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  • 2013
  • 1 Season

Bradford City of Dreams is a BBC Two documentary series that explores the city of Bradford, a culturally diverse and historically rich city nestled in the heart of West Yorkshire. The show takes viewers on a journey through the city's past, present, and future, showcasing the many faces of Bradford that often go unseen.

Each episode of the series focuses on a different aspect of life in Bradford, from its rich industrial heritage to its thriving arts scene and everything in between. Viewers are introduced to a wide range of characters, from local business owners to community activists, who all share a deep love and passion for their city.

The show explores the city's fascinating history, including the impact of the Industrial Revolution and the ways in which it has shaped the city's identity. It also examines the challenges that have faced Bradford in recent decades, from economic decline to racial tension, and how the city has overcome these challenges to emerge stronger and more united than ever.

One of the main themes of Bradford City of Dreams is the city's incredible diversity. With more than 140 different languages spoken within its boundaries, Bradford is one of the most multicultural cities in the UK. The series celebrates this diversity, showcasing the many different cultures and communities that call Bradford home, and exploring the ways in which they have come together to create a vibrant and thriving city.

The show also spotlights the many different industries and businesses that are helping to drive Bradford's future, from cutting-edge tech startups to traditional textile manufacturers. Through interviews with business leaders and entrepreneurs, viewers get a sense of the exciting developments happening within the city, and the many opportunities that exist for people looking to build a life and career in Bradford.

Another key theme of the series is the power of community. Throughout the show, viewers are introduced to a range of remarkable individuals who are working tirelessly to make a positive impact on their city, from grassroots community groups to larger organizations. These inspiring stories demonstrate the incredible resilience and strength of Bradford's people, and the many ways in which they are coming together to shape the future of their city.

Overall, Bradford City of Dreams is a beautifully crafted portrait of a city that is too often overlooked and misunderstood. Through stunning cinematography, powerful storytelling, and heartfelt interviews, viewers are taken on a journey through the many facets of life in Bradford, and are left with a deep appreciation for the city and the people who call it home. Whether you're a longtime resident of Bradford or just discovering the city for the first time, this series is a must-watch.

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Episode 2
2. Episode 2
May 25, 2013
In the second episode, we meet Dinesh Patel, known as Dennis, is living the dream that led his father to spend 13 years in the mills before starting a shop in the mid 1970s. Two generations later the family, having ridden the video rental market in the 90s and the the mobile telephony boom of the 2000s, have become big players in East European food retailing. Marcin, from Poland, has his foot on the first rung of a similar ladder. He arrived in Bradford 8 years ago and after a few years working for others he decided having his own business was the way to go. He started by building a smokehouse in his garden to produce hams and sausages and now he processes several pigs a week. While the fresh meat brings in a decent return, he is focused on finding new customers. Even when cash is tight the city's Muslim population spare no expense when it comes to weddings, a fact that Sahida, a single mother of three girls, has made the most of with a rapidly expanding chain of bridal make-up salons. She also trains other Muslim women in bridal makeup, providing a handy female-only income stream. Please note, this version may differ slightly from the UK TX version.
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
May 18, 2013
In the first episode, we meet 32-year-old Nav, who blings up some of the hottest super-cars in the world - he started with a Vauxhall Nova in his parents' back-yard, and now he's got Ferraris and Lamborghinis lining up for his genius styling makeovers. His mind is firmly fixed on expansion and he's developing his own brand of bodykits in his multi-racial workshop and he reckons these kits will take him global, but even in the white heat of creativity he still makes sure he takes a cake back home for Mother's Day. Graham's a builder by trade and a communicator by nature - a few words of Urdu have helped him become the builder of choice for Bradford's Asian community and they don't seem to mind too much when he's called away to his second job as a grave-digger with a specialism in Muslim burials. Finally, Rajen represents a whole new world of international small business. With an Indian father and an English Mum, he's got an idea that makes the most of his multi-national upbringing, leaving his Mum in Bradford with his sisters, while he spends six months with his wife in her home town in Eastern India exploring demand there for UK goods, everything from high street clothing to Bradford's staple food. Nav, Graham and Raj are three very different characters who are all showing that despite the difficulties of life in post-industrial Bradford, it is still a place full of opportunities. Please note, this version may differ slightly from the UK TX version.
  • Premiere Date
    May 18, 2013