Around the World in 80 Trades

Around the World in 80 Trades is a globe trotting reality TV show presented by Connor Woodman that was first broadcast in the U.K. by the network Channel 4. The show was produced by Tigress Productions for Channel 4 and consists of a single four episode season that is divided into the different areas visited by Woodman on his way around the world.

Around the World in 80 Trades debuted in the U.K. in 2009 and was a moderate critical and ratings success mainly based on the innovative premise of the show; prsenter Connor Woodman had previously presented travel documentaries about areas such as Nepal before embarking on the show.

The first episode of Around the World in 80 Trades explains the premise of the show, which is the trained economist Connor Woodman will travel the world and conduct trades on goods with live people in different cultures. Leaving his job in the financial sector of the City of London Woodman has a large amount of experience buying and selling commodities by phone and computer, but no knowledge of buying materials face to face.

Adding interest to the documentary is the fact that Woodman uses his own money during the series, which consists of the entire profit made from selling his London apartment that is later revealed as his only financial investment.

Woodman decides to travel across four continents by moving across Africa in the first episode, central Asia in the second, the Far East in the third and South and Central America in the fourth and final episode. Perhaps setting the tone for his success in the first episode the presenter begins his trip in the Sudanwhere he attempts to buy camels and move them north to sell.

As an outsider in the camel market he is frozen out of any trades and is eventually accused of spying by the local government authorities. In an effort to increase his profits Woodman visits some remote places rarely seen on TV in an attempt to source rare goods that will be the most profitable.

10:00 pm on Channel 4
1 Season, 4 Episodes
January 6, 2011
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Conor Woodman
Around the World in 80 Trades

Around the World in 80 Trades Full Episode Guide

  • In Mexico, Conor has 750 inflatable body-boards and reckons an endorsement from Mexico's most famous surfer will help them sell. Meanwhile, he hopes to sell 400 bottles of tequila, bought...

  • The third leg of his adventure begins back in China where he picks up his newly carved piece of jade. It has cost him £5,000 so far but he's confident he can treble his investment by...

  • The Asia leg of his journey starts in Delhi, where he has an audacious plan to sell 4,000 bottles of South African chilli sauce to the Indians. More Series 1 Episode 2 Central Asia

  • Conor starts the first leg of his journey in Sudan where he hopes to buy camels and take them up one of the world's oldest trade routes along the Nile to Egypt.

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