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Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is a family friendly television show that originated on the Disney Channel. The show focuses on a wealthy and pampered girl named Brandy (who happens to be a dog), and a wacky, hyperactive, and easy going rabbit named Mr. Whiskers. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers were on a plane, and that plane just happened to have a door open, causing Brandy and Mr. Whiskers to fall out over the Amazon Rainforest. In order to survive, the two must put their differences aside and begin to work together to look for food, shelter, and companionship.

While working with each other, the two befriend many of the Amazon Rainforest's inhabitants and learn many things about each other along the way. The show's premise is to show how much two people can accomplish by putting their key differences aside and learning to work together for both of their common good.

2 Seasons, 39 Episodes
August 21, 2004
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Kaley Cuoco, Wayne Knight, Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler, Sherri Shepherd
Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers Full Episode Guide

  • The Tortoise and the Harebrain: Ever since the great race between the tortoise and the hare, turtles have been insulting rabbits at every opportunity they get, since they consider themselves superior due to the fact that they won in the past. However, with Brandy's encouragement, Mr. Whiskers decides to challenge an insulting tortoise to a race to settle the score once and for all.Rip Van Whiskers: After coming into contact with a bunch of poisonous frogs, Mr. Whiskers realizes that he only has twenty-four hours to stay awake before he'll fall asleep for fifty years. Brandy, feeling responsible, decides to help him do everything on a list that he wants to fulfill before he falls into his deep sleep, though Brandy is reluctant to fulfill his wish to kiss a pretty girl.

  • Big Girls Don't Body Slam: When Mr. Whiskers signs Brandy and himself up for a wrestling competition, Brandy reluctantly agrees to help him out on the condition that she can wear a disguise to ensure her reputation doesn't plummet. However, when Brandy's alter-ego, Sammy Crushington, proves to be the best wrestler in the Amazon, her reputation soon starts to spread and many of her fans start to debate on whether Sammy Crushington is a man or a woman; though Brandy's desire to keep her reputation a secret may cause her some internal strife.I Am Rainfo: After Brandy and Mr. Whiskers realize just how dull their life is, Mr. Whiskers stumbles across a suitcase filled with books and the two of them decide to read several books in order to try to find some entertainment. Mr. Whiskers picks up a book entitled 'I Am Rainfo', in which he believes Rainfo's world is the most dangerous and scary place he's ever seen, though he soon makes a discovery that causes him to question the very fabric of his surroundings and the true intentions that his friends have in store for him.

  • The Monster In My Skin: When Brandy tells Mr. Whiskers that he has a pimple on his face, and that he's going through the first of many changes, he starts to believe he's turning into a monster; though when Brandy refuses to tell him anything else on the subject, he decides to resort to unorthodox means in an attempt to restore him to his previous state of normalcy. However, he soon decides to wreck havoc across the land and the creatures of the Amazon truly begin to consider him a monster; though Brandy knows more than she's willing to tell him.Dollars and $enseless Violence: When Mr. Whiskers comes across a bag of shiny rocks while trying to play a game with Brandy, they decide to go on a shopping spree in order to fulfill their fantasies and live the good life. However, despite the fact that their sudden increase in wealth causes them some unforeseen problems, they remain vigilant in their attempts to keep living the good life, even if it jeopardizes their own health.

  • Stress Test: After completing a stress test in Jungle Beat magazine for Brandy, Mr. Whiskers discovers that she is completely stressed out and wonders if he is the reason for Brandy's excessive stress. So after consulting Lola and Ed, he decides to take Brandy on a vacation to Placid Falls. Ed and Lola want to tag along, and Brandy agrees because she doesn't believe that they can cause any more trouble than Whiskers already does. But on their way to Placid Falls, Mr. Whiskers takes the wrong river route and gets them lost. Will they now be able to find their way to Placid Falls so that Brandy can get her relaxing vacation?A Little Problem: Mr. Whiskers discovers that he is too small to ride one of the rides at the Amazon Waterpark, Flumes of Feury, he is extremely upset and gets sent to the kiddie pool. When he gets to the kiddie pool, he learns that Gaspar has the exact same problem and they both try repeatedly to sneak onto the ride. After all of their attempts fail, they then decide to start a revolt and stand up for their rights and they rally a group of all of the small animals in the jungle hoping to change the rule. But once Whiskers and Gaspar try the ride, and hate it, they realize that rules are only there to protect them.

  • Go! Fight! Win!: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers decide to try out for a cheerleading squad, as it's always been Brandy's dream and Mr. Whiskers just wishes to tag along. However, when they're both assigned as captain and their styles seriously clash, their instructor, Ms. Moo, tells them that they'll need to compete in a cheer off in order to see who will be the one who becomes captain of the cheerleading squad.Class Dismissed: While spending some time with Mr. Whiskers at an abandoned lagoon, Brandy finds her life threatened by a vicious panther who wished to make a meal out of her. In an attempt to stop feeling so vulnerable, Brandy decides to head to the local community center in hopes of joining a self defense class, though Mr. Whiskers winds up registering the two of them for every single class at the community center, except for the self defense class that Brandy had wanted.

  • Con Hare: Mr. Whiskers gives Gaspar his favorite Sugartoad poster in exchange for a meteor deflecting device, though Brandy expresses that he was conned and that the device won't actually do anything. In hopes of getting his favorite poster back, Mr. Whiskers takes Brandy's advice, in which he employs Ed and he attempts to trick Gaspar into giving the poster back.Rain Delay: When Brandy manages to receive a special appointment in an attractive samba dancer's schedule, she rushes home in hopes of getting ready for her date. However, when a sudden storm breaks out that prevents Brandy from easily traveling to the dancer's house, she must find a way to brave the elements as she's afraid Margo will attempt to get to the lesson first.

  • Auntie Dote: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers decide to hire professional help in the form of Auntie Marla when they wake up one morning and realize just how messy their house really is. When Auntie Marla ends up being the best thing to ever happen to them, they deliberately keep their house dirty so she'll come back each day. But things get nasty when Brandy and Mr. Whiskers vie for Auntie Marla's attention to find out which one of them is her favorite. Curses!: Brandy tries to get rid of an amulet that she purchased from Gaspar that she later finds out is cursed. It ends up being harder than she thought though when she finds out that in order for the curse to be removed, she has to get someone to willingly take the amulet.

  • Net of Lies: Brandy must decide between lying to Whiskers or Lola Boa when she realizes that she's scheduled to go on a firefly event with Whiskers, and to a concert with Lola Boa, both of them on the same night. She decides to just leave Whiskers in the middle of the firefly event and explain later to go to the concert, but Whiskers mistakenly believes that Brandy has been abducted by the fireflies and sets out on a rescue mission.Dog Play Afternoon: Gaspar helps Brandy win the main role in the upcoming play after Margo rigs Brandy's audition and wins the lead.

  • You've Got Snail: Brandy takes drastic measures in an attempt to get a snail to move away that claims to own the tree that Brandy & Mr. Whiskers live in. The Magic Hour: After Gaspar finds a pair of ancient socks that give him unlimited power, he finally takes the jungle under his complete control. Just when all of the animals are about to give up hope, Brandy discovers that Mr. Whiskers used to be a magician, and he may have just what it takes to beat Gaspar and put the jungle back in proper order. But there's only one problem, ever since a vanishing legs act from Whisker's past went horribly wrong, he has been afraid to be a magician. Can Brandy convince him to overcome his fears so that he can overcome Gaspar?

  • Pet Peeves: Brandy decides to give Whiskers one more chance with a pet rodent that he brings home even though she's reluctant to because his last two pets died due to the fact that Mr. Whiskers forgot to feed them. But when Whiskers falls asleep with the tree house door open, can he get his pet back before Brandy finds out that he's missing?What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!): Gaspar offers Brandy a designer dress if she will pretend to be his girlfriend while his mother is visiting. Even though she's reluctant to because she can't stand Gaspar, she decides to go through with the deal for the cause of the dress. But when Gaspar's mother decides to extend her stay for the rest of her life, Brandy realizes that putting up with Gaspar is even too much for her, so she uses Whiskers to try and drive Gaspar's mother out of the jungle for good.

  • Pop Goes the Jungle: Brandy decides to enter a karaoke competition in hopes of gaining more fame and prestige, though Mr. Whiskers wants to find a way to make her sound better after he realizes she's the worst singer he's ever heard. Fortunately, he comes across one of the best singers he's ever heard and he tries to convince the individual he found to help Brandy by secretly singing in her stead.Wolfie: Prince of the Jungle: After an accident at the local lagoon, Brandy is rescued by a wild dog named Wolfie and she instantly falls deeply in love with him. However, when she discovers that Wolfie has horrible hygiene and an equally poor understanding of civilization, she decides that she'll teach Wolfie everything he needs to know in order to make him the perfect boyfriend.

  • Get a Job: Things don't go as planned when Brandy & Mr. Whiskers get jobs at a mall that they found while exploring a Mayan temple, and Brandy leaves Whiskers to do all the work.Jungle Makeover: Brandy becomes upset that Mr. Whiskers has decided to throw a party because she feels that their house doesn't look good enough for company. So they both head off to the mall to try to get supplies to remodel the tree house. But when their decorating sense clashes, they divide the house in half. Brandy soon regrets her decision to split the house when Mr. Whiskers wins a contest he entered at the mall to get his half completely remodeled.

  • Mini Whiskers: While out on a picnic, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers tumble upon a lost baby tapir, in which Brandy decides it would be for the best if they looked after the child until they could find its parents. However, when Brandy tasks Mr. Whiskers with the responsibility of watching the animal, while she heads out to look for information, the baby tapir starts to adopt Mr. Whiskers' bad habits, causing him to do things that he isn't supposed to do. Now, Brandy must try to find the baby's parents before Mr. Whiskers can corrupt his innocent nature forever, though she finds it harder than she expected.Radio Free Bunny: Mr. Whiskers has been depressed as of late, as he doesn't have many friends and he is one of the least popular people in the Amazon. However, when he swallows a piece of a meteor and begins to intercept radio transmissions, he instantly becomes the most popular individual in the Amazon, as everyone wants to be around him to hear their favorite style of music play. Brandy becomes concerned because she realizes that he's just being used, though he decides to make the most out of his sudden popularity; though will he find it to be all he thought it would be?

  • Trouble In Store: Mr. Whiskers has been feeling depressed as of late, so Brandy decides to get Mr. Whiskers to do some shopping, as that usually always makes her feel better. However, no stores exist in the Amazon, so Brandy convinces the animals of the jungle to create their own mall, in which each animal contributes a store to the mall and the mall thrives. Mr. Whiskers becomes ecstatic over the ability to buy things he doesn't need, though when he starts to resort to Gaspar's Gaspar Card to pay for his items, Brandy realizes that he's taking things too far, and she's intent on stopping him from ruining her life.Payback: Tired of Mr. Whiskers' slob nature, Brandy shoves one of his rotting slabs of beef down his jumpsuit, only to realize that she put him in danger since the beef has attracted predators. She chases down Whiskers and rescues him, though when Whiskers expresses that he's going to become her servant, in an attempt to repay her kindness, she decides to exploit Whiskers in an attempt to live the good life. However, when Brandy starts to get annoyed by Whiskers' antics, she consults with Lola Boa to figure out a way of resolving the issue once and for all; though things take a turn for the worse when Whiskers makes a discovery of his own.

  • Bad Hare Day: When Mr. Whiskers causes Brandy's favorite red scarf to be destroyed, he decides that he must do everything he can to get a replica of it so that Brandy won't realize what he did, as she threatened to feed him to the lions if something happened to it. However, when Ed formulates a plan that requires him to shave off all of his fur so that he can sew it together in a fashion that could potentially re-make the scarf, Mr. Whiskers must try to deceive Brandy in order to make her think he's actually very old, in an attempt to bide his time and to convince Brandy that she must have lost her scarf on her own. Now, Mr. Whiskers must try to get the scarf made, all the while ensuring that Brandy doesn't realize the truth about what it is that he did.Paw and Order: When many creatures of the Amazon discover that their items were stolen, and that all the clues point to Brandy, Brandy convinces them to hold a trial to prove she's innocent. They agree to such, though they find her guilty of the transgression and she's thrown in jail, despite her protests that she's innocent. She confides in Mr. Whiskers that she didn't do the crime and that somebody framed her, so Mr. Whiskers decides to head back into the jungle in order to figure out who the real criminal is; though he soon discovers that nobody else is willing to believe Brandy and that it is going to be quite difficult if he wishes to prove her innocence.

  • Pedigree, Schmedigree: Gaspar Le Gecko is holding a beauty contest, in hopes of ensuring his new girlfriend, Gabriella, wins the top prize. However, when Brandy learns that the winner receives a vacation to Palm Beach, she decides to enter the contest in order to try to use it as a way of getting back home, since she lives relatively close to Palm Beach. Unfortunately, while getting out some material from one of her storage trunks, she learns that she was actually adopted into the Harrington lineage, which completely breaks her spirit and she starts to act like a common mutt rather than a Harrington spaniel. Now, it's up to Mr. Whiskers to try to convince Brandy that she can be who she wants to be, as the status you were born with doesn't determine who you are, though Brandy is reluctant to hear him out.The Howler Bunny: Brandy has always been tired of how Mr. Whiskers never cleans up after his messes, though when he makes a mess that causes Brandy to break her Harrington Family Dog Dish, she decides that it's the last straw and she kicks Whiskers out, demanding that he find a new place to live. Mr. Whiskers decides to do such and he eventually finds a group of howler monkeys who seem to love doing everything he does, though he eventually starts to get on his new parents' nerves. Meanwhile, Brandy is having trouble with her new living situation as well, so she tries several different methods at finding a way to be comfortable again.

  • Brandy realizes that it's getting very close to Christmas, so in an attempt to try to get back home, she spreads the word of Christmas to the Amazon and they all prepare for his arrival, as Brandy thinks Santa would have no choice but to arrive if people are looking forward to him coming. However, when Santa does arrive, she realizes that he doesn't want to take her home, as she's been too naughty to gain such a reward; Brandy, in anger, tosses a lump of coal he gave her at him, which causes him to crash his sleigh into the ground. Now, Brandy must take on the mantle of Santa Claus and work with her friends to deliver presents to all the world's girls and boys, though will she shirk her responsibilities once she gets home to Florida like she plans?

  • Curse of the Vampire Bat: A bat has recently moved into the Amazon, though despite Brandy's claims that he's a normal guy, Mr. Whiskers believes that he must be a vampire and he tries to spread the word to keep people safe. Brandy and her friends decide to go to a dinner that the bat is holding, much to Mr. Whiskers' chagrin, though Brandy makes a discovery during the dinner that changes her thoughts on the bat, though she also realizes that Mr. Whiskers is in grave trouble.The Monkey's Paw: Brandy, Mr. Whiskers and Ed have stumbled across an ancient monkey's paw that is capable of granting any wish that its holder desires, though it tends to corrupt the wish in a fashion that prevents it from working correctly. Brandy decides that she wants to try to use the paw in order to get home, though when she attempts to use the paw's power, she discovers that things aren't as she expected, and the three of them find themselves in an odd series of predicaments, all due to the power of the monkey's paw.

  • Dear Diary: When Brandy inadvertently leaves her diary in the treehouse when she told Mr. Whiskers to go read a book, she discovers that he has read nearly the entire content of her diary, which both embarrasses her and angers her as a diary is only supposed to be read by the author. However, when Mr. Whiskers begins to share the contents of the diary with Brandy's friends, which make them mad because she wrote bad things about them, Brandy must do everything she can to stop Mr. Whiskers from ruining her reputation, though Mr. Whiskers is more concerned with trying to steal the diary back so he can read even more juicy information.Less Than Hero: When Mr. Whiskers ruins a food drive that Brandy and her friends are trying to hold, Mr. Whiskers decides that he needs a purpose, since he's basically useless in most situations. When asking for a sign as to what he should do, a comic book hits him in the face and he decides to become a super hero, in which he names himself Captain Fruity and he heads off in an attempt to right all of the wrongs in the jungle. Unfortunately, there isn't too much crime in the jungle, and he soon starts to enforce a style of vigilante justice that alienates the common folk, though their comments soon lead him to make a drastic turn in his persona.

  • Lucky Rabbit's Feet: After trying to convince Lola Boa that superstition isn't real, Mr. Whiskers starts to believe that his feet are lucky, though such is a claim that Brandy wishes to refute because she feels that such forces aren't at work in the world. However, when her attempts to prove that he isn't lucky backfires, she heads back home while Mr. Whiskers enjoys his newfound luck, though when Gaspar Le Gecko decides that he needs Mr. Whiskers' feet in order to complete his lucky object collection, he decides to go to any length in order to separate Whiskers and his feet.Blind Ambition: Brandy has recently introduced the concept of money into the Amazon, as she wishes to try to re-live her wealthy lifestyle, though she forgot about he fact that she'll actually have to work for her money. In an attempt to try to gain some wealth, Brandy decides to produce and market a product that will help animals look as beautiful as she does, in which the product sells very well. However, Gaspar doesn't like Brandy's sudden financial boost and he decides to manipulate her workers into striking against her, though will he foil Brandy's plans to re-live the high-life?

  • Skin Of Eeeeeeeevil!!!: Brandy is attempting to help Lola Boa, since her skin is itching since she's about to shed, though she is dismayed to discover that Mr. Whiskers wasted all of her ointments. Lola suggests that they go to the local caves, where there is a place with hot mud and a place where steam comes out of the rocks, which makes Brandy ecstatic because it's basically a spa. However, Mr. Whiskers becomes alienated because Brandy is spending all of her time with Lola, though when he inadvertently crushes Lola's shed skin underneath a pile of rocks, he decides to go to drastic measures to prevent Brandy from realizing what he did, as he believe he has killed Lola Boa.A Bunny On My Back: While at the swimming hole one day, Brandy falls in love with a carnivorous feline named Artaro, who is an ocelot, though Mr. Whiskers doesn't believe he is actually in love with her for the right reasons. He decides to try to convince Brandy to call their date off, though when she refuses, he attempts to consult with Ed in order to get advice in regards to what he should do. However, he soon learns something that terrifies him, though when he heads back to warn Brandy, he gets stuck on her back due to some sap that he had recently touched, which causes Brandy to try anything she can to remove him, as she doesn't want him to ruin her date.

  • Lame Boy: Mr. Whiskers has been harassing Brandy in an attempt to get her to play a game with him, though she refuses to do such because she has better things that she'd rather be doing. However, when she stumbles across a suitcase that she wasn't aware of, she finds a handheld video game inside and she gives it to Mr. Whiskers in an attempt to get him to stop pestering her about playing a game. However, Mr. Whiskers soon becomes addicted to the game and he spends every waking moment playing it, which gets on Brandy's nerves because she can't sleep with the noise from the game constantly being heard. Now, Brandy must try to find a way to get rid of Mr. Whiskers' game, though even if she does, will he merely revert to his previous annoying ways?Taking Paws: During a game of hide and seek with Ed, Mr. Whiskers comes across a jaguar who is prepared to eat him. However, when the jaguar gets a thorn stuck in his paw, he begs Mr. Whiskers to take it out and he offers to be his best friend if he does, which is an offer Mr. Whiskers eagerly accepts. Brandy is completely freaked out by the prospect of having Mr. Whiskers invite a carnivore into their home, so she attempts to tell Whiskers to make him leave, though when the jaguar constantly claims to be hungry and that he only isn't eating Brandy & Mr. Whiskers because they're his friends, they become too afraid to ask the jaguar to leave. Now, they must try to bide their time in order to figure out their next move, though the jaguar's annoying stories start to get on their nerves.

  • Funky Bunny: Brandy has been working hard to permit the Amazon to hold its very first Harrington Ball, since she won't be able to attend the one that is taking place back in Florida. However, when Brandy realizes that she hasn't actually found a date to go with her to the dance, since she was so busy preparing the dance for others, she attempts to do everything she can in order to find somebody worthy of going with her. Unfortunately for her, everybody except Mr. Whiskers already has a date for the dance, though will Brandy actually decide to take Mr. Whiskers, considering the fact that she considers him a younger brother?The Going Bananas Republic: Brandy & Mr. Whiskers have wanted to go swimming as of late, though when they head down to the swimming hole, Gaspar Le Gecko refuses to grant them access since he is using it at the moment. Enraged by Gaspar's selfishness, and the fact that nobody elected him into power, Brandy decides to convince the animals of the Amazon to force Gaspar to hold an election for the position of President of the Amazon. However, when Brandy doesn't get the nomination, she nominates Mr. Whiskers as she believes she can help him win, though Gaspar doesn't intend on losing either.

  • The Fashion Fascist: Brandy is doing everything she can to try to bring fashion into the Amazon, as most of her popularity back in Florida came from what she was wearing. However, the animals of the Amazon just aren't interested in fashion, or so they think, as when Mr. Whiskers inadvertently falls through several trees and emerges with leaves around his body, he is instantly proclaimed a fashion guru and everyone wants to wear what he wears. Brandy decides to try to exploit the moment to try to secretly trick the other animals into loving her own fashion designs, though when Mr. Whiskers starts to actually believe he's a fashion guru, Brandy finds herself at the unpopular end of the social spectrum.Happy Birthdays: It's Brandy's birthday, though she isn't too happy about it because this is the first time she's had a birthday without being near her family, as well as the celebrations and presents that came with being them. In order to try to make herself feel better, she demands that Mr. Whiskers throw her a surprise party and she orders him to go around the Amazon inviting people to the party, though when he returns, she discovers that nobody in the Amazon wants to go to her party since they don't believe she's been nice enough to earn their friendship. Now, Brandy must try to prove to her friends that she really is a nice person, even if she's only doing it for selfish reasons, though will she succeed in her task?

  • Lack of Brains vs. Brawns: Brandy has recently discovered that all of the popular individuals in the Amazon hang out at the watering hole, so she wants to head over there in order to try to secure her place in society. However, she is afraid that Mr. Whiskers will embarrass her, so she sends Mr. Whiskers to the opposite side of the watering hole in an attempt to avoid any problems. Unfortunately, Mr. Whiskers sits down on a rock, which just happens to be owned by Lester, the local brute who has a tendency to perform violent actions, in which Lester thrashes Mr. Whiskers in a fashion that humiliates Brandy in front of her peers. Now, Brandy must try to convince Mr. Whiskers to avoid Lester, less she suffer the consequences, though Mr. Whiskers soon does something that causes Brandy to seriously worry.The No Sleep Over: In order to try to find entertainment for the night, Brandy invites her female friends over to the house in order to hold a slumber party, though Mr. Whiskers is upset because she doesn't want to let him stay, as he isn't a girl. Mr. Whiskers becomes depressed over Brandy's actions and he decides to try to figure something else to do with his time, though when he goes to speak with Ed, they come up with an idea to have their own party for males, though their endeavors don't work out too well. In an attempt to figure out what they're doing wrong, they consult with one of Brandy's magazines, though they soon come across an idea that changes their intended plans for the evening.

  • Mr. Whiskers's First Friend: While on his way to camp, Mr. Whiskers meets Brandy, a member of the Florida Harringtons, which is a luxurious lineage of pure bred dogs. However, Brandy informs Mr. Whiskers that he isn't going to camp, but is actually being sold to a zoo for thirty three cents. While Mr. Whiskers is saddened that he won't see Brandy again, she asks him to turn on the light so she can read a magazine. Unfortunately, Mr. Whiskers opens up the air planes evacuation door! After the two fall into the Jungle, Brandy let's Gaspar Le Gecko take Mr. Whiskers in exchange for a map, but will Brandy decide to rescue Mr. Whiskers before Gaspar eats him, or will she disregard his plight? The Babysitter's Flub: While Brandy is at the beach, Mr. Whiskers tries to swim. However, when Mama Crock tries to eat Mr. Whiskers, Brandy goes to his rescue. Mama Crock is under the impression that Brandy is Mr. Whisker's babysitter and asks her to babysit her eggs. Brandy eventually accepts but when Lola Boa asks her to come with her to a watering hole, Brandy places Mr. Whiskers in charge of watching the eggs. However, will Mr. Whiskers be responsible enough to watch the eggs or will he end up messing up, causing Mama Crock to eat him?