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Chip and Dale get into more mischievous adventures with the help of some of their Disney friends.

Disney Junior
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
November 13, 2017
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
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Chip 'n Dale's Nutty Tales Full Episode Guide

  • Chip and Dale find the perfect Christmas tree!

  • When Chip and Dale's acorn bounces on stage at a classical music concert, the chipmunks' nutty chase ends up creating the greatest musical Mickey and his friends have ever seen!

  • A pair of jumpy frogs have run away with Goofy's shoes, sending Chip, Dale and Goofy on the nuttiest and funniest foot-chase ever!

  • Chip and Dale help Millie and Melody with their lemonade stand by becoming sign twirlers, but the wind sends them soaring all over town!

  • Chip and Dale accidentally ruin all of the flowers in Minnie and Daisy's garden. Luckily, the chipmunks discover a way to use butterflies to save the garden!

  • After splashing Clarabelle's Valentine's Day dress with mud, Chip and Dale take her to the laundromat. While there, they accidentally create a tidal-bubble wave towards the dance!

  • On a chilly winter night, Chip and Dale let a freezing worm sleep over, but after going to bed, the worm ends up leading the boys on a wiggly-wild chase inside Mickey's Garage!

  • While at the drive-in movie, Chip and Dale's acorn accidentally ends up in Donald's popcorn bucket, and now they must find a way to secretly get it back without disturbing Donald!

  • Mickey and Minnie's day at the beach turns into crabby chaos when Chip and Dale mistakenly swipe a hermit crab's shell, unaware that the shell is the crab's home sweet home!

  • Chip and Dale help Minnie, Daisy and Cuckoo Loca build a snowman for their holiday card photo but accidentally build it on a snow bunny's home!

  • On the hottest day of the Summer, Chip and Dale's plans to cool off in the park birdbath is interrupted by a selfish pigeon.

  • After Chip and Dale mix up a mail delivery between Goofy and Professor Von Drake, the dilemma multiples beyond anyone's expectations!

  • During the Fall Festival, Chip and Dale help Goofy try to sell his ol' Corn Cobs at his snack stand.

  • After losing their acorn in the ocean, Chip and Dale join Mickey, Donald, and Goofy on a fishing trip.

  • A friendly kite competition spins out of control when Chip and Dale try to outdo each other!

  • When Chip and Dale try to help bake muffins for every citizen of Hot Dog Hills, they accidentally create a GIANT problem!

  • When cloudy skies threaten to ruin a fireworks show for Mickey's birthday, Chip and Dale discover a magical new way to create a light show!

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