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  • TV-Y
  • 2004
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.3  (3,181)

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is an animated television series that aired on the Disney Channel from 2004 to 2007. The show follows the adventures of Brandy, a pampered and self-absorbed dog, and Mr. Whiskers, a hyperactive and naive rabbit, as they try to survive in the Amazon Rainforest after an accidental plane crash.

Brandy, voiced by Kaley Cuoco, is a spoiled and snobbish dog who becomes stranded in the jungle after her plane crashes. She quickly realizes that she is not in Kansas anymore, and must rely on Mr. Whiskers to help her navigate the dangerous and unpredictable environment. Despite her initial hatred of Mr. Whiskers' reckless behavior, the two eventually become unlikely friends and work together to survive in their new home.

Mr. Whiskers, voiced by Charlie Adler, is a hyperactive and naive rabbit who is also stranded in the jungle after the plane crash. He is fascinated by the new world around him and often gets distracted by his own curiosity. Despite his numerous mistakes and misadventures, Mr. Whiskers has a good heart and is always trying to help his friends, even if it doesn't always work out.

Throughout the series, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers encounter a variety of colorful characters, both animal and human, who help or hinder their progress. These characters include Ed, a sloth who is always in slow motion; Lola Boa, a vain and seductive snake who tries to steal Brandy's spotlight; and Gaspar Le Gecko, a charismatic gecko who is always looking to make a quick buck.

One of the show's recurring themes is the clash between Brandy's desire for luxury and Mr. Whiskers' free-spirited nature. Brandy often tries to impose rules and order on their jungle lifestyle, while Mr. Whiskers encourages her to let go and have fun. This dynamic creates a lot of comedic moments and helps to drive the show's plot forward.

The animation style of Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is bright and colorful, with exaggerated character designs that emphasize their personalities. The show's humor is often slapstick and aimed at a younger audience, but there are also plenty of pop culture references and jokes that will appeal to older viewers.

The voice acting in the show is top-notch, with Kaley Cuoco bringing a great sense of entitlement and humor to Brandy's character, while Charlie Adler imbues Mr. Whiskers with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Wayne Knight, best known for his role as Newman on Seinfeld, provides the voice for Noah, a hapless human who also becomes stranded in the jungle with Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.

Overall, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is a fun and lighthearted show that will appeal to anyone who enjoys animated comedies. While it may not have the depth or emotional complexity of some other animated series, it makes up for it with its wit, charm, and lovable characters. Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers
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The Tortoise and the Hare-Brain / Rip Van Whiskers
18. The Tortoise and the Hare-Brain / Rip Van Whiskers
August 25, 2006
The Tortoise and the Harebrain: Ever since the great race between the tortoise and the hare, turtles have been insulting rabbits at every opportunity they get, since they consider themselves superior due to the fact that they won in the past. However, with Brandy's encouragement, Mr. Whiskers decides to challenge an insulting tortoise to a race to settle the score once and for all. Rip Van Whiskers: After coming into contact with a bunch of poisonous frogs, Mr. Whiskers realizes that he only has twenty-four hours to stay awake before he'll fall asleep for fifty years. Brandy, feeling responsible, decides to help him do everything on a list that he wants to fulfill before he falls into his deep sleep, though Brandy is reluctant to fulfill his wish to kiss a pretty girl.
Big Girls Don't Body Slam / I Am Rainfo
17. Big Girls Don't Body Slam / I Am Rainfo
July 21, 2006
Big Girls Don't Body Slam: When Mr. Whiskers signs Brandy and himself up for a wrestling competition, Brandy reluctantly agrees to help him out on the condition that she can wear a disguise to ensure her reputation doesn't plummet. However, when Brandy's alter-ego, Sammy Crushington, proves to be the best wrestler in the Amazon, her reputation soon starts to spread and many of her fans start to debate on whether Sammy Crushington is a man or a woman; though Brandy's desire to keep her reputation a secret may cause her some internal strife. I Am Rainfo: After Brandy and Mr. Whiskers realize just how dull their life is, Mr. Whiskers stumbles across a suitcase filled with books and the two of them decide to read several books in order to try to find some entertainment. Mr. Whiskers picks up a book entitled 'I Am Rainfo', in which he believes Rainfo's world is the most dangerous and scary place he's ever seen, though he soon makes a discovery that causes him to question the very fabric of his surroundings and the true intentions that his friends have in store for him.
The Monster In My Skin / Dollars And $enseless Violence
16. The Monster In My Skin / Dollars And $enseless Violence
June 17, 2006
The Monster In My Skin: When Brandy tells Mr. Whiskers that he has a pimple on his face, and that he's going through the first of many changes, he starts to believe he's turning into a monster; though when Brandy refuses to tell him anything else on the subject, he decides to resort to unorthodox means in an attempt to restore him to his previous state of normalcy. However, he soon decides to wreck havoc across the land and the creatures of the Amazon truly begin to consider him a monster; though Brandy knows more than she's willing to tell him. Dollars and $enseless Violence: When Mr. Whiskers comes across a bag of shiny rocks while trying to play a game with Brandy, they decide to go on a shopping spree in order to fulfill their fantasies and live the good life. However, despite the fact that their sudden increase in wealth causes them some unforeseen problems, they remain vigilant in their attempts to keep living the good life, even if it jeopardizes their own health.
A Really Crushing Crush / Pickled Tink
15. A Really Crushing Crush / Pickled Tink
May 12, 2006
A Really Crushing Crush: Mr. Whiskers starts to go through a crises thinking that he will lose his best friend and guy time when Ed tells him that he has a huge crush on Lola Boa and is going to ask her out on a date. At first, Mr. Whiskers just tries to discourage the idea, but when that doesn't work, he launches a full blown attack to keep Ed from asking Lola the dreaded question, and all of his attempts fail. But soon it turns into a war between Brandy and Mr. Whiskers because Brandy is doing everything she can to get them together. While Brandy and Mr. Whiskers are distracted, nature takes its course with Ed and Lola becoming a couple, and Mr. whiskers realizing that his friend would never leave him. Pickled Tink: While playing with his new pinwheel one day, Mr. Whiskers accidentally puts himself in a trance. Brandy sees this as a way to get out of doing her chores, so she hypnotises him so that he will clean every time he hears the word pickle, and stop when he hears ketchup. Things seem to be going great for Brandy until Mr. Whiskers starts to act a little weird. She is finally convinced by Lola Boa to take Whiskers out of his trance, but when she goes to find the pinwheel, it's gone! Now Brandy has to try to recover the lost pinwheel to return Mr. Whiskers back to normal before it's too late.
Stress Test / A Little Problem
14. Stress Test / A Little Problem
May 5, 2006
Stress Test: After completing a stress test in Jungle Beat magazine for Brandy, Mr. Whiskers discovers that she is completely stressed out and wonders if he is the reason for Brandy's excessive stress. So after consulting Lola and Ed, he decides to take Brandy on a vacation to Placid Falls. Ed and Lola want to tag along, and Brandy agrees because she doesn't believe that they can cause any more trouble than Whiskers already does. But on their way to Placid Falls, Mr. Whiskers takes the wrong river route and gets them lost. Will they now be able to find their way to Placid Falls so that Brandy can get her relaxing vacation? A Little Problem: Mr. Whiskers discovers that he is too small to ride one of the rides at the Amazon Waterpark, Flumes of Feury, he is extremely upset and gets sent to the kiddie pool. When he gets to the kiddie pool, he learns that Gaspar has the exact same problem and they both try repeatedly to sneak onto the ride. After all of their attempts fail, they then decide to start a revolt and stand up for their rights and they rally a group of all of the small animals in the jungle hoping to change the rule. But once Whiskers and Gaspar try the ride, and hate it, they realize that rules are only there to protect them.
Itty Bitty Kitty / Brandy's Best-Ever Boyfriend
13. Itty Bitty Kitty / Brandy's Best-Ever Boyfriend
April 28, 2006
Itty Bitty Kitty: When Mr. Whiskers discovers Itty Bitty Kitty, an imaginary doll friend from Brandy's past, he begins to show it off to all of Brandy's friends at the mall. But when Margo begins to tease her for having an imaginary friend, Brandy denies ever knowing Itty Bitty Kitty and later suggests to Whiskers that he become friends with the doll since she has grown out of that stage in her life. Mr. Whiskers, now thinking that Brandy doesn't love Itty Bitty Kitty anymore, decides to give the doll to someone that will love it which turns out to be Gaspar, creates problems when Brandy decides that she wants her old best friend back. Brandy's Best-Ever Boyfriend: It's getting close to the annual Amazon Spring Love Fest, and Brandy begins to notice that all of her old boyfriends have now moved on and all have new girlfriends. When Margo starts to make fun of Brandy for not having a date to one of the most important events of the year, it pushes Brandy to make up a fictitional boyfriend named Johnny Branch. But when Mr. Whiskers sets out to find Johnny Branch, Brandy's lie gets her in a little more trouble than she had ever expected.
Go! Fight! Win! / Class Dismissed
12. Go! Fight! Win! / Class Dismissed
April 21, 2006
Go! Fight! Win!: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers decide to try out for a cheerleading squad, as it's always been Brandy's dream and Mr. Whiskers just wishes to tag along. However, when they're both assigned as captain and their styles seriously clash, their instructor, Ms. Moo, tells them that they'll need to compete in a cheer off in order to see who will be the one who becomes captain of the cheerleading squad. Class Dismissed: While spending some time with Mr. Whiskers at an abandoned lagoon, Brandy finds her life threatened by a vicious panther who wished to make a meal out of her. In an attempt to stop feeling so vulnerable, Brandy decides to head to the local community center in hopes of joining a self defense class, though Mr. Whiskers winds up registering the two of them for every single class at the community center, except for the self defense class that Brandy had wanted.
Sandy & Mr. Frisky / Thinking Outside the Fruit
11. Sandy & Mr. Frisky / Thinking Outside the Fruit
April 14, 2006
Sandy & Mr. Frisky: While Brandy and her friends are playing truth or dare, they hear screams from another part of the jungle and decide to check it out. When they get there, they discover that another rabbit and dog, Sandy Carrington and Mr. Frisky, have fallen into the jungle the same way that Brandy and Mr. Whiskers did. Sandy and Mr. Frisky are best friends, and soon work their way into mega popularity, stealing the spot from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. Brandy can't stand this, so she decides to come up with a plan to ruin the newcomer's reputation. Thinking Outside the Fruit: Brandy gets carried away when Mr. Whiskers and Gaspar are having an argument over whether or not Whiskers can do something. She says that Whiskers can do anything that he wants to, and if he doesn't succeed, she'll scrub Gaspar's floors with a toothbrush. But when Mr. Whiskers wants to build a car made entirely out of fruit, Brandy has to hire help to make sure that Whiskers succeeds.
Con Hare / Rain Delay
10. Con Hare / Rain Delay
April 7, 2006
Con Hare: Mr. Whiskers gives Gaspar his favorite Sugartoad poster in exchange for a meteor deflecting device, though Brandy expresses that he was conned and that the device won't actually do anything. In hopes of getting his favorite poster back, Mr. Whiskers takes Brandy's advice, in which he employs Ed and he attempts to trick Gaspar into giving the poster back. Rain Delay: When Brandy manages to receive a special appointment in an attractive samba dancer's schedule, she rushes home in hopes of getting ready for her date. However, when a sudden storm breaks out that prevents Brandy from easily traveling to the dancer's house, she must find a way to brave the elements as she's afraid Margo will attempt to get to the lesson first.
Auntie Dote / Curses!
9. Auntie Dote / Curses!
March 31, 2006
Auntie Dote: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers decide to hire professional help in the form of Auntie Marla when they wake up one morning and realize just how messy their house really is. When Auntie Marla ends up being the best thing to ever happen to them, they deliberately keep their house dirty so she'll come back each day. But things get nasty when Brandy and Mr. Whiskers vie for Auntie Marla's attention to find out which one of them is her favorite. Curses!: Brandy tries to get rid of an amulet that she purchased from Gaspar that she later finds out is cursed. It ends up being harder than she thought though when she finds out that in order for the curse to be removed, she has to get someone to willingly take the amulet.
Net of Lies / Dog Play Afternoon
8. Net of Lies / Dog Play Afternoon
March 24, 2006
Net of Lies: Brandy must decide between lying to Whiskers or Lola Boa when she realizes that she's scheduled to go on a firefly event with Whiskers, and to a concert with Lola Boa, both of them on the same night. She decides to just leave Whiskers in the middle of the firefly event and explain later to go to the concert, but Whiskers mistakenly believes that Brandy has been abducted by the fireflies and sets out on a rescue mission. Dog Play Afternoon: Gaspar helps Brandy win the main role in the upcoming play after Margo rigs Brandy's audition and wins the lead.
You've Got Snail / The Magic Hour
7. You've Got Snail / The Magic Hour
March 17, 2006
You've Got Snail: Brandy takes drastic measures in an attempt to get a snail to move away that claims to own the tree that Brandy & Mr. Whiskers live in. The Magic Hour: After Gaspar finds a pair of ancient socks that give him unlimited power, he finally takes the jungle under his complete control. Just when all of the animals are about to give up hope, Brandy discovers that Mr. Whiskers used to be a magician, and he may have just what it takes to beat Gaspar and put the jungle back in proper order. But there's only one problem, ever since a vanishing legs act from Whisker's past went horribly wrong, he has been afraid to be a magician. Can Brandy convince him to overcome his fears so that he can overcome Gaspar?
Pet Peeves / What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!)
6. Pet Peeves / What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!)
March 10, 2006
Pet Peeves: Brandy decides to give Whiskers one more chance with a pet rodent that he brings home even though she's reluctant to because his last two pets died due to the fact that Mr. Whiskers forgot to feed them. But when Whiskers falls asleep with the tree house door open, can he get his pet back before Brandy finds out that he's missing? What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!): Gaspar offers Brandy a designer dress if she will pretend to be his girlfriend while his mother is visiting. Even though she's reluctant to because she can't stand Gaspar, she decides to go through with the deal for the cause of the dress. But when Gaspar's mother decides to extend her stay for the rest of her life, Brandy realizes that putting up with Gaspar is even too much for her, so she uses Whiskers to try and drive Gaspar's mother out of the jungle for good.
Loathe Triangle / Better Off Wet
5. Loathe Triangle / Better Off Wet
March 3, 2006
Loathe Triangle: After Margo sarcastically remarks that she's in love with Whiskers, Mr. Whiskers goes to Brandy for suggestions on how to win her heart. But Brandy misunderstands him believing that actually Mr. Whiskers is in love with her, which causes her to tell him to never speak to the girl he loves again. Things become even more confusing after Ed goes to Brandy for advice on how to win Margo's heart, causing Brandy to believe, once again, that Ed is in love with her also. Can they fix this misunderstanding before someone gets hurt? Better Off Wet: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers notice the local lifeguards helping a creature who has hurt its toe while on their way to the Amazon water park, and how the creatures of the jungle idolize the lifeguards. So they both decide that they'd like to be lifeguards, and Brandy has little trouble joining the group, Whiskers, however, begins taking swimming lessons with the hopes that one day he too will be able to join. But is there some secret Brandy is hiding that might interfere should she have to answer the call of duty?
Any Club That Would Have Me As A Member... / Where Everybody Knows Your Shame
4. Any Club That Would Have Me As A Member... / Where Everybody Knows Your Shame
February 24, 2006
Any Club That Would Have Me As A Member...: Brandy trains Whiskers to be cooler in order for him to be accepted into the Carnivore Club that he decided he wanted to join after he saw them picking on people in the Mayan mall. Where Everybody Knows Your Shame: After Brandy dyes her hair, and it doesn't turn out like she planned, she attempts to change her hairstyle so that no one will notice. But when it fails, and the entire Amazon discovers what she's done, she runs to hide in shame. Will Mr. Whisker's plan to embarrass everyone in the jungle succeed in gaining Brandy back some confidence?
The Tell-Tale Shoes / Time For Waffles
3. The Tell-Tale Shoes / Time For Waffles
February 17, 2006
The Tell-Tale Shoes: After being insulted at the Mayan Mall because she doesn't have the latest fashion footwear, Brandy decides to head off in hopes of getting a pair as soon as possible. However, when the shoes turn out to be much more expensive than she expected, she decides to steal the shoes in order to avoid public humiliation. Everything goes well for Brandy, though Mr. Whiskers' story of the Tell-Tale Heart soon puts her in a state of panic. Time For Waffles: Brandy attempts to speak with an attractive marsh deer named Melvin, though when he brushes her off and leaves her shortly after they began talking, she begins to contemplate as to why he isn't attracted to her. Gaspar arrives and expresses that Brandy's teeth may not be white enough, in which he offers her a special deal that may just get Melvin to like her, though will Brandy's attempts actually pay off?
Pop Goes the Jungle / Wolfie: Prince of the Jungle
2. Pop Goes the Jungle / Wolfie: Prince of the Jungle
February 10, 2006
Pop Goes the Jungle: Brandy decides to enter a karaoke competition in hopes of gaining more fame and prestige, though Mr. Whiskers wants to find a way to make her sound better after he realizes she's the worst singer he's ever heard. Fortunately, he comes across one of the best singers he's ever heard and he tries to convince the individual he found to help Brandy by secretly singing in her stead. Wolfie: Prince of the Jungle: After an accident at the local lagoon, Brandy is rescued by a wild dog named Wolfie and she instantly falls deeply in love with him. However, when she discovers that Wolfie has horrible hygiene and an equally poor understanding of civilization, she decides that she'll teach Wolfie everything he needs to know in order to make him the perfect boyfriend.
Get a Job / Jungle Makeover
1. Get a Job / Jungle Makeover
February 3, 2006
Get a Job: Things don't go as planned when Brandy & Mr. Whiskers get jobs at a mall that they found while exploring a Mayan temple, and Brandy leaves Whiskers to do all the work. Jungle Makeover: Brandy becomes upset that Mr. Whiskers has decided to throw a party because she feels that their house doesn't look good enough for company. So they both head off to the mall to try to get supplies to remodel the tree house. But when their decorating sense clashes, they divide the house in half. Brandy soon regrets her decision to split the house when Mr. Whiskers wins a contest he entered at the mall to get his half completely remodeled.
  • Premiere Date
    August 21, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (3,181)