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Twin dynamic duo Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott up the ante on sibling rivalry as stars of the HGTV series Brother vs. Brother. The brothers, originally from Vancouver, Canada, each mentor a team of carpenters, stagers and designers. The weekly winning team is the one whose home improvement projects add the most value to their house. While the brothers compete against each other for bragging rights, the last team member standing will claim $50,000.

Before they start on their projects, Team Jonathan and Team Drew each have five minutes to assess the value of a house. The team closest to the real price gets the option of choosing that house as their project, taking the second house, site unseen.

Each week, the teams compete in various challenges, with their coaches, Jonathan and Drew alongside to keep the teams focused on the most important part of the challenge, increasing the value of the house. The mentors advise each team member individually on how their contribution to the project can add the most impact and value, and try to help their team put aside their egos, anger and frustration issues, for the common good of the team. The mentor with the team that adds the least amount of value to their project has to eliminate a team member. Jonathan and Drew continue sending team members home until the last home improvement expert triumphs as the winner.

In addition to giving advice and critique, when their teams fall behind in their projects, the mentors jump in and perform some of the labor alongside their team. The competitive nature of the brothers is the driving force behind their teams, as each brother is equally determined to produce the winning home renovation expert.

Jonathan, the oldest of the twins, is typically known as the carpenter of the two, while Drew is the real estate agent. However, in addition to being a licensed contractor, Jonathan is also a real estate expert. Together, the brothers, who now call Las Vegas home, bought and sold their first house while they were teenagers.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
5 Seasons, 28 Episodes
July 21, 2013
Family, Home & Garden
Cast: Drew Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott, J.D. Scott, Hilary Farr
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Brother vs. Brother Full Episode Guide

  • Jonathan and Drew tackle the front of their houses in the final stage of their flipping competition; the public makes the final call when the houses go up on the market, and the winner with the most profit donates the proceeds to a local charity.

  • Jonathan and Drew redesign their guest bedroom and bathrooms for the judges, and the loser has to go out into the Gulf to catch shrimp and cook a meal for the winner and the judges.

  • The brothers come out swinging to see who can design the best party-ready outdoor decks and patios. Mother and daughter duo Mina and Karen from Good Bones come by the coastal houses to judge the brothers' projects. Whoever impresses the judges the most gets to zip line to the beach while the loser has to navigate an 80-foot rope obstacle course.

  • The competition continues and Drew sets out to win with an over-the-top master suite. The brothers will have to work extra hard on their bathrooms and bedrooms as Desert Flippers' Eric and Lindsey Bennett are on hand to judge their work. The winner gets to play with penguins at the Moody Gardens Aquarium in Galveston, TX, while the loser has to clean up the mess.

  • The heat is on as Drew and Jonathan renovate their kitchens before Brett Waterman comes to town to deliver his verdict. One brother knows it's time to up his game because the winner gets to try fly boarding in the Gulf.

  • It's a tight race on the Gulf Coast between Jonathan's 1980's seaside bungalow and Drew's 1970's two-story classic coastal; the loser rides The Cyclone at the local amusement park multiple times.

  • The brothers finish their exteriors and outdoor living spaces. Plus, the winner is announced!

  • The brothers transform their guest bedrooms and bathrooms. David Bromstad and Tiffany Brooks guest judge the makeovers.

  • The brothers create beautiful and functional family rooms, offices and laundry spaces. The winner will be determined by their mom, dad and Egypt Sherrod.

  • Jonathan and Drew transform their master bedrooms and bathrooms. The Listed Sisters judge the renovations and choose a winner.

  • Jonathan and Drew Scott redo their kitchens and have the Kitchen Cousins judge their spaces.

  • Drew is ready for redemption after losing the competition last season. The brothers have seven days to get their living and dining rooms ready for Vanilla Ice to judge!

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