This DIY bathroom remodeling show debuted on February 1 of 2009, starring Matt Muenster, licensed contractor, and bathroom specialist. He shows viewers how to revitalize and transform one of the home's most necessary rooms, going from boring, or non-functional, to fantastic.

He uses the very latest in design procedures and bathroom merchandise in each of his make-overs. Very thorough, he proceeds through all necessary steps, in a way that the greenest novice can follow. He works with bathrooms of all sizes, vintages, and designs, providing simple and comprehensive instructions. His imagination, talent, and ability to work within various budgets is truly useful and admirable.

Muenster demonstrates what folks can do with their bathrooms within a short time and some hard work, in this original DIY series, now airing on HGTV, with five seasons in total. Possibilities shown by Muenster are limited pretty much by imagination, and of course, budgetary constraints, both very useful information.

In the first episode of the fifth season, Muenster presents viewers with the ten best bathroom transformations as depicted on his show, from the out and out disgusting to the luxurious and sublime. He ranks them in order, leading up to the very top bathtastic bathroom!

For example, in the twelfth episode of the fifth season, he works with Janessa and Lauren, whose bathroom is clearly stuck in a 1970's time warp. He finds he must tear it down entirely, in order to preserve the room, because the bathroom is clearly in such sad shape, it's barely functional. Finally, when rebuilt, viewers behold a refurbished restroom with onyx counters, and a two-person shower, and custom, luxurious vanity. This particular episode is just an example of the types of viewing available to audiences to take the time to see all five seasons.

Weekdays 8:30 PM et/pt on DIY Network
5 Seasons, 62 Episodes
February 1, 2009
Home & Garden
Cast: Matt Muenster

Bathtastic! Full Episode Guide

  • First time homeowners Josh and Jennifer want to add a master bathroom to the top level of their converted duplex. Matt helps them create a bathroom from scratch with cork flooring, a new claw foot tub and a candlelit fireplace.

  • John and Marcy's Victorian is a beautiful home, with a horrendous bathroom. Matt steps in to face the challenge of staying true to the era of the house while bringing in some contemporary features.

  • Anxiety riddled homeowner Sherry, gets renovation reassurance from Matt Muenster. Together, they transform her oversized suburban bath into a lush, modern spa retreat with nature inspired finishes.

  • Betsy & Ishtiaq are stuck with a bathroom laden with dated decor, fixtures that are far too low and a serious mold crisis in the shower. After getting rid of all that's gross, Matt designs a relaxing space Turkish spa.

  • Tim and Christina Smith bought their first home, a 1940s two-story house in an urban area, two years ago. They have tried to renovate everything on their own, except their outdated and flower-covered bathroom.

  • A couple want to transform their unused bathroom space into a modern oasis.

  • Here's all of the best projects to fix up your bathroom on the cheap.

  • Heidi and Kevin hope to turn their disaster bath into a Zen oasis.

  • Here's ten of the hottest, innovative products BATHtastic! has ever seen.

  • Matt Muenster and John DeSilvia create a restful and beautiful bathroom.

  • Megan and Jude's 1980s bathroom goes from cheap to chic.

  • Matt Muenster creates a clean, classy yet rustic space for this homeowner.

  • They get rid of a whole lot of ugly and bring in a room full of cool.

  • To get what they want for the price they want, they get their hands dirty.

  • An exhausted couple call in Matt to help finish their master bathroom.

  • A newlywed couple take their bathroom down to its studs and start over.

  • A newly engaged couple get a perfect bathroom for two.

  • Matt plays mediator when it comes to the tastes of these homeowners.

  • Matt steps in to update Mitch and Valerie's pink nightmare of a bathroom.

  • Matt turns a dungeon-like basement bathroom into a romantic getaway.

  • Matt Muenster helps a homeowner redo the bathroom in his 1929 Tudor home.

  • Jack and Ann love everything about their house, except the master bathroom.

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