmen; and literally fly to the edge of space in one of the world's most advanced fighter jets.

  • Thailand ... From the remote hill tribes of the north to the flamboyant transexuals of the south, this kingdom is renowned for its diverse independant spirit.After participating in a risque cabaret performance at the world famous Golden Dome, the Wildboyz and guest star Wee-Man discover that things aren't always what they appear to be in Thailand. To reaffirm their manhood, the boys go racing through the streets of Bangkok on Tuk-Tuks, visit a monastery to find spiritual pace amongst tigers, and get kicked around by a 15-year-old Muay Thai boxer.

  • Argentina ... a land of sensory enchantments and romance, this country is fiercely passionate about its people, culture and European influences.The Wildboyz don't cry for anyone but themselves in Argentina, where they botch the sexy dance known as the Tango; don a two-man llama suit and unintentionally arouse the sexual passions of a randy elk; questionably assist in the artificial insemination of a mare at a horse breeding facility; and make late-night folly of extremely tired guest star Johhny Knoxville.

  • Mexico ... with its tropical beaches, remote villages and densely populated urban centers, this country offers a wealth of opportunity to travelers with a lust for adventure.Going south of the border, the Wildboyz take a spooky spin through a Mexican villa during its annual Daytona of the Dead celebration. Guest star Manny Puig tortures the boys while researching the deadly venomous Mexican beaded lizard, and Chris plunges into the depths of the Sea of Cortez to encounter the highly dangerous and alien-like Humboldt Squid in an undersea rave adventure.

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