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The television series Beethoven Virus is a South Korean series. The show stars Lee Ji-ah and Kim Myung-min. The show follows regular people who aspire to become classic musicians. Every episode shows a character and how they are developing as artists. The main character, Kang Mae, is a famous opera director. He is a tough director to work under and will settle for nothing less then perfection. Many of the musicians are intimidated by him. He meets Du Ru-mi who is an excellent violinist. He also meets a police officer who has a natural talent for music. Kang tries to get these men to join his musicians. The only problem is there is a girl involved that all the men lust after an this gets in the way of their music. The girl is named Lee Ji-ah who is also a musician and has just as much talent as these men even though she has lost her hearing. No matter what the show must go on.

Beethoven Virus is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on September 29, 2009.

Beethoven Virus is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Beethoven Virus on demand at, Viki online.

Wednesday & Thursday 8:30 pm on MBC
1 Season, 19 Episodes
September 29, 2009
International, Romance
Cast: Kim Myeong-min, Lee Ji-ah, Jang Geun-suk, Lee Soon-jae, Hyun Jyu-ni
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Beethoven Virus Full Episode Guide

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  • The orchestra begins to fall apart with Kang's impending departure.

  • The two Gun Woos face new challenges separately in their personal and professional lives.

  • Rumi's hearing worsens as the Mouse Philharmonic Orchestra hands off their demo to a selection committee for the festival.

  • Gun Woo asserts himself as a conductor in front of Maestro Kang.

  • Kang and the orchestra become involved in the mayor's political games. Rumi goes on a retreat.

  • Gun Woo does his best to make sure the second performance will be a success, despite setbacks with the choir.

  • Rumi continuously cheers Kang up, which casts uncertainty over her relationship with Gun Woo.

  • As a sign of his softening heart, Kang allows the original musicians to join his new orchestra for a particular piece, and connects with Rumi.

  • Gun Woo tries to express his attraction towards Rumi. Kang sends Gun Woo off to his old rival for conductor training.

  • The orchestra performs for the first time onstage, but several of the musicians have difficulty getting there.

  • The mayor wants to replace Maestro Kang with an old rival, and so Kang finds a better solution in Gun Woo.

  • Without the conductor's encouragement, the musicians take their cues from the younger Gun Woo, whose musical genius is discovered.

  • The younger Gun Woo is put in a difficult position when Rumi finally convinces Maestro Kang to stay.

  • When asked to come up with a cultural project for her city, Rumi proposes, and heads, an orchestra performance.