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In this animated kids' series, an adventurous ranger goes on the hunt for outdoor fun with his group of loyal friends. His gang of pals even includes a friendly yeti named Stomper. The series airs on the Treehouse TV network.

Daily 6:25 PM et/pt on Disney Junior
2 Seasons, 42 Episodes
September 5, 2016
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Jonah Wineberg, Zachary Bennett, Helen King, Stephanie Anne Mills
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Ranger Rob Full Episode Guide

  • Rob discovers that old trail signs he took down have a new use in solving a problem. When Mom and Dad come down with colds, Rob trains the yetis to help him patrol the park.

  • Santa's sleigh full of presents goes missing and Rob uses his ranger smarts to help find it. A storm strands Rob at Stomper's on Christmas Day and he learns about yeti holiday customs.

  • Stomper becomes leader of the snow monkeys when he and Rob spend time with them. Rob's search for a camper's lost phone leads to the discovery of an underground cavern.

  • Rob investigates a cloud of smoke and mysterious footprints in Frosty Fields and discovers a family of snow monkeys living near a hot spring. Rob has to help the yetis find a special stone before a solar eclipse is over.

  • After a mild earth tremor Rob heads for the jungle to make sure the animals are all okay. Rob wants to study an unusually large bird nest so builds a fort nearby to observe it.

  • Rob rescues a whale and Stomper acts like a whale to lead it to safer waters. Rob uses a river to transport logs but puts too many in at once and accidentally makes a dam.

  • Rob and Dakota try to deter squirrels from the garden while Stomper grows a yeti beanstalk. Rob must deliver a Queen Bee to the forest but Stomper's dance causes it to escape.

  • Rob and Stomper must fix the sanctuary in time for a new baby rhino coming to the park. Rob watches over a baby rhino who is released into the jungle but Stomper overprotects him.

  • When Rob fills watering holes, he finds a hippo and a bird; Stomper wants to be like them. Rob solves the mystery of why a hawk keeps swooping down on extreme sportschampion, Carter Mills.

  • When things go missing from camp, Rob, Stomper and Dakota do a stakeout to solve the mystery. Rob and Stomper get carried away in a yeti game called Stomperang.

  • On a mapping mission, Rob finds a whale who needs help while Stomper thinks it's a sea monster. Rob goes on a bug-finding mission in a cave so Stomper uses his Yeti-at-the-ready kit.

  • Rob gets to blaze a new trail but he and Stomper goof around too much and they get lost. Rob takes a test where he has to count gazelles but Stomper gets jealous of them.

  • Rob and Stomper challenge Mom and Dad to a tree planting race. Rob finds some hatching penguin eggs and goes to find their parents while Stomper babysits.

  • Rob is excited to go on a deer tracking mission; Stomper is taking care of a stink plant for Woolly and ends up losing his snifferoo. Rob helps Stomper deliver invites for Woolly's party but doesn't finish setting up storm sensors properly.

  • Rob learns how to move a group of giraffes to safety but one giraffe doesn't want to budge.

  • Rob teaches Sam how to be a Ranger but hits a snag when Sam is set on copying Rob exactly.

  • Rob leads Stomper and Woolly to ever-greater feats of strength, but the fun causes trouble. Rob tests Chipper

  • Every year there

  • Two baddies make the Earth Day blackout happen earlier than planned so they can steal park animals. Dad can

  • Rob wonders who keeps causing trouble in the park and discovers it

  • Rob winds up on an adventure in elephant wrangling while spreading the word about an event. Rob, Stomper and Dakota set out on a treasure hunt when Dakota finds an old treasure map.

  • Rob has to find a rare snake that

  • Rob and Stomper offer to watch the animal sanctuary for Mom.

  • Rob perseveres on a challenging climb to the top of Night Light Mountain.

  • A yeti statue famed for safeguarding the park from mishap falls from its pedestal.

  • Rob shows Stomper that picking strawberries fore a BSP event can be fun.

  • Rob sets out to take some fun selfies of him and Stomper with a cool new flying camera.

  • Rob and Stomper find a relic yeti yodelhorn.

  • Stomper makes a giant ice sculpture for his cousin Woolly.

  • Rob and Stomper set out to build a fort in the jungle.

  • Rob and Stomper's team have the edge in a race.

  • On the way to an stunt show, Rob diverts to show Sam all the cool things Chipper can do.

  • Dakota passes a jungle mastering test and Rob decides to help celebrate.

  • Rob turns the nightly procession to the restaurant into a parade.

  • Rob spends too much time with a baby chameleon.

  • When a baby penguin needs to be reunited with its mom, Rob comes up with a plan.

  • Rob gets to cut the ribbon on a new ride today.

  • Rob borrows Dad's new gadget to hunt for the lost yeti treasure with Stomper.

  • Rob and Stomper try to catch a yeti lore creature called a Garbage Growler.

  • When Rob uses all the oasis water to help visitors, he finds more water in an unexpected place. When it looks like a mythical beast is littering the park, Rob and Stomper try to catch it.

  • Rob plays with a penguin. / A baby chameleon grows attached to Rob.

  • Rob sets out to find Stomper's long lost cousin, the Woolly Wiligo, and prove it's real. Rob takes a shortcut when leading elephants to the safari and they go rogue through the park.

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