Watch TV Shows on FOX NEWS channel

The Fox News channels has brought detailed and comprehensive coverage of the news to cable television. In a crowded news market, Fox News stands outs with a vibrant presentation and gripping coverage of the news.

One of the trademarks of Fox is its investigative reporting and the ability of its reporters to get the back story to a news event, regardless of how unpopular it may be.

The show's presentations starts with a visual display which captures the average channel surfer and draws them into to running news graphics which use colors to further draw the viewer to the copy content and then to the reporters. Before the viewer realizes it, they are listening to the Fox News content.

The presentation of the News, such in the manner that Fox presents it, is essential if Fox is to capture some of the news viewership audience. This is even more difficult to accomplished when a major news story breaks and every channel with a news elements seems to be running the same feed from the story. This may be why the Fox News reporters seem to have a cutting edge personality. This helps them to stand out to the viewing audience. While all of the Fox news reporters have substantial journalism credentials, what really sets a journalist or news reporter apart from their counterparts is that reporter's personality and how that personality relates to the viewing public.

Fox News continues to be on the frontline of breaking news and piercing insight into the world's affairs.