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Big Block Singsong is a child's show that features different characters many in the shape of blocks singing different songs. They sing educational song, hip hop songs, and even popular songs that can be heard on the radio. There are even some original songs that they sing.

Big Block SingSong is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (89 episodes). The series first aired on October 31, 2012.

Big Block SingSong is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Big Block SingSong on demand atAmazon, The Roku Channel, Google Play, iTunes, Disney Junior, DisneyNOW online.

Daily at 8:25 on Disney Junior
2 Seasons, 89 Episodes
October 31, 2012
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
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Big Block SingSong Full Episode Guide

  • The Big Blocks ditch the rules and get down

  • Big block Monster Sing

  • The Big Blocks wants to know what time is

  • Answers to some Brain busting questions

  • Two big blocks explain the ways to say hello

  • A song about the king of the jungle

  • A song about ducks

  • Sing a song about being nice

  • Blast Off on a Intergalactic tour

  • Big Block Sing Song about changes

  • Two Big Blocks rock out and clean up messes

  • A big block and a robot big block sings a song about keeping active

  • A turkey sings a song about self confidence

  • A group of Big Blocks shares ideas

  • About the lives of bears

  • What's up, down and all around

  • Cows On their way to Freedom

  • A bee singing about honey

  • A big block sings a song to encourage everyone to share the care

  • A wizard big block sings a song about his skills

  • In this electric groove, a big block finds triangles, circles and squares all around and everywhere.

  • A big block band sings a triumphant anthem about doing your best and being amazing.

  • In this jaunty ditty, a couple of viking big blocks convince us that we all need a viking.

  • A trio of rocker big blocks get loud.

  • A big block cat croons about all the reasons to love him.

  • A big block belts out a soulful number about feeling that family pride.

  • A pair of cyclops big blocks get goggly in this duet all about eyeballs.

  • A big block band sings about slowing down, looking round and having a little fun.

  • A big block sings a gushing ode to toes.

  • A trio of gorilla big blocks rock, frolic, and swing through the jungle.

  • A stuntman big block rides, slides and glides through a truly spectacular beat driven groove.

  • A flock of big block chickens cluck their way through a new wave tune about all things chicken.

  • A trio of big blocks have a great day as they belt out this birthday anthem.

  • An astronaut big block floats and sings his way through a far out guitar strumming country number.

  • A big block band shows us why it's better to be together in this roots rock jam.

  • A crooning big block snowman sings about why it's simply phenomenal being abominable.

  • A big block never ever gives up in this funky soul tune.

  • A band of big blocks give a little and get a little in this energized folk tune all about sharing.

  • A big block swims and swishes his way through an aquatic and harmonic underwater deep sea adventure.

  • A duo of big blocks move it and groove it to a get up and go dance rock anthem.

  • A trio of moustachioed big blocks belt out a Mariachi song about the size, strength and gracefulness of their facial hair.

  • There is no better way to spend your time than with a big block.

  • This pirate is in search of treasure!

  • Super duper Stan is a super duper man!

  • Thank you technology, from the bottom of our laser pants.

  • Visit the land of La Tee Dah with the Happy, Lovely Bunch.

  • Everybody has skills.

  • I'm a dog, woof!

  • The wilderness is all around us.

  • This Time Traveller doesn't need a machine, he closes his eyes for a change of scene.

  • Here we go, let's rock the show!

  • Serving up a batch of tasty beats.

  • I'm in a rock and roll kind of mood.

  • My name is Dave. I live in a cave...

  • This cowboy's cow has run away!

  • Germs are all over the place!

  • Junk food fever.

  • Float through space with these space friends!

  • Fun, that's what we're all about!

  • Find out what's in the soup!

  • The farmer has lots to show while he's doing his thing!

  • Be brave when it comes to monsters and salad!

  • Can you feel the magic?

  • You can count on me!

  • Robot space explorer!

  • Are you hungry...?

  • When you're mad...

  • I'm up-high... now I'm down-low!

  • I'm a Princess... watch out bad guys!

  • What a day!!

  • I have ESPECIALLY fancy ears!

  • I like, I like, I like 15 kinds of fruit!

  • Peek Peek Peek-A-Boo!

  • Lookin' good! Feelin' good!

  • In the parc parc parc, it's lots of fun fun fun!!

  • Would you like to see my pond...?

  • Big feet... Take a look at my big feet!

  • Eight long legs!

  • I'm sad... so sad... feelin' blue...

  • Everybody knows what a nose is!

  • You brush them all around, you brush them up... and down!

  • There's so many reasons to be happy!

  • What do you see? Hair!

  • Through the night...

  • I'm a monkey!

  • Everybody's different!