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  • TV-14
  • 2019
  • 3 Seasons
  • 3.6  (202)

Cartel Crew is a reality show that premiered on VH1 in 2019. The show follows the lives of several individuals who are connected to the drug trade in some way. Among the cast are Stephanie Acevedo, Michael Blanco, and Dayana Castellanos. Stephanie Acevedo is a singer and model who has a connection to the drug trade through her family. Her father was a drug dealer who was killed when she was young, and she has struggled with the legacy of his actions ever since. Despite this, she has found success in the music industry and is determined to make a name for herself on her own terms.

Michael Blanco is the son of Griselda Blanco, a notorious drug lord who was known as the "Godmother of Cocaine." Michael grew up in the midst of his mother's empire, and he has struggled with the legacy of her crimes as well. He is determined to move past his mother's reputation and create a new life for himself, but he finds that this is easier said than done.

Dayana Castellanos is a musician who was born in Cuba and raised in Venezuela. She has never been involved in the drug trade, but she is connected to it through her ex-husband, who is in prison for his involvement in a drug trafficking ring. Dayana is determined to make a name for herself in the music industry, but she also wants to use her platform to speak out against the injustices that she has witnessed in her home country.

Over the course of the show, we see these three individuals as well as several others navigate the challenges of their lives. They grapple with issues of family, loyalty, and identity as they try to move forward in a world that is often unforgiving. We see them deal with the aftermath of their loved ones' actions and try to carve out their own paths despite the obstacles in their way.

One of the most compelling aspects of Cartel Crew is the way that it shines a light on a world that is often hidden from view. We get to see the impact that the drug trade has on not just the people who are directly involved in it, but also on their families and communities. We see the toll that it takes on the people who are caught up in it, and we get a sense of the complexities of the situation.

Another strength of the show is its cast. Stephanie, Michael, and Dayana are all charismatic and engaging individuals who are easy to root for. They have compelling backstories that add depth to their characters, and they are all driven by a desire to succeed despite the challenges they face.

Overall, Cartel Crew is an engaging and thought-provoking show that sheds light on a world that is often ignored. It is a fascinating look at the impact of the drug trade on the people who are connected to it, and it is anchored by a strong cast of characters who will keep you invested in their stories. If you're looking for a reality show that is both entertaining and insightful, this is definitely one to check out.

Cartel Crew is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on January 7, 2019.

Cartel Crew
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La Familia Forever
10. La Familia Forever
August 9, 2021
Stephanie and Dayana try to bury the past. Nicole's trauma catches up with her. Marie gets a phone call that changes everything. The cast charts a course for the future.
Part Of The Solution
9. Part Of The Solution
August 2, 2021
In Washington DC, Salome continues her quest to get justice for her sister's death. A shocking decision by Marie causes tension in the group. Stephanie considers her relationship with Dayana. Kat's past mistakes resurface to haunt her in surprising ways.
Journey for Justice
8. Journey for Justice
July 26, 2021
Marie settles into life as a Blanco. Salome decides to take her fight for justice for her sister to DC but drama erupts when a few of the crew don't make the invite list. An uninvited guest at the tattoo shop rattles Kat to her core.
A Very Blanco Wedding Part 2
7. A Very Blanco Wedding Part 2
July 19, 2021
Eddie plans a Mother's Day surprise for Kat. Rattled by a shooting at the mall, Salome breaks down. Michael and Marie get ready to tie the knot but an unexpected wedding guest throws their plans into chaos.
A Very Blanco Wedding Part 1
6. A Very Blanco Wedding Part 1
July 12, 2021
The crew gathers in a luxurious abode to celebrate Michael and Marie's wedding in style, but tragedy strikes when Eddie's girlfriend is caught in an active shooter situation.
What's The Tea
5. What's The Tea
July 5, 2021
Nicole's self care party comes to a shocking conclusion. Kat and Steph plan a bridal shower for Marie. Steph faces a reckoning over her behavior at Nicole's party. Michael throws a curveball at Marie that causes serious issues with her and Dayana.
Never Break Bread With You
4. Never Break Bread With You
June 28, 2021
Marie, Kat "Tatu Baby" and Stephanie are dealing with personal troubles, so Nicole throws a self-care party, but tensions between the attendees threaten to boil over.
Dear Michael
3. Dear Michael
June 21, 2021
Eddie struggles on his journey to freedom and begins the fight for early termination. Dayana introduces the group to the new boy in her life. Michael and Marie push the limits of their love, leaving Marie to question whether this wedding will even happen.
It's The Prenup For Me
2. It's The Prenup For Me
June 14, 2021
Nicole reveals a secret trauma that she has been dealing with. Michael drops an unexpected bomb on Marie that puts their whole marriage in jeopardy. Kat has an awkward meet up with Eddie’s new girlfriend. Stephanie questions Day…
La Familia Over Everything
1. La Familia Over Everything
June 7, 2021
In a time where most of the country is blanketed in grief, how do you move forward when the ghosts of your past are still following you? Salome grieves the loss of her sister, Gigi, who was shot and killed. Dayana fights to protect her family from the same fate as Salome's sister. Kat struggles to move forward from her breakup with Eddie. Michael and Marie take the first steps to plan their wedding.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 7, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    3.6  (202)