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  • 2015
  • 1 Season
  • 6.2  (11)

Rehab Addict: Detroit is an American reality television show that premiered on HGTV in 2015. The show follows the journey of Nicole Curtis, a professional rehabber who works to restore neglected homes in Detroit, Michigan. Nicole is a skilled restoration expert who brings abandoned homes back to life. Her passionate approach to rehabbing and her love for Detroit's architecture and history is the heart of the show. She takes on the challenge of rebuilding homes that no one else would dare touch, bringing them back to their original glory.

Over the course of the show's six seasons, viewers see Nicole taking on projects ranging from restoring a 1920s mansion to transforming a dilapidated garage into a guest house. Her expertise shines as she carefully assesses each house and creates a plan to bring the home back to its original condition or even better.

Viewers get an inside look at the process of restoring a home, from demolishing walls and rewiring electric systems to fitting original pieces back in place. The show documents the level of work that goes into bringing a home back to life.

Nicole is also passionate about restoring the history of Detroit, a city that has seen a lot of hardship over the years. She often works to restore homes in historic neighborhoods, increasing the value of the area and preserving the city's history.

Throughout the show, viewers also get a glimpse into Nicole's personal life, as she balances being a single mother with her busy restoration projects. She frequently brings her son and father to job sites and includes them in the renovation process.

Rehab Addict: Detroit has received high praise from critics and viewers alike for its unique approach to home renovation shows. It's not just about the dramatic before-and-after transformations but also about the preservation and restoration of history.

Nicole's approach to rehabbing is also unique in that she is committed to using environmentally sustainable materials and methods whenever possible, making every project eco-friendly.

The show also features the various challenges that come with restoring homes in Detroit, including navigating the city's sometimes complex permitting process, working with limited resources and navigating the economic realities of an urban environment.

Overall, Rehab Addict: Detroit offers a fascinating and rewarding perspective on home renovation that sets it apart from other shows in the genre. Nicole's passion and skill for rehabbing combined with her love for Detroit create a show that is both informative and entertaining.

Rehab Addict: Detroit is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on November 5, 2015.

Rehab Addict: Detroit
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It All Comes Together
8. It All Comes Together
November 26, 2015
It's time to focus on the exterior of the house, so Nicole gets to work on the new slate roof, iron cresting and stained glass windows. Then Detroiters line up to see the city's most iconic mansion restored to its original glory.
Rebuilding A Back House
7. Rebuilding A Back House
November 26, 2015
Now that the front is complete, Nicole turns her attention to the back unit of the Ransom Gillis house. It has the same Victorian feel as the main house, and as long as the trades can work together, it should shape up beautifully.
Mantle Bedroom Mayhem
6. Mantle Bedroom Mayhem
November 19, 2015
Nicole addresses a challenging mantle bedroom at the Ransom Gillis House.
5. TBA
November 19, 2015
Nicole begins renovations on the iconic turret bedroom in Detroit's Ransom Gillis House. With most of the original framework missing, she will need help from a Brush Park neighbor to bring back this defining architectural element.
Master Suite Makeover
4. Master Suite Makeover
November 12, 2015
Nicole rehabs an historic master suite and Josh Temple visits the site.
Grand Staircase & Glorious Living Room
3. Grand Staircase & Glorious Living Room
November 12, 2015
Nicole rehabs a grand staircase and living room in the Ransom Gillis House.
Kitchen Reconstruction
2. Kitchen Reconstruction
November 5, 2015
Now that walls are up and plumbing is roughed in, Detroit's Ransom Gillis House is ready for the next phase of its renovation. Nicole Curtis tackles the kitchen and dining room in this iconic 1800s mansion. With new hardwood floors, grand cabinets and stained glass, the modern kitchen and dining room designs remain reminiscent of the home's historic feel. However, the renovation has its fair share of challenges.
An Opportunity in Detroit
1. An Opportunity in Detroit
November 5, 2015
Nicole Curtis begins renovations on the Ransom Gillis House, a historic home in Detroit's Brush Park neighborhood. Built in 1876 and abandoned since the 1960s, this mansion is in need of some serious rehab. Construction is underway, and all of the trades work together to reinforce the strength of the home, one brick at a time. Nicole attempts to salvage as many original elements as possible and restore this home to its former glory.
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  • Premiere Date
    November 5, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (11)