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Campion is a murder mystery series revolving around a private detective and his manservant, both adventurous and fun-loving, tempered with a healthy dose of British decorum. Albert Campion is a gentleman who delights in discovering the secrets of the upper class in 1930s London. Case after case is solved by his keen mind and unflappable good nature. No matter how often his life is in danger, this gentleman detective never seems to lose his joie de vivre.

However affable Albert Campion is, Magersfontein Lugg is the reverse. Rudeness, and a surly disposition seem to be his most cherished talents. For all his rough talk, he is a help to his employer, and is always there when Campion gets into trouble.

2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
January 22, 1989
Crime, Mystery
Cast: Peter Davison, Brian Glover, Andrew Burt
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Campion Full Episode Guide

  • As the village locals and the residents of the country hideaway begin to panic at the strange events Campion, as usual, remains calm throughout. But then strange Turkish art expert Mr 'Ali' Barber arrives at Mystery Mile and Biddy Pagett is kidnapped.

  • Judge Crowdy Lobbett and his family flee across the Atlantic to England to escape the Simister gang. But when a further attempt on his life in London proves the mob is still hard on his heels, Campion is called in to protect him. He decides to hide the judge far away in the remote village of Mystery Mile on the Suffolk coast, but even here the judge's life remains at risk.

  • Campion's friend Mike Barnabas is put under arrest pending trial for the murder of Paul Brande. Campion, determined to prove Mike's innocence, digs deep and discovers hidden secrets of the Golden Quill and its staff. A meeting with Paul's mistress confirms Campion's suspicions that the highly valuable Congreve manuscript scored in the firm's safe is the reason Paul was killed. But Campion now must find out who the murderer is before the murderer gets to him.

  • The Golden Quill is a long-established and old-fashioned publishing company run by the Barnabas family, John, Mike and Ritchie and 'outsider' Paul Brande. Mike tells Campion of the feuding between John the senior partner and Paul, who wants to revolutionize the firm and bring it up-to-date. Campion is invited to the family's regular Sunday gathering and looks forward to meeting Paul, but learns he has been missing for days. The morning after, Paul's body is found in The Golden Quill's strong room. Campion's friend Mike, the last person to enter the room, becomes the chief suspect.

  • Campion visits the country home of song-and-dance star Jimmy Sutane to investigate a string of nasty jokes and ends up falling in love. Part 2 of 2.

  • Campion visits the country home of song-and-dance star Jimmy Sutane to investigate a string of nasty jokes and ends up falling in love. Part 1 of 2.

  • Sweet Danger: Part 2Detective Campion must stop a robber baron who plans to claim the tiny state of Averna. Part 2 of 2.

  • Averna, a tiny Dalmatian state of equally small significance, has been rendered a natural harbour and a valuable source of oil by a recent earthquake. It has attracted interest from the British Government and from a bold, bad baron of commerce called Brett Savanake. Averna belongs by right of conquest and subsequent purchase to the once noble, but now depleted, Pontisbright family (now named Fitton). Whoever can trace ownership by showing possession off the Pontisbright crown and its attendant documents will own the place. Campion is employed to find these before Savanake can get his hands on them. With the help of the Fittons, especially Amanda Fitton, a beautiful redhead barely out of her teens, Campion and Lugg, together with assorted companions, set off on a fine old-fashioned treasure hunt.

  • The normally unflappable sleuth Albert Campion loses a bit of his objectivity when murder strikes among some good friends, the bohemian enclave that's built up around a deceased artist who decreed that every year after his death one of his 12 last paintings should be unveiled. It is during one of these annual unveilings that the lights suddenly go out and when they go back on again, a rather unpleasant young artist named Dacre turns up murdered.

  • Three months later, a former girlfriend of Campion asks him to solve a recent murder -- and the victim is none other than "Pig" Peters, who apparently has died twice. Ingredients essential to the story include the wrong body (and wrong species) in Peters' coffin, a shady information peddler, and a handful of ice cubes.

  • Whimsical gentleman sleuth Albert Campion and his cantankerous ex-con manservant Lugg venture into the British countryside, where they encounter the usual collection of ridiculous personalities, improbable murders, and unexpected narrative twists. The title character is Roland Isidore "Pig" Peters, a lifelong bully who had been Campion's principal tormentor during his school days in the early 1900s. Although Campion would just as soon never see Peters again, he accepts a curiously poetic invitation to "Pig"'s funeral.

  • Police at the Funeral: Part 2A country house, old money, good breeding and a bizarre murder conspire to create just the sort of mystery for Campion to unravel. Part 2 of 2.

  • A country house, old money, good breeding and a bizarre murder conspire to create just the sort of mystery for Campion to unravel. Part 1 of 2.

  • Campion and Lugg help a prominent British family protect the Gyrth Chalice, a priceless goblet, from a gang of international thieves. Part 2 of 2.

  • Look to the Lady centers around the attempted theft of a 1000-year-old golden chalice from the upper-class family entrusted with its care; woven in along the way are witchcraft, a vast criminal organization, strange rituals, and a murderous horse.

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