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  • 2020
  • 1 Season
  • 8.2  (109)

Alaska PD is a gripping reality television show aired on A&E that follows the daily operations of law enforcement officers in Alaska. The show premiered in 2020 and features an ensemble cast, including Peyton Merideth, Adam Gebert, and Mike Sortor. The series provides the audience with an inside look at the challenges and risks involved in being a police officer in Alaska, where harsh weather conditions and the rugged terrain can make law enforcement more complicated. The show primarily focuses on the officers of the Fairbanks Police Department, who work day and night to keep the city safe, responding to calls for help from locals and tourists.

Peyton Merideth is one of the primary cast members and a police officer from Virginia who relocated to Fairbanks to join the department. Merideth is passionate about her job and is determined to make a difference in the community by fighting crime and keeping people safe. She quickly adapts to life in Alaska and faces numerous challenges head-on, such as dealing with drunken drivers and rescuing animals.

Adam Gebert is a veteran officer with years of experience in law enforcement. Gebert is a no-nonsense officer who always follows the protocol and never hesitates to put his life on the line to protect his fellow officers and the community. He is a tough and compassionate officer who can handle any situation that comes his way.

Mike Sortor is another cast member on the show, and he works as a detective in the Fairbanks Police Department. Sortor is a skilled investigator who has worked on several high-profile cases. He is an excellent problem solver, and his knowledge of criminal law is an asset to the department.

Throughout the series, viewers get a glimpse of the different aspects of law enforcement, such as patrolling the streets, responding to emergency calls, and investigating crimes. The show features a wide range of incidents, from stolen cars to assaults, showcasing the wide range of challenges that police officers in Alaska face regularly.

The show also focuses on the human side of law enforcement. Viewers get to know each officer's personal life and their relationships with their families, friends, and colleagues. The show gives the audience an insight into the personal sacrifices officers make to serve their communities and protect others.

The production values of Alaska PD are exceptional, and every episode is filled with stunning shots of the Alaskan wilderness. The snow-capped mountains and the icy tundra provide a stark contrast to the urban setting of the city, reminding viewers of the dangers and challenges that officers face while performing their duties.

In conclusion, Alaska PD is a must-watch show for anyone interested in law enforcement and the challenges that come with working in Alaska. The show provides an inside look at the daily operations of the Fairbanks Police Department and the crucial role they play in keeping the city safe. The cast members are skilled, courageous, and dedicated to their jobs, making the show both engaging and informative.

Alaska PD is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (7 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2020.

Alaska PD
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Last Frontier
7. Last Frontier
February 13, 2020
Two Petersburg PD rookies learn that being an Alaska cop sometimes means saving eagles and battling fires. In Fairbanks, during his last weeks before retirement, Sgt. Peyton Merideth and his officers engage in high-speed chases under dangerous conditions.
There's the Good, the Bad and then there's Alaska
6. There's the Good, the Bad and then there's Alaska
February 6, 2020
Alaska is home to many people who live by their own rules. That means law enforcement must deal with quirky characters of all kinds on a daily basis. Some are good, some are bad and some are downright hilarious.
Love and Hate in Alaska
5. Love and Hate in Alaska
January 30, 2020
In Kotzebue, Sgt. Norman Hughes and Officer Robert Odom grapple with a distrust of the police as they try to keep the community safe. In Fairbanks, Sgt. Nathan Werner and Officer Gerrit Butler bring a personal touch in dealing with alcohol and drug-fueled crimes.
Arctic Survival
4. Arctic Survival
January 23, 2020
Three new officers have to adapt to the harsh realities of policing in Alaska. Officer Chris Cook questions his future in remote Kotzebue. Officer Stephanie Jones has to battle her own soft-hearted nature to succeed as a rookie. Officer Christopher Zenyuch is eager to prove himself in Fairbanks.
Taste of Blood
3. Taste of Blood
January 16, 2020
In Fairbanks, a wanted fugitive flees into the woods--and the police's only lead is frozen footprints in the snow. When a killer bear becomes loose in Kodiak, officers must hunt it down--before it kills again.
Wild Wild West
2. Wild Wild West
January 9, 2020
In Kotzebue, Sgt. Norman Hughes gets more than he bargained for on a domestic violence call, while Robert Odom faces the dangers of working alone. It's all hands on deck in Fairbanks for Sgt. Meredith when a pizza van is carjacked and the suspect is armed and loose in the city.
Call of the Wild
1. Call of the Wild
January 1, 2020
Jaime Ramos from Virginia becomes Kodiak PD's only female police officer--and soon has her first encounter with the infamous Kodiak bear. Also, Fairbanks officer Gerrit Butler, a former MMA professional, must bring down a suspect who also knows martial arts.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (109)