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Cheer Perfection is a reality television series that follows a cheerleading team from Arkansas. The cheerleaders are all young and they cheer for Cheer Time Revolution. They do not cheer for a school but rather do so competitively, heading to various events across the country.

Alisha Dunlap is the owner of Cheer Time Revolution and she is also the team's head coach. She is a rigorous taskmaster and the girls are under a lot of pressure to perform. The girls are also under a lot of pressure from their parents to perform well. The series goes back and forth from the studio to the individual girls' home lives.

Ann is one of the cheerleading stage parents who puts a lot of pressure on her daughter to success. When her daughter fails to qualify for an important competition in Chicago, Ann is furious and berates her openly. Ann also decides to no longer help at practice. Ann also has no boundaries when it comes to her daughter. When Toriann, her child, is doing poorly at practice one day, Ann tells everyone she is constipated in order to explain away her bad performance. Toriann is embarrassed and actually hits her mother in front of everybody. Ann is not the only mother whose behavior is out of line. Two mothers even get into a fight at one of the practice sessions, with one of them vowing to catch the other at Walmart and beat her up. Tragedy strikes when a cheerleader is injured and her mother is more concerned with her missing events than the actual pain she is going through. Coach Alisha is forced to punish the moms as well as the daughters sometimes. She is so disgusted with one mother's behavior that she makes her run laps at practice.

The cheerleaders work on their cheerleading skills as if it was a full-time job. They train year-round with competition season lasting from October to April. The girls have to do more than just focus on cheerleading. They also need to raise money to be able to travel to various competitions and they do so by hosting team bake sales and fundraisers.

Cheer Perfection is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on December 19, 2012.

Cheer Perfection is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cheer Perfection on demand atPhilo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play, Pluto TV online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
December 19, 2012
Drama, Reality, Sports
Cast: Zoila Chavez, Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos
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Cheer Perfection Full Episode Guide

  • It's time for the event that Youth Silver has been working towards all season - the U.S. FInals, the biggest competition the team has ever attended! When the girls take the stage, tragedy strikes. Will they be able to make a come back?

  • Alisha and James clash over changing a routine a week before the national championships. Meanwhile, Bonnie accuses Andrea of spreading rumors; and Shannon delivers tragic news.

  • Youth Silver are in Chicago, where the competition is similar to what they'll face in the nationals. Meanwhile, Alisha is worried Kylie's injury is getting more serious; and the mothers enter a mud run that becomes emotional.

  • Alisha wants to return to Chicago with an elite group; Alisha faces a tough coaching decision; Andrea shares a tip for healing a burn.

  • Alisha recruits a new coach to whip the team into shape after their first loss; Shannon has a big vision for Ann and Michelle.

  • Youth Silver makes a potentially costly mistake in Dallas; Andrea plans a camping trip to get the moms to bond.

  • After a narrow victory at their last competition, Alisha adds a difficult stunt to Youth Silver's routine. A cheer magazine puts on a clinic at CTR and scouts YS girls to feature in an article. Meanwhile, the moms compete in a weight loss contest.

  • The second season finds Alisha revamping the team's routine to prepare the girls for bigger events, including one in Huntsville, Texas. One drawback, their parents are worried by the addition of faster dance moves and more complicated tumbling passes just a week before the competition.

  • Everyone heads to Columbus on a long bus ride for the biggest competition of the year with a bid to the US Finals on the line. For the parents, this trip is a chance to create new alliances and determine who has top status in the gym once and for all.

  • Two weeks away from their biggest competition, Youth Silver performs a full dress rehearsal. Ann learns that Andrea is named team mom president, and the Parents' Squad takes the floor-- if Alisha and RD can just get along.

  • Alisha chooses 5 athletes to return to Chicago to compete in duo and trio divisions. They have only 7 days to prepare but two girls can't seem to get it. Ann and Shannon continue to argue. And Alisha proposes a radical change for the gym.

  • Alisha unveils a new dance as Youth Silver prepare for a competition in St. Louis. Meanwhile, one mother disagrees with Alisha about her daughter's future.

  • Youth Silver's first competition is in Chicago, and Alisha is set on adding difficulty to their stunts. When two of her best, most seasoned tumblers become injured, she starts to panic.

  • Alisha wants to make sure Youth Silver continues to improve. Shannon is in charge of a charity fundraiser at the last minute, will Ann's actions force Shannon to sever their friendship.

  • Youth Silver has a bad performance at the Travelers' game so Alisha brings in a tough coach to get the team into shape; two moms have heated interactions.

  • The premier begins with the start of a new school year and coach Alisha Dunlap's quest to fill a spot on her elite team, a slot which is coveted by two girls with ultra-competitive mothers.