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  • 2021
  • 1 Season
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Follow Robert as he travels America to find the craziest, most indulgent, most deliciously decadent meals to tuck into between gym days.

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Crazy Comfort Food
13. Crazy Comfort Food
January 16, 2022
Robert Irvine's looking for cheats that comfort the soul, starting at the oldest Irish pub in Philadelphia with meatloaf and mashed potatoes stacked a mile high and flakey, tender fish 'n' chips with a centuries-old secret. Then, in Stamford, Conn., he dives headfirst into a sugar coma with chocolate-hazelnut, peanut butter cup French toast and gets full and happy with a chicken cutlet vodka mozzarella melt. Finally, in San Antonio, authentic Filipino flavors warm the belly with crispy pata and sisig made from succulent pork wrapped with a blanket of yummy spices.
All Things Fried
12. All Things Fried
January 9, 2022
Robert Irvine is ready for these decadent deep-fried delights, starting in Philadelphia, where they're serving up outrageous cinnamon cereal French toast loaded with cream cheese, chocolate chips and crispy fried chicken. In Boston, wicked fried balls are filled with crunchy mac 'n' cheese and fresh lobster. Finally, in Las Vegas, a burger is topped with a fried onion blossom and smothered in creamy nacho cheese, and a loaded onion is battered, fried and heaped with melted cheese and tender carne asada.
Oodles of Noodles
11. Oodles of Noodles
January 2, 2022
Robert Irvine finds some amazing belly-filling noodle dishes. In Woodbridge, N.J., a pasta king serves a decadent osso buco cradled by perfectly cooked, handmade fettuccine, along with a 15-layer lasagna Bolognese. Then, in San Antonio, noodles are smothered in yummy sweets and ice cream. Finally, Boston serves up some cheat-worthy mashups that fuse classic American pasta with Asian cuisine.
10. Barbeque
December 26, 2021
Robert Irvine is hankering for cheat-worthy barbecue! He starts in Philadelphia, with a phenomenal cheesesteak busting with BBQ beef brisket and mouth-melting lobster. In Southern California, he fills up on fully loaded mac 'n' cheese, piled with juicy brisket, and a jaw-stretching sammy packed with saucy brisket under a massive beef rib. Finally, Denver cooks up a towering Texas-BBQ sandwich dripping with four cuts of tender meat and mind-altering BBQ pork tacos from a whole smoked hog, topped with housemade sauce.
Sinful Slices
9. Sinful Slices
December 20, 2021
Robert Irvine is cheating with sinfully good slices, starting in Wayne, NJ, at a pizzeria serving up 15-pound pasta-stuffed pies and eye-popping dessert pizzas. Then, there's pie-filled cake in St. Louis and a ceviche tostada with shrimp in San Antonio.
Bites and Booze
8. Bites and Booze
December 12, 2021
Robert Irvine is cheating to the max with original bar bites that indulge every taste bud. In New Orleans, a global fusion nacho dish comes with a floral margarita that's out of this world. Next, Robert finds an eight-layer sandwich with pork done five ways and a Bloody Mary garnished like a BBQ buffet in Richmond. Then, an award-winning spot in Derby, Conn., has wing flavors that are guaranteed to blow your mind.
7. Cheesiest
December 5, 2021
In the Big Easy, Robert Irvine takes a bite out of the most decadent grilled cheese sandwiches he's ever tasted. Mexican fried cheese and braised oxtails are sandwiched between cheese-stuffed pupusas. In Boston, childhood favorite mac and cheese is oozing with a luscious cheesy sauce over thick pasta noodles and topped with BBQ pulled pork. Finally, in San Antonio, two traditional Middle Eastern cheese desserts provide some sweet, salty bliss.
Seriously Spicy
6. Seriously Spicy
November 28, 2021
Robert Irvine tests his mettle in Downey, Calif., with a super spicy burrito stuffed with succulent marinated chuck roast and creamy nacho cheese. Then, in Denver, a decadent dark chocolate cake is pushed to new heights with whiskey, cherry pipe tobacco and hot chile peppers. Finally, in St. Louis, a noodle dish is smothered with Korean and Mexican sauces so seriously spicy, it's gone nuclear.
Stuffed and Stacked
5. Stuffed and Stacked
November 22, 2021
Robert Irvine is sharing indulgent food that's stacked and stuffed with flavor. First, he's in New Orleans to try beignets stuffed with savory seafood or berry cheesecake. In Denver, classic Venezuelan sandwiches are stacked between fried plantain buns.
Sinful Sandwiches
4. Sinful Sandwiches
November 14, 2021
Robert Irvine starts his cheat day quest in New Orleans with a gravy-smothered roast beef and fried shrimp po' boy. Then, in Los Angeles, the classic American grilled cheese gets a Mexican twist, and a barbecue sandwich is taken to new heights in Denver.
Surprisingly Sweet
3. Surprisingly Sweet
November 7, 2021
Robert Irvine samples extraordinary confections, starting in California with a unique s'mores dessert made with fries; he meets a chef topping juicy fried chicken with ice cream in San Antonio before visiting a historic Las Vegas doughnut shop.
Burgers with a Side of Guilt
2. Burgers with a Side of Guilt
October 31, 2021
In Torrance, Calif., Robert Irvine tries a Korean-inspired burger made with beef bulgogi and crunchy kimchi and served with truffle fries; there's a blue milkshake in Boston and a sweet, salty ice cream burger with housemade tots in San Antonio.
Wake Up and Cheat
1. Wake Up and Cheat
October 24, 2021
Robert indulges in baklava-inspired pancakes and a luscious caviar omelet.

Follow Robert as he travels America to find the craziest, most indulgent, most deliciously decadent meals to tuck into between gym days. Cheat Day USA is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on October 24, 2021.

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Cheat Day USA is available for streaming on the Cooking Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cheat Day USA on demand at Philo, Sling and Apple TV.

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    October 24, 2021
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