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In this nonfiction series, guests present potential treasures to appraisers who tell them whether or not they've got something valuable on their hands. The venerable PBS series inspired many imitators on cable TV, and it's even had its share of cable-like accusations of being rigged.

Antiques Roadshow is a series that is currently running and has 41 seasons (762 episodes). The series first aired on January 11, 2000.

Where do I stream Antiques Roadshow online? Antiques Roadshow is available for streaming on PBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Antiques Roadshow on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla, Apple TV, PBS, Pluto TV online.

Monday 8:00pm et/pt on PBS
41 Seasons, 762 Episodes
January 11, 2000
Cast: Bruce Parker
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Antiques Roadshow Full Episode Guide

  • Featuring a Spokane bird's eye view lithograph from 1905; letters from Abraham Lincoln; signed carte de visite; and a platinum ring with a yellow diamond.

  • Learn how outstanding Orlando items have held up in the market since 2007, such as a Fern Isabel Coppedge oil, a Tiffany Studios mosaic glass inkwell and an 1844 Presidential election political banner.

  • It is revealed if Sunshine State appraisals still sparkle in the marketplace 14 years after the show's visit, including James McNeill Whistler artwork, Presidents Kennedy and Johnson-signed photos, and a Jonas Weber painted box.

  • Tremendous Tucson treasures are revisited that were first appraised 15 years ago, including Picasso Madoura pottery, an early 20th C. Cartier necklace and brooch, and an 1861 Charles Dickens letter.

  • A look at the worth of the treasures from the 2007 Baltimore Roadshow.

  • Updated appraisals include Plains & Prairie American Indian art, a presentation sword with a Lincoln-signed appointment, and an 1885 Opening Day baseball program.

  • Celebrate the collective history of our country through personal accounts behind standout treasures like a Navajo belt, bracelet & basket, a WWI peach can label letter, and James McNeill Whistler art. Which one is now $165,000-$250,000?

  • Discover never-before-seen surprises from ROADSHOW's Season 24 tour. One is worth up to $100,000.

  • Explore political items across history from both sides of the aisle, plus a $600,000-$800,000 find.

  • The team returns to Leicester's Abbey Pumping Station, where treasures include a 1960s sculpture and a set of exotic boxes with an intriguing use.

  • Fiona and the team are in Belfast at the Parliament Buildings on the Stormont Estate. Treasures turning up include a unique George Best collection and Titanic memorabilia.

  • The team is in Leicester at the historic Abbey Pumping Station.

  • Fiona Bruce and the team return to Helmingham Hall in Suffolk. Treasures include a dazzling sapphire ring and a Girl Guide sketch by Robert Baden-Powell.

  • Head to the City of Angels for updated appraisals from 15 years ago like Charles Schulz comic strip art, a 15th C. Ming Dynasty celadon dish, and a Eugene Sartory bow & French violin. One has an updated valuation of $250,000-$300,000.

  • Travel to Utah's capital city for updated Season 11 appraisals, including a Philip Margetts archive, Patek Philippe ladies' watches, and a Japanese silk needlework made around 1910.

  • Flashback to phenomenal Philadelphia finds from 2006 including an asscher-cut yellow diamond ring from around 1930, a Charles Rohlfs mahogany chair and a 1958 Picasso drawing with documentation.

  • Alabama appraisals are revisited 14 years after the show's visit to Mobile, such as an "Indian Tribes of North America" set; a Gale Sayers game-worn jersey; and Chinese glass bottle vases from around 1775. One is now valued at $70,000-$90,000.

  • 19th-century Hawaiian poi pounders; a Dirk van Erp copper vase; and a Joseph Nawahi oil painting from 1888 are featured.

  • Discover magnificent Milwaukee treasures including 1869 Louisa May Alcott "Little Women" books, a Samuel Prince desk and bookcase made around 1775, and a child's swan sled from about 1880. Which has an updated value of $70,000-$100,000?

  • Everything is bigger in Texas, including Julius Cohen yellow diamond earrings, a 1928 Gibson Granada banjo and a collection of original comic art dating to around 1937.

  • Featured: Julius Cohen yellow diamond earrings, a 1928 Gibson Granada banjo and a collection of original comic art dating to around 1937.

  • Phoenix treasures include a Hassan El Glaoui tempera painting and a Line Vautrin Talosel mirror.

  • ANTIQUES ROADSHOW explores artifacts and artistry with health and medicine history across generations including a Lakota Sioux doctor's bag, a Civil War medical officer's sword, and a Fern Isabel Coppedge oil.

  • Discover an oasis of ROADSHOW treasures at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, such as a Cartier jadeite pendant necklace, KanyeWest original artwork from around 1995, and a 1906 Louis Akin chromolithograph. Learn which is $50,000-$75,000!

  • Phenomenal Phoenix finds abound at the Desert Botanical Garden including Neil Armstrong-signed Apollo 11 Moon Landing photos, a Tongan war club made around 1800, and 1993 "Magic: The Gathering" beta cards. Which is appraised for up to $100,000?

  • ROADSHOW is California dreamin' with the discovery of treasures at Crocker Art Museum including a Marvel Silver Age comics collection, a Moglia micromosaic plaque of Beatrice Cenci made around 1870, and 1983-1999 Barack Obama letters. One is $85,000!

  • See stunning Sacramento finds appraised at Crocker Art Museum like one $80,000-$120,000 treasure.

  • Head to California's capital city for appraisals at Crocker Art Museum. One is $80,000-$125,000.

  • Watch wow-worthy West Fargo appraisals and learn what find has the highest value of the hour.

  • Travel back in time at Bonanzaville for amazing appraisals, including a $30,000-$35,000 find.

  • See the season's biggest find with a $500,000-$700,000 appraisal that literally floors the guest.

  • Wrap up Roadshow's first-ever visit to Delaware with an $80,000-$150,000 appraisal and more.

  • Discover Delaware treasures appraised at Winterthur Museum including one valued at up to $150,000.

  • Kick off a new season of treasures with a $125,000 appraisal from the grounds of Winterthur Museum.

Antiques Roadshow News

'Antiques Roadshow' Hits Paydirt With $1.5 Million Dollar Cups

There's hidden treasure, and then there's hidden treasure. A man came on to a recent "Antiques Roadshow" taping in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a collection of antique cups he had purchased in China during the 70's, and walked away with a $1.5 million dollar appraisal.

PBS to Begin Airing (Gasp!) Commercials!

Sure, it's a little dry. Yes, it's all educational and stuff. But there was always one great thing about PBS: no commercials! For years, PBS has been using an advertising model specific to their network: air the program, then air sponsor messages at the very end, in between programs. It's certainly nice for the viewers, and it means that PBS doesn't have to worry about appeasing any advertisers, leaving them free to produce the kind of thoughtful, educational content that nobody really wants to watch all that much.

Antiques Roadshow Video Clips & Extras

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