Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

Beeny's Restoration Nightmare is a television show about a property developer and her husband who want to renovate all ninety seven rooms of their home. In the renovation industry it is said that you never know what you'll find when you open up the walls. With only nine months to renovate their very large home, the Beenys will experience the nightmare of renovation on a large scale.

Turning a home into an event hall, this couple will renovate with an eye to making guests at events comfortable. The nightmare of the actual renovations is shown in this series about renovating.

Thursdays at 08:00 pm on Channel 4
2 Seasons, 9 Episodes
January 20, 2011
Documentary & Biography
Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

Beeny's Restoration Nightmare Full Episode Guide

  • Sarah and Graham go into overdrive preparing their dilapidated Georgian mansion for a wedding reception. There are nightmares aplenty, including a freak wasp infestation, and one last twist that could prove to be heart-breaking.

  • Sarah and Graham continue their rollercoaster relationship with Rise Hall as they discover the extraordinary history of one of its rooms.

  • Property guru Sarah Beeny and her husband and business partner Graham Swift face a whole new restoration nightmare as the love/hate relationship with their Georgian country house continues.

  • Sarah and Graham take time out from the restoration of the grand state rooms to focus on a playroom for the whole family as the battle with the local council reaches breaking point.

  • Sarah and Graham turn their sights on the grandest rooms of all at Rise Hall - the morning room and the drawing room.

  • Graham and Sarah tackle the old Regency dining room. When the house was built 200 years ago this was one of the most lavish rooms in the house. But for the last 11 years Sarah and Graham have been using it as a dumping ground.

  • With just six weeks to go before the first wedding ceremony, Sarah and Graham still have a huge mountain to climb

  • Sarah and her husband Graham have six months to save their crumbling home by turning it into a wedding venue. It's hardly romantic.

  • Can Sarah Beeny property save a stately home from collapse and finally make it pay for itself?