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Imagine wandering around the local lawn and garden department, trying to decide what in the world you can do with the appearance of your yard. Suddenly a guy walks up to you and asks politely if he can go home with you. After some hesitation, you say yes, because it's free! He follows you home and in hours, he turns your yard into an extreme outdoor living space.

You've just been crashed! When the program starts, Yard Crashers takes a look at the embarrassed owner's yard. The yard owners meet the crew and are asked to rally their friends around them to help out with the process. Next the owners receive a yard plan designed just for them, depending on their preference. Anywhere from an Italian villa to a Thai garden, it is possible.

The Yard Crasher crew arrives in a burst of energy! The excitement is contagious and all participants get into initial destructive activities. A few people are pulling out old shrubs, some people are breaking up the old patio and others are hauling it out to a huge dumpster now located on their driveway. Finally the old yard is torn away and will be replaced shortly. Neighbors are leaning over their fences to hopefully get a glimpse of what is going on. The host is prodding and convincing each participant as he motivates them to keep going. He's playful and witty and a very personable person. Don't be surprised as he lets you put your handprints in the cement, only to smooth it back out after you get your hands all messy. The host will add all of the finishing touches himself, in a mad dash to the finish deadline. He wants to surprise everyone with the final result. Of course there is the occasional set back, where a sprinkler line may explode, but somehow the emergencies are covered professionally.

Who knows, next time you are in the lawn and garden section of the store, you just might be asked if you could use some help for free. Smile and say yes!

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
15 Seasons, 203 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Yard Crashers Full Episode Guide

  • Chris makes a beachy outdoor getaway with a San Diego theme, including a colored concrete patio; redwood pergola; custom dining table; and a surfboard bar.

  • Cory and Lauren's low-lying yard is decomposing, so they ask Chris for the best outdoor living space where they can entertain their friends and family in low country style.

  • Chris and his team convert a dull, muddy space into a traditional Charleston backyard.

  • Chris Lambton transforms a backyard wasteland into a hillside party pad. Features include a redwood upper deck with a bubbling hot tub and a lower patio area with plenty of space to hang out. A massive new grill finishes it off!

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