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Cats 101 is an educational program produced by and airing on Animal Planet. The goal of the program is to educate viewers on different breeds of cats and the particular traits of each breed. The show uses a combination of narration, expert interviews and clips of different cat breeds to teach the viewer about each individual breed.

Much like other animals, cats have traits that are linked to their breed. This show seeks to inform cat owners and perspective cat owners what they can expect from a particular breed of cat. While the show admits that all animals are different, by displaying traits common to certain breeds, they help people make a decision on what kind of cat will fit best in their household. The show gives you an overview of the breed and what traits they tend to exhibit. Topics including playfulness, activity level, health, allergy potential, grooming, compatibility with children and compatibility with a multi-pet household.

All this information helps the viewer learn more about the breed in question and gives them insight into what they could expect should they invite one into their home. The show seeks to help potential pet owners make an informed decision so that both cat and human can live together in a long and happy life. By utilizing a combination of expert testimonial and recorded footage of a breed's typical behavior, the viewer is presented not only with an expert opinion on a particular cat's suitability but also given a demonstration of how the behavior may be exhibited.

Each sixty-minute episode covers three or four breeds and then concludes the episode by recapping the major points of each breed including its strong points and the points of concern. Finally, the show adds in a bit of trivia at the beginning and end of each commercial break where the viewer has to identify a fun fact about one of the breeds being showcased.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
4 Seasons, 17 Episodes
December 6, 2008
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Nicholas Dodman
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Cats 101 Full Episode Guide

  • Spotlighted breeds include the Oriental bicolor, donskoy, minskin, Javanese and sokoke. Also: cats of the Internet.

  • Meet the Highlander, Arabian Mau, Khao Manee, European Shorthair, American Wirehair, and Thai cats

  • Meet the Aegean, Skookum, Li Hua, Peterbald, Chantilly, and Cats who have nine lives.

  • Meet the Kurillian Bobtail, Chausie, Dwelf, Burmilla, Lambkin, and Klepto Cat.

  • Intro to Kittens, Birth and the First Four Weeks, Kitten Transformations, What You're Getting Into, Picking a Kitten, Care and Training.

  • Meet the Bambino, Pixie Bob, Australian Mist, Domestic Longhair,Cats Gone Wild, Cheetoh, and Napoleon

  • Tonkinese, Nebelung, Serengeti, Korat, Cats Gone Wild, RagaMuffin, Toyger

  • Meet the Turkish Van, Snowshoe, Chartreux, Bengal, Domestic Housecat,Fat Cats, and Balinese.

  • Meet the Domestic Shorthair, the British Shorthair, the Munchkin, the Devon Rex, the LaPerm, and the American Bobtail

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