American Misfits

American Misfits is the American remake of the famous and highly watched British television series Misfits. In this action packed skateboarding comedy, you watch as anti-stars Laban Pheidias and Ted Newsome try to deal with the crazy quirky antics of the crazy trouble stirring Boss who is played by Jay Johnston. You follow the crazy duo as they deal with funny plotted schemes, while also dealing with the idiotic mishaps of the trouble causing Boss.

This show is laugh out loud funny and will leave you wanting more, as you watch normal situations transformed to out of this world proportions. This show takes a normal business meeting and turns it into a humongous mess mixed with weird abnormalities, loony antics, and wacky pranks. This show is packed with funny story lines and jaw dropping skateboarding skills. Their casts consist of actor's Laban Pheidias as himself, Jason

3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
May 3, 2006
Cast: Jay Johnston, Ted Newsom, Laban Pheidias
American Misfits

American Misfits Full Episode Guide

  • The grand final√© of American Misfits season three, the Quest for Gnar.

  • The American Misfits crew skates a dirty ditch in Columbia, SC with local ripper Trip Taylor and a toxic goat man.

  • The American Misfits arrive in Birmingham, AL and hit up Ted's favorite childhood spot, the ghetto banks.

  • Ted and Laban fuel up the bio-diesel hearse and head to Houston's A-Front skate team. Anthony Correa, Trace Saylor, Richie Bowes, Ivan Levigne and others dodge rain and hit Houston's hot spots.

  • Ted and Laban travel to Texas to visit Jon Comer, Al Coker's Guapo Skill Center, and the No-Comply Skate Shop Team. Oh, and there's some molecular teleportation too...

  • Laban and Ted continue their quest for gnar arriving in Tucson, AZ where they hook-up with Rudy Carrera and the Starr skates crew. Slam finds a ditch with a gnarly rail to jump off and proceeds to happily break his knee.

  • The new boss decides to send Ted and Laban on a Quest for Gnar in their veggie-oil-fueled solar-powered hearse. Dan Roberts and Norman Woods do ten tricks back to back with no bailing.

  • A Nudist Network merger forces Ted and Laban to go nude.

  • The Boss?s sensual massage gives Ted and Laban an idea for a happy ending to the show. Featured Misfit: Aaron ?Hairball? Harrison

  • The Boss forces Laban and Ted to participate in Medieval Day at Xtreme Network HQ.

  • The annual medical exam sends Laban and Ted into a tizzy, but it's the Boss who should be worried.

  • The Boss won't let Laban and Ted look through his magical kaleidoscope.

  • Ted and Laban help The Boss track down a spy at the Xtreme Network HQ. Featured Misfit: Jef Hartsel.

  • The Boss takes Laban and Ted on a field trip to the circus. Featured Misfit: Jon Comer.

  • The Boss loses show's budget, so Ted and Laban work as Mimes. Featured Misfit: Kale Sandridge.

  • Laban and Ted dodge cream pies after summoning spirits of the dead. Featured Misfit: Pete Smolik.

  • Laban and Ted travel to a future filled with hostile takeovers and karate battles. Featured Misfit: Peter Ramondetta.

  • Laban and Ted fight off an electric prod yielding 3-eyed dog boy. Featured Misfit: Lizzard King

  • Laban and Ted uncover a top-secret corporate plot to destroy the world. Featured Misfit: Pat Duffy

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