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Join host John Barrowman for this fun, furry, and frisky introduction to the extraordinary and incredibly skilled creatures who make our lives easier, safer, and more interesting, and who work alongside humans as teachers, performers, farmers, firefighters, health professionals, and more.

Animals at Work is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Animals at Work online? Animals at Work is available for streaming on Janson Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Animals at Work on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Janson Media
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
Cast: John Barrowman
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Animals at Work Full Episode Guide

  • With dreams of becoming a tour guide, young Geeza the llama gets the chance to impress a group of visiting VIPs; from a skateboarding cat to a fridge-raiding ferret, get a big bite of Animal Bytes; the Fanimals determine what animal would make the best historian; and, find out about the best animal jobs of all time.

  • Vying to become the only sheep-herding sheep in the world, Princess Lambini gets down to work; find out why celebrated Animal News' celebrated news hound Charlie almost lost out on the job; the Fanimals determine what animal would make the best pizza chef; and, meet some of the naughtiest animals of all time.

  • Harmony the 'wonder dog' already helps with the laundry, the telephone and the bank machine, and now he's preparing for a very special mountain-climbing mission; meet an English horse who is a historian; visit a Singapore museum and its 70-year-old turtle ambassador; the Fanimals search for the ideal paper factory employee; and, meet some of the fastest animals of all time.

  • Mei Mei, the orphan otter, is hoping to join her zoo's resident family of rubbish-collecting otters; meet Milkshake, the ranch-managing Hereford cow; the Fanimals determine whether a giraffe, zebra or camel would make the best landscape gardener; and, meet the richest animals of all time, including a Manhattan poodle that inherited an incredible fortune.

  • Lucky, the boat-building mountain sheep is contributing her droppings to a very special project; Diesel, the skateboarding bulldog attempts to master his first-ever trick; Deeg, the tapir is helping to save her species from extinction; the Fanimals find out if elephants are truly afraid of mice; and, find out about the grossest animal contributions of all time... Like beaver butt tea!

  • With his career as a show pig behind him, one-year-old Sue is hoping to make it as a coach for up-and-coming show pig Bradley; meet Magic, a miniature horse in Hawaii who gives children their first-ever pony ride; the Fanimals challenge a Harris hawk to a race; and, meet some of the hardest working animals of all time.

  • Sam, the hearing dog, is put to the test by his boss and best friend; a herd of brush-eating California goats tackles a life-saving overnight mission; meet a black macaque with great taste and a very important job; the Fanimals get creative to encourage three hens to lay an egg; and, meet the most famous working animals of all time, including a headless chicken named Mike.

  • Logan the rescue dog turned apprentice 'pollution sniffer' reports for his first big day on the job; Midge, the one-eyed racing cat, faces off against a top human sprinter; the Fanimals find out if a farm's worms actually outweigh its cows; and, from electric eels to light-producing glow-worms, meet the most innovative animal inventors of all time.

  • Jip is hoping to join a UK fire brigade as a full-fledged search and rescue dog; a child psychologist turtle shows off his amazing tricks to help kids come out of their shells; the Fanimals challenge their Dads and a dog to a dance contest; and, from a math-savvy horse to a murder-solving doggie detective, meet some of the cleverest creatures of all time.

  • Blackjack the gelding is desperate to join one of Hawaii's best polo teams; meet an ordinary housecat who's actually a wall-climbing superhero; visit a Costa Rican school where seasoned pros teach apprentices the 'way of the ox'; the Fanimals attempt to teach an old dog a new trick.

  • Gino the guide dog helps his boss train for the 2012 Paralympic Games in judo; Shakti, the baby tapir, learns skills to help save her species from extinction; Animal News reports on a belching parrot whose bad manners get him fired; and, from serenading crickets to piano-playing pigeons, meet the most musical animals of all time.

  • Hercules, the dog, patrols the beach to help save Costa Rican baby turtles from extinction; a handsome Hawaiian bull tries to make it as a model; a cheetah reports for work as a research assistant; Animal News headlines with an unusual equine wedding; and, from a tunneling terrier to wrestling camels, meet the sportiest working animals of all time.

  • Pono, the world-famous actor dog tries to jump-start his flagging career; a giant tortoise in Singapore fights to keep his heavyweight championship title; Animal News reports on a brave mouse who steals from a leopard; and, from grumpy camels to bomb-carrying bats, meet the worst army animals of all time.

  • Maria, the tarantula, uses her creepy crawly charm on three petrified school kids; a feisty parrot teaches caged birds to live free and happy lives; Animal News reports on a cow who takes the plunge in a backyard swimming pool; Plus, meet the strongest animals of all time, including jousting Medieval horses and the elephants who built the Taj Mahal.

  • Layla, the three-fingered sloth prepares to take over the top job at her Costa Rican sanctuary; meet the legendary ravens at the Tower of London; the Fanimals concoct a foul menu for a potential porcine food critic; and meet the most corrupt creatures of all time, including the greatest getaway horse of all time.

  • Ellie, the goshawk usually works as a flying camerawoman but this time she's landed a starring role; Goldie, the camel, helps make soap from her own milk; Animal News reports on a miracle kitten who survives a treacherous train journey; and, meet the animals who have worked in the most treacherous conditions imaginable.

  • Frankie, the political lobbyist dog gears up for a meeting with a high-profile Costa Rican presidential candidate; Freddie Fox teaches horse-lovers how his muscles and bones work; Animal News reports on a distressed dog who dials emergency services; Plus, meet the bravest animal heroes of all time.

  • Mocha, the llama dreams of joining an elite team of golf caddies; Casper, a springer spaniel who puts his super-sensitive nose to good use; Animal News reports on a money-munching pooch; Plus, find out what blood-sucking leeches and a shaved chicken's bottom have in common.

  • Blaze, the alpaca, starts his new job as a farmyard security guard; Makana, a rescued albatross becomes an environmental spokesbird at the Monterey Bay Aquarium; Animal News reports on a dramatic, post-flush puppy rescue; Plus, meet a Roman horse turned senator, and a Brazilian chimp who ran for mayor.

  • In Phoenix, Higgins, the wannabe doggie detective faces two crucial tests; in London, Sausage, the rat actor pours on the charm; Animal News reports on a new dog-bark translator; Plus, meet the tireless fowls and ferrets who have performed the dirtiest animal jobs of all time.

  • Ginny, a therapist donkey-in-training gears up to impress her first-ever VIP client; a distracted sandwich delivery dog is tempted by his wares; meet a horse toy company's equine chairman; Animal News makes headlines with a fossilized, super-sized serpent; Plus, find out what a supersonic black bear, a flying pig and an astro chimp all have in common.

  • On this episode of Animals at Work... Snowball, the talking, dancing cockatoo gears up for a very important show; an expert plumber and electrician, Sally, the ferret teaches her apprentices how it's done; Animal News reports on a brave crocodile who undergoes jaw surgery; Plus, find out why the scarab beetle was one of ancient Egypt's most-worshipped gods.

  • After improving his attitude, a naughty wannabe racehorse tries to get his career back on track; a bearded dragon lizard, Spike is a Florida schoolteacher; meet Maya, the picture purr-fect jaguar painter; the Fanimals determine what animal would make the best goalkeeper; and, meet some of the scariest animals of all time.

  • After months of training, Telsha, the pack goat heads out on her first-ever professional trek; Tinkerbell, the sand shark helps train first-time scuba divers in her aquarium home; Animal News reports on an elephant car wash; Plus, meet the lively birds that were showcased in 18th century France's meter-tall hairdos.

  • As the chief taste tester for a cat food company, lucky Lilly has put her seal of approval on an all-new recipe; Roo, the life coach horse, is changing people's lives; the Fanimals try to prove that two reluctant ponies could have jobs as athletes; and, meet some incredibly loyal animal employees, including a monastery-dwelling St. Bernard who rescued over 40 people!