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  • 2006
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.9  (19)

American Misfits was a reality television show that aired on FUEL TV in 2006. The show followed a cast of misfits, rebels, and outcasts as they skated, surfed, and partied their way through life. The series showcased the unique lifestyles and personalities of these individuals, as well as their passion for extreme sports.

Each episode featured a different group of misfits, and viewers were able to see how they lived, interacted with one another, and pursued their respective passions. From skateboarders and surfers to urban artists and musicians, the show introduced audiences to a wide range of sub-cultures and countercultural movements.

The show was hosted by professional skateboarder and FUEL TV host Bam Margera, who provided commentary on the antics of the misfits and offered insight into their lives. Margera also participated in some of the activities featured on the show, and his on-screen persona added a wild and irreverent edge to the series.

In addition to the misfits themselves, the show also featured a number of celebrity guests, including musicians, actors, and other professional athletes. These guests often participated in the activities of the misfits or provided some kind of entertainment or commentary.

One of the standout elements of the show was its focus on extreme sports, particularly skateboarding and surfing. Many of the misfits featured on the show were talented skateboarders or surfers, and the show often depicted them pushing the limits of their abilities and performing dangerous stunts.

The show also highlighted the camaraderie and sense of community that exists within these sub-cultures. Despite their disparate backgrounds and interests, the misfits formed tight-knit bonds and supported one another in their pursuits. This sense of community was a recurring theme throughout the series and contributed to its overall positive tone.

Another notable aspect of the show was its focus on DIY culture. Many of the misfits featured on the show were involved in some form of creative pursuit, whether it was designing their own clothing, creating art, or playing music. This DIY ethos added a sense of authenticity and creativity to the show, and reinforced the characters' status as outsiders and nonconformists.

Overall, American Misfits was a high-energy, irreverent, and entertaining look at sub-culture and extreme sports. The show's focus on the misfits themselves, their lifestyles, and their passions made for compelling viewing, and the inclusion of celebrity guests added an extra layer of excitement. The show's mix of extreme sports, DIY culture, and community spirit made it a standout in the reality television landscape and a must-see for fans of alternative culture.

American Misfits
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The Last Lucky Lobsters
8. The Last Lucky Lobsters
May 22, 2010
The grand finalé of American Misfits season three, the Quest for Gnar.
The Return of Notorious Nate
7. The Return of Notorious Nate
May 15, 2010
Baltimore, Philly and Jersey. Misfits include Mike Maldonado, Kerry Getz, Notorious Nate and Ron Deily.
Go Up Fighting
6. Go Up Fighting
May 8, 2010
The American Misfits crew skates a dirty ditch in Columbia, SC with local ripper Trip Taylor and a toxic goat man.
Southern Hospitality
5. Southern Hospitality
May 1, 2010
The American Misfits arrive in Birmingham, AL and hit up Ted's favorite childhood spot, the ghetto banks.
Storm Chasers
4. Storm Chasers
April 24, 2010
Ted and Laban fuel up the bio-diesel hearse and head to Houston's A-Front skate team. Anthony Correa, Trace Saylor, Richie Bowes, Ivan Levigne and others dodge rain and hit Houston's hot spots.
Texas Jerkin
3. Texas Jerkin
April 17, 2010
Ted and Laban travel to Texas to visit Jon Comer, Al Coker's Guapo Skill Center, and the No-Comply Skate Shop Team. Oh, and there's some molecular teleportation too...
Zombie Goats
2. Zombie Goats
April 9, 2010
Laban and Ted continue their quest for gnar arriving in Tucson, AZ where they hook-up with Rudy Carrera and the Starr skates crew. Slam finds a ditch with a gnarly rail to jump off and proceeds to happily break his knee.
The Quest Begins
1. The Quest Begins
April 2, 2010
The new boss decides to send Ted and Laban on a Quest for Gnar in their veggie-oil-fueled solar-powered hearse. Dan Roberts and Norman Woods do ten tricks back to back with no bailing.
  • Premiere Date
    May 3, 2006
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (19)