1 Girl 5 Gays

1 Girl 5 Gays is a modern twist hybrid of a mainstream talk show and a semi subject-oriented expose' documentary program. Throw in the MTV modern societal mission and you have a group of highly feminized men that are very open about their lifestyle and practices, moderated by an ethnic female that can't do, teach, or teach gym...so, she is on TV.

There is no mincing words, 1 Girl 5 Gays is a program that is specifically directed toward fringe, trendy, countercultural American Post-Modernism. The subjects addressed on this talk show range from love and family issues to personal hygiene and preferred types of sexual encounters. It is not intended for anyone that cannot tolerate speech that deals with body functions, social taboo and an extremely wide array of interesting personalities.

The main attractive quality of 1 Girl 5 Gays is its platform. Whether it is through candid interviews, moderated question and answer sessions, or intimate viewpoint storylines, this program does present the "truth." It could even be considered educational and edifying if you care little about the manner in which helpful information is presented. It is a combination of a collegiate sociology class, combined which edgy news reporting, and mixed with a good dose of all male reality programming.

There is no doubt, if you identify with anyone on this program, be it Jonathan, Santos, JP, Matt or the others, you will enjoy it immensely. There is one downside to 1 Girl 5 Gays. At times, either because of the expert camera work, or the no-boundaries dialogue; it can seem a bit scripted. MTV knows ratings are boosted when the envelope is pushed. Even for cable, this show pushes hard!

2 Seasons, 37 Episodes
May 7, 2010
Cast: Aliya-Jasmine Sovani, David Robert, Michael Yerxa
1 Girl 5 Gays

1 Girl 5 Gays Full Episode Guide

  • The guys talk about some personal topics.

  • The guys talk about some personal topics.

  • The guys talk about some personal topics.

  • The guys talk about some personal topics.

  • The guys talk about some personal topics.

  • The guys talk about some personal topics.

  • The guys talk about some personal topics.

  • The guys talk about some personal topics.

  • The guys talk about some personal topics.

  • The guys talk about some personal topics.

  • We discuss our favourite dirty jokes, dating a male models, crying over presents and who on the panel would be the best roommate!

  • We discuss strange actions in bed, pet names, where you were on 9/11, we describe the perfect guy and golden showers!

  • We discuss who on the panel is the biggest tease, mental illness, watching porno and dating people with a criminal record.

  • We discuss what the Sex and the City franchise could live without, sex dreams, looking like a girl and sleeping with dancers.

  • We discuss getting caught masturbating, extremely bad first dates, taking drugs to enhance sex and gag reflexes.

  • We discuss adding people on Facebook based on their looks, bad laughs, body piercing and childhood toys.

  • We discuss sexual limitations, impulsive moments and how we would describe and orgasm to someone who has never had one.

  • We discuss if women are bitchier on their periods and what we feel about the Pride parade.

  • We discuss watching your partner use the washroom, our greatest accomplishments and what it's like to be roofied.

  • We define third base, debate when Madonna looked her best and describe which Disney character we relate to most.

  • We discuss our most embarrassing erections, losing friends to relationships and the most influential men in our lives.

  • We rank our last sexual experience, debate how long sex should last and discuss our 'Members' in full graphic detail.

  • We define masculinity, talk about revealing too much on a first date and discuss our first Big O.

  • We discuss condoms during oral sex, forgiving Chris Brown and sex with George Stroumboulopoulos.

  • We discuss Facebook profile pics, sex while high and what our mothers think of this show.

  • In today's episode, we don't hold back when we answer 20 questions about love and sex.

  • We discuss crushes, role playing, homophobia, cougars and we play 'Who would you rather do'.

  • We dish on celebrities sexuality, share masturbation horror stories and dive into some of our most personal stories.

  • We discuss the up's and down's of Prom and situations where people are hijacked into a committed relationship.

  • We debate if making out counts as cheating, challenge the difference between hanging out and a date and discuss the legality of Taylor Lautner.

  • Today we discuss sexy presidents, women that are 'players' and jewelry phobias.

  • Today we discuss down and dirty topics ranging such as the strangest place people have done it to whether the deed is better with the lights on or off.

  • Join AJ and a panel of 5 Gay men as they discuss relationships, taboos and give their advice on real people's dating situations.

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