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  • 2012
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.3  (191)

999: What's Your Emergency? is a UK-based factual TV series that premiered in 2012, documenting the work of emergency services in different parts of the country. The show is produced by Blast! Films and aired on Channel 4 in the UK. The series revolves around the work of emergency services, with each episode focusing on a different region of the UK. The show features actual footage shot by camera crews embedded with police, ambulance, and fire crews. Along with the footage, the series features interviews with the personnel of the emergency services, as well as with the victims and witnesses of the incidents.

Hugo Speer, Julian Barratt, and Holly Goodhall are the presenters of the show. Hugo Speer is a British actor who is best known for his roles in The Full Monty and The Interpreter. Julian Barratt, on the other hand, is a comedian and actor who is best known for his work in The Mighty Boosh. Holly Goodhall is a British journalist and presenter, and she is known for her work on shows like Dispatches and Panorama.

The show looks at various aspects of emergency services work, detailing the different types of incidents that they handle. For instance, the show examines the work of the ambulance service, dealing with cases ranging from minor injuries to life-threatening illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes.

The show also explores the work of the police services, dealing with cases ranging from minor incidents such as shoplifting to serious incidents like murders and investigations into drug trafficking.

The show also looks at the work of the fire services, dealing with incidents such as house fires, car crashes, and other emergencies.

Throughout the series, the presenters also conduct interviews with the people who work in the emergency services, offering insights into their work and the challenges they face. The interviews offer a glimpse into the difficult balancing act that emergency services personnel have to perform, dealing with high-pressure situations that require quick thinking and effective decision-making.

One of the key themes explored by the series is the impact of budget cuts on emergency services. The show examines how budget cuts have affected emergency services personnel and how they have had to adapt to the challenging conditions.

The show also looks at social issues that impact emergency services, such as the rise in obesity and alcoholism. As a result, the emergency services have to deal with an increase in incidents related to these issues.

The series is comprised of multiple episodes, with each episode focusing on a different region of the country. Each episode covers a different theme and issue, with the presenters offering insights and commentary on the incidents they witness.

Overall, 999: What's Your Emergency? provides a fascinating look at the work of emergency services in the UK. The show offers a unique perspective on the challenges that emergency services personnel face, as well as the impact that budget cuts have had on their work. Through the show, audiences gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the work that emergency services personnel do in keeping the public safe.

999: What's Your Emergency? is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on September 9, 2012.

999: What's Your Emergency?
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Series 6 Episode 4
17. Series 6 Episode 4
This episode explores the rising use of increasingly strong cannabis, related crime and violence, and the impact of suspected cannabis psychosis
Series 6 Episode 3
16. Series 6 Episode 3
This episode explores the impact of loneliness, as the emergency services deal with everyone from elderly people who need someone to talk to, to teenagers struggling with the pressures of social media
Series 6 Episode 2
15. Series 6 Episode 2
This episode explores the impact of mother-son relationships that break down
Series 6 Episode 1
14. Series 6 Episode 1
This episode joins Wiltshire's police officers as they deal with young men driving dangerously and tackle the resurgence of joyriding - with some drivers as young as 14
Series 5 Episode 7
13. Series 5 Episode 7
In Wiltshire more and more young people are challenging the police's authority. With over 88,000 under-18s arrested in the UK in 2016, are young people being given too many chances or not enough?
Series 5 Episode 6
12. Series 5 Episode 6
From zero-hours contracts to long working hours, this episode explores how the emergency services deal with issues arising from rising levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace
Series 5 Episode 5
11. Series 5 Episode 5
This episode explores how the emergency services cope with issues involving elderly people, from traffic accidents to the cruel effects of dementia
Series 5 Episode 4
10. Series 5 Episode 4
With mental health support services across the UK being cut, this episode meets police call handlers and paramedics who find themselves trying to help people who have severe mental health needs
Series 5 Episode 3
9. Series 5 Episode 3
The number of people sleeping rough in the UK has doubled in six years. This episode explores the impact of homelessness on Wiltshire Police.
Series 5 Episode 2
8. Series 5 Episode 2
This episode examines military crime in Wiltshire, which is home to 15,000 MOD personnel. Squaddies and civilians often fight, and at least one serviceman or woman takes their own life each month.
Series 5 Episode 1
7. Series 5 Episode 1
Wiltshire Police receive three times as many reports of voyeurism and male exposure as any other force in the UK. This episode meets Wiltshire's police officers to examine sexual crime.
Series 4 Episode 6
6. Series 4 Episode 6
This episode explores how parents decide on how much freedom to give young children. Includes a mum who discovers her eight-year-old has been playing in woods used by drug users.
Series 4 Episode 5
5. Series 4 Episode 5
This episode explores a troubling rise in domestic burglaries, from people caught stealing food to thieves targeting wealthy individuals. And a woman dials 999 when she hears someone in her house.
Series 4 Episode 4
4. Series 4 Episode 4
This episode examines what happens when members of the public take the law into their own hands, and the dramatic consequences the emergency services have to deal with
Series 4 Episode 3
3. Series 4 Episode 3
Following criminalisation of once legal highs, crack and heroin are on the up and users and dealers are getting younger as organised gangs flood small local communities with drugs
Series 4 Episode 2
2. Series 4 Episode 2
Over the last decade, incidents of violence perpetrated by young men have risen by 22%. This episode meets the police officers and paramedics in Wiltshire dealing with the consequences.
Series 4 Episode 1
1. Series 4 Episode 1
This episode examines the rise in racially-aggravated hate crimes in Wiltshire, including race hate through social media, and a nine-year-old girl facing racist language for the first time
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  • Premiere Date
    September 9, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (191)