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The Korean television series is about a man who has been a shipyard welder for 23 years, but ends up getting laid off from his job along with his fellow co-workers. Because of his layoff, Jin Sang-pil fights to be reinstated as the spokesman for their labor union. It becomes a surprise to him when this leads him to becoming an elected member of the National Assembly. Jin Sang-pill is just a simple man who just so happens to be righteous and brave.

Jin Sang-pil finds it hard to navigate the corridors of the politics due to him being an idealist and naivet

Wednesday 9:55 PM et/pt on KBS
1 Season, 20 Episodes
July 15, 2015
Cast: Jae-yeong Jeong

Assembly Full Episode Guide

  • After the president of Korea vetoes the Bae Dal Soo Bill, everyone tells Jin Sang Pil to give up. How far will he go to see it through?

  • Jin Sang Pil fights tirelessly for the passage of the Bae Dal Soo Bill, in honor of his late friend. But is there any chance it will ever get through the National Assembly?

  • As Baek Do Hyun's grip over the National Assembly weakens, he pulls out every last stop to try to save his position as secretary general.

  • Jin Sang Pil is being prosecuted for accepting a bribe. When it seems everyone's against him, someone unexpected joins his fight.

  • Jin San Pil's adversaries try to pin him for corruption charges. Is there any basis for the accusations?

  • Hong Chan Mi delivers some explosive information to Jin Sang Pil, but only under the condition that he keep his source a secret--even from Choi In Kyung.

  • Jin Sang Pil receives an unexpected offer from the president that shakes the entire political system.

  • When a high-rise development files bankruptcy, many unsuspecting investors lose huge sums of money--including Assemblyman Jin's estranged wife, Kyung Ah. Meanwhile, Assemblyman Baek uses Kyu Hwan to get to Assemblyman Jin.

  • Jin Sang Pil single-handedly filibusters the National Assembly in an attempt to prevent the appointment of a very corrupt politician as prime minister.

  • When Jin Sang Pil opposes the Nationalist Party's new real estate bill, he finds himself going head to head against Assemblywoman Hong Chan Mi in a televised debate.

  • When Assemblyman Baek tries to get Jin Sang Pil dismissed from his position as party chairman, Assemblyman Jin backs him into a corner to protect his own political future.

  • Jin Sang Pil fires Choi In Kyung after a break in trust. But can he make it as a politician without her?

  • Jin Sang Pil fires Choi In Kyung after a break in trust. But can he make it as a politician without her?

  • Assemblyman Baek starts to position himself for the next election--in opposition to Assemblyman Jin. Plus, In Kyung is forced to make her loyalties known.

  • When Jin Sang Pil stands up for what he believes in, he finds himself ostracized by his own party.

  • Jin Sang Pil's colleagues try to profit from his lack of experience, using him for their political advantage.

  • After Dal Soo's tragic accident, Jin Sang Pil abandons his newfound duties as assemblyman. Will he quit for good?

  • With the elections nearing, Jin Sang Pil has to make a heart-wrenching decision between loyalty and hope for his own future.

  • Jin Sang Pil and his coworkers are in a fierce legal battle against their former employer for unfair layoffs. Meanwhile, political leaders from all sides are vying for a newly open seat in the National Assembly.

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