Cane is a drama that chronicles the lives of a Cuban American family that runs an incredibly successful sugar cane and rum business. Jimmy Smits (NYPD Blue , Sons of Anarchy) stars as Alex Vega, the adopted son and chosen heir of the Duques, the family that runs the sugar cane and rum business. Hector Elizando (Chicago Hope, Last Man Standing) and Rita Merano (West Side Story) star as Pancho Duque and Amalia Duque, the family patriarch and matriarch.

Pancho Duque is faced with a difficult decision when he is offered a lucrative deal to sell the business from his rivals the Samuels, to cash out of the sugar business and focus on rum.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 25, 2007
Cast: Jimmy Smits, Nestor Carbonell, Polly Walker, Paola Turbay

Cane Full Episode Guide

  • Alex is framed for Joe Samuels' murder, forcing him to take things into his own hands and find Samuels' real killer himself.

  • Jamie is excited that their wedding is approaching, though Alex has heard that Joe Samuels has plan to crash the reception. It's going to be up to Ramon and his buddies to make sure that things go smoothly.

  • Things take a turn for the worse when a hurricane hits, but when two looters exploit the storm in order to burglarize the Duque home, things become far more dangerous. Meanwhile, Isabelle is trapped in an elevator when the power goes out due to the storm.

  • Alex heads to the Caribbean for a gambling trip with Ramon and his crew. He begins to become more comfortable with the Cuban gangsters until violence breaks out.

  • When Alex's plan to take down Joe Samuels falls through, the Duque Rum trucks are hijacked. Once Pancho learns of what Alex has done, he forces him to resign as CEO.

  • Frank's gambling debt threatens Duque Rum's finances. Meanwhile, Samuels frames his daughter for illegal activites.

  • Alex devises a plan to save Duque Rum, and comes across evidence against the Samuels as he does so. Meanwhile, Pancho comes clean to Frank about his daughter's death.

  • Henry is beaten by the club investors, leading Alex to take matters into his own hands to protect him. Meanwhile, Pancho looks to hire a new master blender for Duque rum.

  • When Senator Barnes is forced to resign, the Duque ethanol deal that Alex had been working on is threatened. Meanwhile, things get worse when Alex is investigated in the Quiones murder case.

  • Alex goes up against both Pancho and Isabel as the family experiences their first major split since Alex took over as CEO. Meanwhile, Pancho reveals a deep secret and Alex's past with the Quinones resurfaces.

  • Alex develops a business scheme that will force Frank to choose between the Duques and the Samuels.

  • Alex begins his new position as CEO of Duque Rum and presents a plan for an ethanol refinery to the Senator, a plan that Frank is very opposed to. Meanwhile, Alex deals with the fallout of his plot to kill Quinones.

  • Pancho's health continues to deteriorate, forcing him to name a successor to the Duque Rum and Sugar company. His surprising choice results in a family divided. Meanwhile, Alex meets with the Samuels to discuss their business practices.

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