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  • TV-PG
  • 2006
  • 8 Seasons
  • 4.7  (86)

Funniest Pets & People was a syndicated television show that premiered in 2006. The show was hosted by the talented and beloved voice actor, Rob Paulsen, who brought his wit and charm to the show. Paulsen was no stranger to hosting gigs, having hosted shows like The Masked Singer and Animaniacs in his career.

The concept of Funniest Pets & People was simple: it was a compilation show featuring hilarious and heartwarming videos of pets and their misadventures. The show was a perfect blend of funny, cute, and heartwarming moments that warmed the hearts of millions of viewers.

Each episode featured an array of videos that showcased pets doing what they do best - being themselves. From a cat rolling around in toilet paper to a dog who just couldn't catch a frisbee to a parrot who could sing better than most humans, the videos were a testament to the undeniable charm of animals.

What set Funniest Pets & People apart from other animal video shows was Paulsen's ability to add his own comedic flair to the episodes. Paulsen's quick wit and charming personality made him the perfect host for the show. He often provided witty commentary on the videos, adding an extra layer of humor to the already hilarious clips.

The show also featured a unique segment called "Pet Peeves," where Paulsen would read out letters from viewers describing their pets' quirks and personality traits. This segment allowed viewers to share their own funny and heartwarming stories about their pets and added a personal touch to the show.

Another noteworthy aspect of Funniest Pets & People was the show's dedication to animal welfare. The show often featured segments about animal shelters and rescue centers, highlighting the amazing work these organizations do for stray and abandoned animals. These segments not only showcased the importance of animal welfare but also encouraged viewers to adopt pets from shelters rather than buying them from pet stores.

Funniest Pets & People ran for three seasons and was a true fan favorite. The show was a crowd-pleaser, bringing together animal lovers of all ages. It was the perfect show to watch with the family, providing a fun and lighthearted escape from the stresses of daily life.

In conclusion, Funniest Pets & People was a feel-good show that brought laughter and joy to thousands of viewers. The charming and charismatic host Rob Paulsen, the hilarious animal videos, and the dedication to animal welfare made the show truly unique and special. Despite only running for three seasons, Funniest Pets & People left a lasting impression on its viewers, and its legacy continues to live on in the hearts of animal lovers.

Funniest Pets & People is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (124 episodes). The series first aired on October 17, 2006.

Funniest Pets & People
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Feline Fun
20. Feline Fun
October 31, 2023
Cat and bird play; cat steal garbage bags; kittens playing, one is under a hat.
Holiday Cheer
18. Holiday Cheer
October 31, 2023
Two miniature Doberman pinschers go crazy opening up their Christmas presents; cat knocks off toy from X-mas tree; Santa Claus dances with bull terrier.
Yummy In My Tummy
17. Yummy In My Tummy
October 31, 2023
A dog works hard to get a snack from the refrigerator; a Golden Retriever, Sammy, likes to help wash the dishes using his tongue; a Golden Retriever named Ryley eats corn on the cobb and watermelon.
Silly Kids
15. Silly Kids
October 31, 2023
Dog knocks over boy playing tee ball; large birds eat food off guys head; baby bounces on dog and gets flipped; boy drinks water from dogs bowl.
14. Delish
October 31, 2023
Dogs and Budgie share food; dog spills soup and takes plate; the puppy falls in the dish with milk.
Some Like It Cold
13. Some Like It Cold
October 31, 2023
Squirrel looking for something in grass; the dog pulls out the ice from the ice-hole; snowman falls on dog.
Turtle Takeover
12. Turtle Takeover
October 31, 2023
Doberman gives lady a ride on her chair; little dog and big dog tug of war; confused hamster running under its wheel.
All Smiles
10. All Smiles
October 31, 2023
Kitten is on branch in vase; puppies on swing; hamster in cage; little girl hiding the eye of the camera.
Square Off
9. Square Off
October 31, 2023
Dog drives cat off couch; Dog against fish; small and big dog.
How Hare You!
7. How Hare You!
October 31, 2023
Dog sings along with girl; parrot dances on head of cat.
Just Awesome
6. Just Awesome
October 31, 2023
Dog plays the shell game; dog rides a scooter; cat playing pool.
5. Chaos
October 31, 2023
Dog being vacuumed all over its body; dog trying to put the sheet on.
That's Mine, Not Yours
4. That's Mine, Not Yours
October 31, 2023
Rats fight over paper; two dogs wrestle for the same leash.
Don't Step In The Puddle
3. Don't Step In The Puddle
October 31, 2023
Jack Russell terrier in sprinkler; several birds vying for a spot in a bird bath; boy goes head first into puddle.
All In A Day's Work
2. All In A Day's Work
October 31, 2023
Dog bursts all the balloons; vacuum cleaning the dog; dog jumping on tree branches.
Oh Baby!
1. Oh Baby!
October 31, 2023
Boy and dog share dog food; baby eats the guitar; babies playing the piano.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 17, 2006
  • IMDB Rating
    4.7  (86)