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  • 2018
  • 3.8  (31)

Cavuto Live is a weekend program airing on FOX News Channel, hosted by Neil Cavuto, a renowned financial journalist and anchor. The program is designed to provide its viewers with insights into the week's political and economical news, offer in-depth analysis of the day's biggest stories, and provide live coverage of breaking news events.

Neil Cavuto, the host of the show, is known for his in-depth knowledge and experience in financial journalism. Cavuto is joined by Lucas Tomlinson, who serves as the program's national security correspondent, providing updates on national security and foreign policy issues. Mark Meredith provides insights into the latest developments in politics and also covers the White House.

The show's format is built around live news updates, interviews, and panel discussions. The panel consists of a wide range of guests from different backgrounds, including political strategists, economists, and journalists. One of the show's notable features is the "Power Play" segment, a discussion with a notable personality focusing on a topic of importance or interest.

Throughout the show, Neil Cavuto engages his guests in discussions, offering his insights on various topics, and keeping the conversations on track, ensuring that the audience is kept in the loop with the latest news from around the world.

One episode of Cavuto Live features a segment where the hosts interview former White House senior advisor Steve Bannon to discuss the issues of trade, China, and the upcoming midterm elections. In another episode, journalist Mike Huckabee stops by to discuss the Trump administration, the midterms, and other related topics.

Cavuto Live is popular among viewers for its commitment to keeping them informed of the latest news, providing insights on the impact of that news, and hosting discussions related to it. The show's audience is drawn towards the unbiased and analytical approach of the show's host, who strives to provide both sides of the story and keep emotions out of the equation.

Apart from political content, the show also features segments on business and finance. With years of experience in the field, Neil Cavuto is well-suited to report on these topics. One episode sees Cavuto providing updates on Tesla's earnings report, while in another we see the host discussing the implications of the Disney-Fox merger on the media landscape.

In summary, Cavuto Live is an informative and analytical show that provides its audience with the latest news on national, international, and economic issues. Host Neil Cavuto's experience, expertise, and professionalism are key factors that make this program a favorite among the viewers. With a talented panel and top-tier guests, the show continues to deliver high-quality news and analysis every week.

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  • Premiere Date
    November 2, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    3.8  (31)