Best of House Hunters: Family Expansion

Are you thinking about buying a new home but don’t know where to start? Consider checking out House Hunters on HGTV. This entertaining show takes home buyers through the processing of viewing and buying a home that best fits their search criteria. After viewing three homes hand selected by a realtor, the home buyers hash out the pros and cons of each and by the end of the program put an offer on their favorite. In the end, you may be surprised with what the buyers choose.

1 Season, 15 Episodes
February 2, 2011
Home & Garden
Best of House Hunters: Family Expansion

Best of House Hunters: Family Expansion Full Episode Guide

  • Good friends are becoming a family and looking for their own home.

  • Chrissy and Zev search for a family home that's near Boston's Fenway Park.

  • Currently in a rental, Corey and Shoshanna Walker's natural soap store has taken off and now it's time for them to purchase a house. They want to find a single family home that has plenty of backyard space for their dogs.

  • The Kerprich family hopes their budget of $580,000 can get them an updated kitchen as well as the extra bedrooms and bathrooms they need without sacrificing a large yard for their kids.

  • Prem Iyer wants to have room for his daughter Maryam when she visits. He wants to find a place in Silver Springs, a suburb in nearby Maryland.

  • When Sean and Kelly Connelly first moved into their brick rambler, the house seemed like the perfect place. But now, two years and two kids later, the Connellys need a bigger house.

  • Sherrica has her roots firmly planted in Louisville, Kentucky. She needs room for her three kids and wants to find a home in the eastern part of the city, close to her family and her church.

  • Greg Kulander and Tracy Walker decided to move in together, merging their families. With a budget of up to $850,000, they're hoping to find a home with 5 or 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on a big piece of land in downtown Portland.

  • Recently divorced, Michael Giudicissi needs a home with more room for his kids when they're over. On a tight budget, he'd like to find a home with a nice yard for the kids, three bedrooms, an office for himself and a large garage.

  • Kris and Elise Rodemack have a 6-month old son and live in a cramped apartment. They're looking for a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home in Portland's western suburbs. Finding the right place is going to be a challenge with a $200,000 budget.

  • With their second child on the way, a Chicago couple looks for a new home. They're looking for a three-bedroom home with lots of room for their kids, including a nice backyard.

  • A couple looks for a home in Laurel, Maryland. Brett wants a single family home with a nice sized front and back yard, while Jeff is looking for a home that has a deck for cookouts and a "man cave" for himself.

  • Karen and Chuck are engaged, but they need to find a bigger home for their soon-to-be blended family. They know they need at least four bedrooms, a good sized kitchen, a two-car garage and a workshop for Chuck.

  • The McCullars need more room but want to stay in their current neighborhood. They're looking for a place with at least 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an office, a playroom, and a kitchen with more cabinet space and double ovens.

  • Having triplets has tripled the need for more room. Can this family find a home in their budget?

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