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Brian Ross is an award-winning journalist for the American Broadcasting Company television network and is the anchor of his own weekly show which began in the summer of 2010. The 2007 Walter Cronkite Award winner, which he won along with the rest of the show's investigation team, is well known within the industry as a hard-hitting reporter who has a penchant for identifying corruption and uncovering information that other journalists often cannot. Additionally, ABC Brian Ross Investigates has received two Emmy Awards for excellence in investigative news for financial investigation stories.

ABC Brian Ross Investigates is a significant news component as ABC attempts to integrate digital technology programming alternatives with traditional television. It is a 20 minute investigation magazine program that focuses on specific topics that most news agencies miss in daily programming. The show is no stranger to controversy. One of the primary purposes of production of ABC Brian Ross Investigates is for better interaction with viewers responding to stories or delivering information tips.

In particular, the show has provided in-depth coverage of high-profile stories like the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme and the USA swimming coaches rape case. In addition to presenting cutting-edge investigative news stories the show also presents updates on previous presentations when reports are covering ongoing situations.

Along with Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross the program also features Investigative Reporter Richard Esposito and D.C. Reporter Matthew Mosk. The show's production is provided by Chief Investigative Producer Rhonda Schwartz and Producer Lee Ferran with Mark Schone serving as the news program's Managing Editor.

ABC News
2 Seasons, 60 Episodes
April 2, 2010
ABC Brian Ross Investigates

ABC Brian Ross Investigates Full Episode Guide

  • Madoff Suicide Pact; Confessions of a Scammer; Billion Dollar Bet

  • Wild animals let loose in Zanesville, Ohio, ignites debate over private ownership of exotic animals. Also, a look back at an investigation that exposed the illicit trade in pet monkeys.

  • Solar energy firm Solyndra takes the 5th before Congress; crack down on 'bath salts'; VP Joe Biden halts lavish government spending.

  • The 9/11 commission chairmen say U.S. aviation security is still weak.

  • News on: The Bachmann clinic; Praying away the gay; Billion dollar boondoggle?

  • Taxpayer-Funded Billboard Boondoggle?; Jamie Leigh Jones Has Her Day in Court; A Teen Terrorist's Remorseful Last Words

  • News on: Is Newt Gingrich a Candidate or a Brand?; Cellphone use on planes; President Obama Meets with controversial African Leader.

  • News on: Bath salts; The 'Legal High' that's deadly; Swimming pool recalls.

  • News on: The charitable scam; the raid; Al Qaeda's next leader.

  • The Professor's Secret, Blaming the Victim, Bin Laden's Wives

  • Inside the Killing of Osama Bin Laden; How Much Did Pakistan Know?; ABC News Reporting From the Compound

  • Royal Wedding Terror Threats?; Al Qaeda Targeting London?; Tim Hetherington: 1970-2011

  • News on: the royal wedding terror threats; is Al Qaeda targeting London; Tim Hetherington.

  • News on Patrick Cox who has deceived clients.

  • Where Federal Loans Are Going; Moammar Gadhafi's Son Khamis; Best Stories of the Year

  • News on: The soldier who pleaded guilty to a thrill kill; former CIA spies discuss their lives undercover; get a inside scoop into Gadhafi's mind.

  • News on the aging oil refineries and the 16 million Americans that live in the potential kill zones near them.

  • Defective Rental Cars; Bernie Madoff Tapes; Sex Abuse Charges for Swim Coach

  • On this episode of ABC Brian Ross Investigates there is news on: the tortured in Egpyt, tired pilots in the sky and the finale verdict on the runaway Toyota's

  • Host Brian Ross has news on Mubarak's Wealth and Fortune, Egypt's Omar Suleiman and the undercover gun show probe.

  • News on: The housing authority horrors, how a TSA Program can spot terrorists, and learn about cyber war.

  • Peace Corps volunteer Kate Puzey is slaughtered after reporting a suspected child abuser.

  • Peace Corps Gang Rape; Lone Wolf Killers; Looking Into Jared Loughner's Past

  • Mutiny Inside Wikileaks; Security Gap at the TSA; Mark Madoff's Suicide

  • Two Years After Madoff Arrest; Coal Boss Gets Millions After West Virginia Mine Explosion; Taliban Shows Captured U.S. Soldier

  • Wikileaks and National Security; Rental Car Risks; Expensive Conference for Government Workers and Politicians

  • Investigating the Better Business Bureau; Hamas Got A Rating from BBB; BBB's Steve Cox Talks to Brian Ross

  • Journalism Students Investigate: Radioactive Road Trip, Death on the Job and State Lawmakers

  • Cargo Plane Terror Plot; CIA Cover-Up of Plane Shootdown; ATV Injuries and Deaths Among Children

  • Brian Ross tracks down Make-a-Wish phone scammers and speaks to victims.

  • Politicians Caught on Tape; Partying Lawmaker Gropes Student Reporter; Talks With the Taliban

  • ATV Safety After Daughter's Deathp; How Terrorists Encrypt Messages; NYPD Preps For Mumbai Style Attack

  • Brian Ross investigates Europe terror strikes, a senator investigated on corruption and a purple heart recipient.

  • US Soldiers Accused of Thrill Kill, Cry for Help by Parents of US Soldier, Attack of the Debt Collectors

  • Taliban Stone Woman to Death in Pakistan; Glenn Beck's Goldline Scrutinized; Controversy of Secret U.S. Air War

  • 'Here You Have' Virus: Cyber Jihad?, Judge Bans Texas 'Fight Club' Video, Money Trail 2010: Super-Rich Edition

  • Do Bad Translators Put U.S. Troops at Risk?; Al Qaeda Mother Talks About Her Son; Where We Stand 9 Years After 9/11

  • Justice for a Prison Guard Who Was Stabbed in the Eye; False Alarm on Terror Alert; Beware of Dangerous Rip Currents

  • Most Dangerous Terrorists in the World; Big Crime in the Big Easy; Blagojevich Reveals Jail Activity

  • Brian Ross speaks with the former House majority leader Tom DeLay about the end of DOJ investigation.

  • Supermodel Naomi Campbell and Blood Diamonds; Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against USA Swimming; Mexican Drug Cartels Using Car Bombs

  • House of Yahweh: Brian Ross Investigates what critics call a sex cult.

  • Florida police change policies after confidential informant Rachel Hoffman is murdered.

  • Authorities Probe Gold Company Promoted by Glenn Beck; Criminal Investigation Over Toyota Steering Rod Defect; National Security Since 9/11

  • Russian Spy Swap; Iran's Supposed Defector; Madoff Victims; Deadly Pool Drains

  • Sex Assault Case Against Al Gore Reopened; Suspected Russian Spy Ring; Who's on the No-Fly List

  • Aid to Senator Resigns; Jack Abramoff Out of Prison and Working at a Pizzeria; Priest Accused of Sexually Abusing Own Sons

  • Security of U.S. Passports; Secrets of Wikileaks; Cracking Tire Code

  • How to Escape From Rip Currents at the Beach; Debt Collectors' Illegal Tactics

  • Starbucks Settles Harassment Suit Out of Court; Did BP Keep Oil Spill Info Hidden From Public?

  • Nigerian Email Schemes; 'Black Money' Scam

  • Richard Blumenthal's Misspoken Vietnam Remarks; Sebastian Junger's New Book 'War'

  • Cleaning Up the Oil Spill; Torture Caught on Tape; Toyota Probe of Steering Rods

  • Times Square Bomb Suspect; Child Labor Laws in the U.S.; Survivors of BP Oil Explosion

  • Death on the Job; Fall of a CIA Star; Underwear Bomber's Training

  • Celebrities Mixed Up in Blood Diamond Case, U.S. vs. Russia and China in Cyber Wars, Did Runaway Toyota Wrongly Imprison Man?

  • Sarah Palin's Contract Demands; USA Swim Coaches and Sexual Abuse; USA Swimming Exec Apologizes

  • Abuse on Swim Teams; Subway Terror Alert; Fugitive Priest Denies Sex Abuse

  • What Did the Pope Know About Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church?; U.S. Military Gun Scopes Inscribed With Bible Codes

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