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Host Daisy Fuentes follows people on the cusp of key life inflection points, using family history, genealogy and sometimes DNA analysis to guide them on their journey of self-discovery, and help them learn from the past while looking to the future.

Saturday 11:30 AM et/pt on NBC
1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 5, 2019
Cast: Daisy Fuentes
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A New Leaf Full Episode Guide

  • Three remarkable people take journeys of family discovery in this special look at some of the best episodes this year: After the sudden loss of his mother, Craig discovers details about his ancestors that he never knew; Joseph hopes to finally find out if he's related to famous philanthropist Andrew Carnegie; and as Lauren clears up family stories surrounding her great-grandfather's adoption, she discovers a surprising heritage along the way.

  • Newlyweds John and Peter want to present each other with more knowledge about their families' similar Greek histories. Their search leads them to some unexpected but pleasant surprises about their Greek heritage and to some fascinating common threads in their grandfathers' stories. They share everything with friends and family at a big wedding celebration.

  • Wanting to share family stories with her new grandson, Saint, first-time grandmother Sylvia discover her father's African-American heritage and learns about her ancestors' lives in the years after slavery was abolished.

  • Jessica is eager to choose a name with family meaning for her first baby, and her search into the roots of her family history uncovers her ancestors' experience through Ellis Island - and a few inspired baby names to share at the gender reveal party.

  • Three families search their hidden heritage in this collection of amazing journeys of historical discovery: Steve and his son Remy trace their ancestors to create a school family tree project; Nadia unlocks her mom's African-American roots, which inspires her dance audition for grad school; and Allison fills in some family history gaps as a bar mitzvah gift to her son, Jayden.

  • Heidi Ashcraft and her husband Daniel are about to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. She'd like to honor the occasion by sharing information about her ancestors with her children. But since her mother was adopted, there's a lot she doesn't know about her family tree. With Daisy's help, she digs deep into the past

  • Lauren and her husband have given their young sons a real connection to their dad's Trinidadian roots, but Lauren wants them to know her family history, too. With host Daisy Fuentes' help, she finally clears up the history surrounding her great-grandfather's adoption, and discovers a surprising heritage, which amazes generations young and old at her family reunion.

  • After the sudden loss of his mother, Craig Victor vowed to learn more about his family tree

  • In honor of her son's bar mitzvah

  • Nine-year-old Remy and his dad, Steve, are teaming up to create a family tree for Remy's school project. But first, Steve needs to fill in some blanks on his side of the family. Together, they search all the way back to the Mayflower, and learn that they are related to some fascinating people who achieved remarkable things.

  • Host Daisy Fuentes pays a visit to Joseph Carnegie, who's about to turn 30. Joseph hopes to answer a mystery that has puzzled both he and his father for decades; are they related to famous philanthropist and railroad tycoon Andrew Carnegie? People have asked Joseph this question his whole life, but he's never had an answer - until now. Daisy works with Joseph to go deep into the roots of his family tree, and what they learn gives them a chance to present Joseph's dad with a stunning surprise.

  • Stand-up comedian Anthony and his wife Jasmine would like to start a family. But Anthony doesn't know that much of his own family history. He wants information to share with his future children, and to give his comedy a personal point of view. Anthony's search uncovers incredible details about his southern ancestors, which he presents in an all-new comedy routine.

  • College student Nadia needs to choreograph a dance audition for her next big step - graduate school. She wants to dedicate the dance to her mom and incorporate her African American ancestry, but they need help with the details. Once they unlock the truth about her mom's paternal side, Nadia is able to hear from her their own words.

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