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  • 2023
  • 1 Season
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Big Boi and his business partner Janice Faison who own Celebrity Trailers which specializes in over-the-top custom large vehicle renovations.

Big RV Remix is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on July 21, 2023.

Big RV Remix
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Shaq's Surprise RV
10. Shaq's Surprise RV
July 21, 2023
When Janice lands the job to renovate client, Shaquille O' Neal's RV, on their own dime, it stands to be their biggest investment and most visible job Celebrity Trailers has ever had.
Hot Tub Tony
9. Hot Tub Tony
July 21, 2023
The 10th-anniversary party of Celebrity Trailers is just around the corner, and Janice wants to celebrate by thanking her business partner, Big Boi, for all that he has done for her. Janice plans on gifting Big Boi a trailer to take when he goes on tour.
It's Game Time!
8. It's Game Time!
July 21, 2023
John Rico is the owner of Extreme Game Truck, a mobile gaming party company with a fleet of trailers spread out across America. He is also one of Celebrity Trailers' best clients.
Finny's Family Sprinter
7. Finny's Family Sprinter
July 21, 2023
Janice, Big Boi and David take on a sprinter build for longtime client, Finny, the owner of a rental van fleet. But this time, Finny wants a personal live-work travel vehicle for him and his family.
Tween for a Day
6. Tween for a Day
July 21, 2023
Celebrity Trailers could be going international if Janice, Big Boi, and David can pull off a job for their new clients. Sasha and Derick have a business in Toronto and they need Celebrity Trailer's help to break into the U.S. market.
Dollar Scholar
5. Dollar Scholar
July 21, 2023
Celebrity Trailers' talents are put to the test with their newest client, Caden, the 11-year-old CEO of Caden Teaches. Caden spends his time traveling from school to school and he's ready to take his business to the next level.
Kingcutta Jae and Baby on the Way
4. Kingcutta Jae and Baby on the Way
July 21, 2023
Kingcutta Jae plans to open a luxury barbershop on wheels. But with a pregnant wife and notice already given to his current barber shop in Miami, Jae needs it completed in just 8 weeks. Can Celebrity Trailers make the cut?
Vroom With A View
3. Vroom With A View
July 21, 2023
Janice and Big Boi take on one of their biggest challenges yet-designing an all-in-one modern guest room on wheels for Janice's childhood best friend, Alicia. The only problem? She just might be their most difficult-to-please client to date.
Ready, Set, Bake!
2. Ready, Set, Bake!
July 21, 2023
When returning customer, Natasha O'Conner of Bake it On Wheels, comes back for seconds at Celebrity Trailers, Janice, David and Big Boi put in their best efforts to impress their client.
Shoot For The Stars
1. Shoot For The Stars
July 21, 2023
Mary, a young student who traveled the country for six years with her parents and siblings in their RV, has landed an aerospace internship - the next step in pursuing her dream of becoming an astronaut!
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