24 Hour Rod Race

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  • 2012
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.9  (9)

24 Hour Rod Race is a British television show that aired in 2015 on Total Content Digital. Hosted by renowned angler and TV personality, Matt Hayes, the show takes viewers on a thrilling journey as two teams compete in a 24-hour fishing marathon. The teams are formed of three experienced fishermen, each with a passion for fishing and a competitive streak.

The premise of the show is simple, yet exhilarating. The two teams are dropped off at a lake, and the clock starts ticking. They then have 24 hours to catch as many fish as possible, using various rods, reels, baits and techniques. The team with the highest total weight of fish at the end of the 24 hours is crowned the winner.

Throughout the show, viewers are treated to stunning footage of the picturesque British countryside, as well as detailed analysis of the fishing equipment used by the contestants. Matt Hayes also provides fascinating insights into the different fish species found in the lake, their behaviors and the best methods to catch them. Hayes' extensive knowledge and experience in the field of fishing is evident and his enthusiasm is infectious.

The show also highlights the importance of conservation and responsible fishing. Throughout the competition, the contestants are seen carefully releasing fish back into the lake, with Hayes providing expert guidance on how to do so safely and effectively. This emphasis on responsible fishing is refreshing and adds an educational element to the otherwise exhilarating show.

As the teams battle it out on the lake, tensions rise and rivalries develop. The competitive atmosphere is palpable, but there are also moments of camaraderie and good humor as the fishermen share stories and banter. The show strikes a great balance between intense competition and light-hearted entertainment.

One of the standout features of the show is the use of technology. Each team is equipped with a GoPro camera, providing viewers with a fish-eye view of the action. The cameras capture the excitement and drama of the competition, as well as providing some breathtaking shots of the natural landscape. The footage is edited together seamlessly, providing a truly immersive viewing experience.

Throughout the 24-hour marathon, the teams face a range of challenges and obstacles. Unpredictable weather conditions, equipment failures and other issues all add to the tension and drama. However, the teams also benefit from moments of good luck and inspiration, as they land some impressive catches and experience the thrill of a successful fishing trip.

Overall, 24 Hour Rod Race is an engaging and entertaining show that will appeal to both fishing enthusiasts and casual viewers. With stunning cinematography, expert analysis and a dash of friendly competition, the show is an exciting and educational look at the world of fishing. Matt Hayes is the perfect host, bringing his infectious enthusiasm and extensive knowledge to every episode. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a curious novice, 24 Hour Rod Race is well worth a watch.

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A Helping Hand
6. A Helping Hand
October 4, 2020
For the first time Matt has some help, as he's joined by Babs Kijewski, a German carping expert angler from Cologne, but the challenge is doubly hard: they must both catch two carp: one from the top, one from the bottom.
Anglers' Paradise
5. Anglers' Paradise
October 4, 2020
Anglers Paradise is a huge fishing complex in Devon, but that doesn't mean this challenge is going to be easy. Matt's got 24 hours to catch 5 of the different ornamental species of fish that his old stomping ground holds, but there's a twist. He's got to do it on the fly.
A Testing Time
4. A Testing Time
October 4, 2020
To the famous Testwood Fishery this time, with a 2lb roach or a 12oz dace in his targets, either of which would be the fish of a lifetime. Once again the wintery conditions look like making life a bit tricky.
The Dove of Hope
3. The Dove of Hope
October 4, 2020
Matt heads to a river he's never fished before - the Dove - and he's got a serious challenge ahead of him - to catch a 2lb grayling and a 4lb chubb, but the cold weather isn't going to make things easy for him.
The Trent and Mersey Canal
2. The Trent and Mersey Canal
October 4, 2020
Matt's at Kings Bromley Marina on the Trent and Mersey Canal with a double mission - to show that canals can offer top-notch fishing by catching a 3lb+ fish from the network. He's keen to show just how much fun predator fishing in marinas can be.
Wye Factor
1. Wye Factor
October 4, 2020
Matt is back for another series of punishing fishing challenges. In the first episode of series two he's off to the Wye valley for a multi-species hunt. But to make things interesting, he needs one of them to be a game fish. He uses his natural charm to get access to someone's private water in a picturesque village on the River Arrow before heading to the Wye proper.
  • Premiere Date
    June 1, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    8.9  (9)