The U.S. space western BraveStarr was an animation produced by Filmation and Group W Productions that was syndicated around the world. Set on the distant planet of New Texas the plot revolves around Marshall Brave Starr, voice by Pat Fraley protecting the mining community of the planet from a criminal gang led by Tex Hex, voiced by Charlie Adler. as with most animations of the 1980's a line of action figures was produced to be marketed alongside the animated series.

65 episodes of BraveStarr were produced between 1987 and 1988 and placed into syndication; the series was the final production of Filmation, which was closed by L'Oreal and its various copyrighted works sold off to production companies around the world.

BraveStarr revolves around the life of a Marshall of Native American descent called Brave Starr and his horse sidekick called Thirty Three; the robotic horse Thirty Three assists Brave Starr with the use of his large gun known as Sara Jane. Throughout the series Brave Starr uses a number of special powers based on the abilities of animals commonly found on Earth; the Marshall's four powers are eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf, strength of the bear and speed of the puma. The special powers of Brave Starr are exaggerated versions of the animal strengths, for example the eyes of the hawk allow the Marshall to see many miles away.

During most episodes of Brave Starr the mining town and facilities of the planet must be protected from Tex Hex and his gang who usually wish to steal the crystal mineral Kerium. The crystal is an important fuel in the 23rd century for space travel. Each episode ends with Brave Starr and his friends discussing a moral story associated with the episode in the New Texas saloon; most Filmation animations carried moral messages including HeMan and SheRa.

1 Season, 30 Episodes
September 14, 1987
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Pat Fraley, Erika Scheimer, Susan Blu, Lou Scheimer

BraveStarr Full Episode Guide

  • Fort Kerium's supply of X-Kerium is threatened when Scuzz takes over Fuzz Uncle Murn's job of High Wizard of the Prairie People.

  • Impressed by BraveStarr's heroics, the son of a pod farmer finds that his own father pales by comparison. A Dingo attack on the farm gives Bravestarr a chance to show the son his father in a new light, and he learns the true meaning of being a hero.

  • Jeremiah, an elder prospector, is saved by Bravestarr from an attack by Sandstorm land crabs. The Prairie People take Jeremiah in, showing the old hermit that people really do care about others.

  • BraveStarr, Thirty Thirty and JB venture into the Badlands in search of a wild boy rumored to be living with Dingoes.

  • Billy the Droid robs the Fort Kerium bank and escapes, due to Fuzz's bumbling. Wanting to make amends, Fuzz goes after Billy, but ends up as a hostage.

  • BraveStarr is given custody of two small alien stowaways who turn out to be on the run from Slug Moddy, an escaped convict. As Bravestarr fends off Moody, the aliens learn a lesson in dealing with bullies.

  • Borka incites some townspeople to take the law in their own hands and round up Tex Hex. Tex fools the vigilantes into meeting him in the desert and attacks Fort Kerium while the town is left undefended.

  • Vipra uses a powerful spell to give Bravestarr amnesia and take over Fort Kerium. Bravestarr must reach deep inside himself to recover his memory and save the town.

  • An accidental blast of Kerium binds Fuzz's and Scuszz's arms together, forcing them to work together as Bravestarr tries to prevent the entire Prairie People colony from being blown to bits.

  • Lucas Conway's reluctance to use his gun seems like cowardice to his son Mark. When Mark is captured, by the villian Twoface, Lucas and Bravestarr must storm his fortress for a rescue.

  • Thoren, an alien slaver, enlists the aid of Tex Hex to capture the Prairie people. Thoren double crosses Tex and shrinks him, as well as Bravestarr and Thirty Thirty, they must all join forces to defeat Thoren.

  • A band of Alien space pirates lands on New Texas, and Fort Kerium learns that Handlebar was once a member of their gang.

  • There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Marshall Bravestarr! He's come to the rough-and-tumble planet of New Texas to bring some law to its anarchy.

  • There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Marshall Bravestarr! He's come to the rough-and-tumble planet of New Texas to bring some law to its anarchy.

  • Tex Hex enlists the help of a stranger, Parluke, to infiltrate Starr Peak and extinguish the Shaman's magical fire. Parluke tricks Bravestarr into taking him to Starr Peak by showing him a medallion that is identical to one BraveStarr has.

  • When two alien schoolboys fall under Tex Hex's spell, he uses them in a plan to divert Bravestarr and capture the Shaman.

  • Gurmee, a Fuufta child, finds Sara Jane and uses the weapon to impress the children in town. He sets off a turbo booster in the weapon, and Bravestarr and Thirty-Thirty must find him before the device explodes.

  • Queen Singlish orders her minions, Whimper and Grovel, to capture slaves and a horse (Prairie People and Thirty Thirty) and bring them to her floating island. Bravestarr, with Whimper and Grovel's help, frees his friends and sends the island on its way.

  • A rare view of Tex Hex's soft side is seen when he tries to steal a shipment of Kerium from Alli Kingsington, a blind girl who reminds him of his past love.

  • When JB's court orders BraveStarr to evict the Shaman from Starr Peak, the Marshal turns in his badge and quits.

  • Out Numbered in a "Hight Noon" showdown with Tex and his gang, BraveStarr's gallant stand gives the cowardly townspeople the courage to defend themselves.

  • Michella Rivera regards her father Paco as a coward, because he refuses to fight. When Michelle is captured by Sandstorm, BraveStarr helps Paco learn that sometimes you have to fight.

  • An ambassador from the Galactic Council comes to New Texas on a slow day and decides that BraveStarr is unnecessary on such a peaceful planet. Tex Hex attacks a Kerium Freighter proving quiet days on the planet are because of BraveStarr.

  • The Kerium lode seems to have run out for the miners in New Texas, but the Prairie People have plenty. Tex Hex comes up with a plan to fool the miners into attacking the Prairie people in hopes of getting all the Kerium for himself.

  • A rash of stratocoach robberies become life threatening when a serum marked for a dying man is stolen by two brothers. The older brother turns against his evil younger brother and assists BraveStarr in returning the stolen serum.

  • Fuzz is sucked into a black hole and winds up in a zoo cage on an alien spaceship. BraveStarr rescues Fuzz and other zoo creatures from Brankor, who has collected the creatures to keep him company.

  • BraveStarr has lost his powers, and Shaman sends him to the wilderness to prove his courage and intelligence without weapons or tools.

  • Stampede, fed up with Tex Hex's failures, creates a Broncotank, a mountainous cross between a Brontosaur and a tank, to rid New Texas of the food people who have come to live there

  • A music competition is held on New Texas, and Tex Hex persuades a rocker to use the Black Widow, a special instrument that wreaks havoc when played.

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