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Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito is America's longest running cooking show and premiered in 1989. Join Mary Ann on her travels to Italy as she prepares authentic regional recipes. Ciao Italia is a series that is currently running and has 28 seasons (78 episodes). The series first aired on October 21, 2016.

Where do I stream Ciao Italia online? Ciao Italia is available for streaming on Janson Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ciao Italia on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Janson Media
28 Seasons, 78 Episodes
October 21, 2016
Cast: Mary Ann Esposito
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Ciao Italia Full Episode Guide

  • Sicilian-style Stuffed Veal Rolls; Potato Salad with Oregano; and more.

  • Roasted Vegetables and Burrata Salad; Chickpea Pasta with Burrata, Peas and Prosciutto; Poached Fresh Salad with Burrata.

  • Roasted cauliflower with a red pepper, oregano and tomato paste rub; spaghetti with cauliflower; cauliflower steak baked in the oven.

  • Kale and cannellini bean bruschetta; herb-stuffed lamb braciole; chocolate budino.

  • The Sicilian favorite scaccia features pizza dough layered with tomato sauce and sliced caciocavallo cheese.

  • Golden yellow fettuccine with mussels, saffron and cherry tomatoes; almond-crusted fish; fennel slaw.

  • Roasted squash salad; roast pork loin, Sicilian style, with fennel and potatoes; chocolate glazed, cinnamon and clove-spiked Sicilian chocolate spice cookies.

  • Tuna-stuffed red peppers feature a combination of thyme, tarragon, chickpeas and lemon juice; baked chicken thighs marinated in sage, parsley and rosemary; an herb salad with melon, grapes, honey and thyme.

  • Shrimp with beer; shrimp in arugula sauce; preparing grilled shrimp with rosemary on the outdoor grill.

  • Tomato gratin features a medley of cheesy bread cubes and cherry tomatoes; classic tomato tart.

  • Ossobuco with polenta; Parmesan cheesecake made with a crushed almond, twice-baked crust.

  • Making mascarpone, a versatile soft cheese; mascarpone and blackberry cake; mascarpone and plum sundae.

  • A mimosa cake resembles the mimosa tree and its bright yellow flowers.

  • Neapolitan-stuffed artichokes with a filling of fior di latte, pecorino, anchovies and lemon zest; drowned artichokes stewed with olives, parsley, and garlic.

  • Ravioli-like, cheese and herbs-stuffed pansotti topped with walnut pesto; the dome-shaped, cheese-filled torta bietole.

  • Modica's chocolate cookies, a clever blend of chocolate, cinnamon, grated lemon zest, whipped egg whites and finely ground cooked veal.

  • Ligurian potato loaf combines potatoes with beans, carrots, onion, garlic, and zucchini; Swiss chard, potato and carrot pie; a custard-like sage pie.

  • Spinach spaetzle tossed in a sauteed onion and speck sauce; spaetzle dressed with a butter, cream and speck sauce.

  • Pasta Trapanese made with spiral pasta called busiate and a sauce made from almonds, tomatoes, basil and garlic.

  • Harvesting lettuce; a fruity fennel and fig salad; Tuscan bean salad with soppressata; a little gem salad.

  • Sunday sauce with meatballs; lamb chop lollipops; tomato salad.

  • Neapolitan meat and onion sauce over ziti; spaghetti alla puttanesca.

  • A classic New England clam chowder; seafood stew; squid with rice.

  • A deep-fried cannoli with a chocolaty, cinnamon-toasty, pistachio nut-packed ricotta filling.

  • Mary Ann prepares a Neapolitan Fish Soup, sizzling Swordfish Sicilian-Style.

  • Bok choy with speck alto adige and Asiago cheese; vignarola, a classic Roman dish with peas, beans and artichokes.

  • Beloved children's book author and artist, Tomie dePaolo invites Mary Ann to his studio to choose a favorite recipe of one of his most famous characters, "Strega Nona." They quickly decide on Strega Nona's Pizza, and it's off to the kitchen where Tomie makes her masterpiece while Mary Ann makes her favorite Calzones. No matter how old you are, you're never too old for pizza!

  • Bring your appetite to Mary Ann's full course meal inspired by Lombarda favorites, starting with a "primo" of Tomato Risotto made with Guy's Garden-fresh tomatoes. Then clear the table for a classic Milanese Veal Cutlet drizzled with clarified butter. Still hungry? Sure you are. Mary Ann finishes off your perfect meal with a perfect Lombarda Polenta Cake.

  • Mary Ann's "on the wave" with her Venetian seafood extravaganza of calamari, clams, and scallops, seared and baked to a golden-brown, then zested with lemon and fresh parsley; perfect for the Risotto she stirs up until it becomes a creamy "wave" of al dente rice that's ready for the many gifts from the sea.

  • Mary Ann chooses the little known Val d'Aosta region of Italy to create one of its classic dishes, Beef Stew with Polenta. The secret to its savory taste is a bountiful bundle of fresh herbs and red wine that steep along with the beef until its fork-tender and ready to ladle on top of hearty, hand-stirred Polenta for a winter's meal that's sublime year-round.

  • Sicilian-born, Rose Faro

  • If music be the food of life, play on, and Mary Ann does just that with her grandmother's wire-stringed Chittara, that makes music - and short work - of freshly-rolled sheets of pasta, transforming them into fabulous spaghetti. She combines this with an Abruzzese regional classic Lamb Rag

  • You can't beat shaping pasta by hand, unless you're making curvy, twisting, tricky-to-shape cavatelli from Puglia, and are lucky enough to have a crazy-looking machine that cranks them by the dozens. Mary Ann's in luck, because she has la macchina di pasta and does just that, then adds them to a spicy, colorful, broccoli rabe sauce.

  • The secret to Sunday Sauce is the sauce, of course. Mary Ann starts hers off with garden-fresh plum tomatoes, planted and harvested from Guy's garden. While the sauce simmers, she makes her grandmother's fork-tender braciole, then adds sausage and meatballs. The only thing left is time for friends to visit while the sauce cooks to perfection.

  • The deep, dark forest surrenders its mushroom secrets to Mary Ann, when Dennis Chesley of NH Mushroom Company takes her to many of his hideaway havens to harvest a host of fungi for a brace of recipes. Then, Mary Ann goes nella cucina to demonstrate the delicious art of creating Marinated Mushrooms, and then how easy it is to prepare a unique Mushroom Carpaccio that's party-perfect.

  • Sardinia is home to a deep-fried, honey-drizzled, ravioli-like delight called Sebadas. Mary Ann shows how to create this classic recipe, starting with homemade dough, flattened and filled with a melted then cooled blend of pecorino Romano cheese, orange zest, and mint. A quick dip in the deep fry, then drizzled with honey while still warm, and bet you can't eat just one!

  • Patti Fortuna-Stannard of Fortuna Sausage Company invites Mary Ann to her kitchen for a salami party that includes Patti's salumi and sausage family-favorite, Casalinga with Fettucine. Mary Ann joins in the fun with her classic Minestrone. And for a tasty antipasto, Patti and Mary Ann create a taste treat with a twist; spicy, Peperoni Pretzels.

  • It's summertime at Mary Ann's, and time to head outdoors to do some serious grilling, starting with Grilled Chicken with Herbs, surrounded on all sides by clever Grilled Veggie Kabobs, of zucchini, onions, and red and yellow peppers. Then Mary Ann creates a classic side dish of Pan-cooked Fennel

  • An Ascolana olive is just an olive, until Mary Ann gives it the Marche regional touch by stuffing it with a savory combination of ground beef and pork, combined with chopped walnuts, thyme and lemon zest. Deep fried to a crunchy finish, it's a triumph of an appetizer. What's a great companion treat to Ascolana Olives Marche Style? What about Olive Pesto to spread on your favorite crostini?

  • Founder of "Tuscan Brands" and entrepreneur par excellence Joe Faro shows Mary Ann the ins and outs of one of his Italy-themed "Tuscan Markets" An accomplished cook in his own right, and Mary Ann joining in the adventure, Joe uses succulent chunks of fresh-caught and steamed Maine lobster to create one of his Tuscan Restaurant's signature dish, Lobster Ravioli in Butter Sauce.

  • Often lost in the shadow of Tuscany, much is hidden in Umbria, the "Green Jewel" of Italy, especially this region's wonderful recipes. Mary Ann changes all that when she prepares Lentils and Leeks with Sausage, a meal in a pot and one to remember. And if you possibly have room for more, she shows you how simple it is to prepare Roasted Chickpeas.

  • Mary Ann tracks down the tallest pasta you've ever seen to prepare an authentic recipe from the region of Basilicata; Eggplant with Candle Pasta. An aromatic combination of garlic, onion: anchovies accents the saut

  • The only thing more beautiful than a Jersey cow is the milk she gives to make fresh Mozzarella and buttery, curd-filled Burrata cheese. Master cheesemaker Luca Mignone invites Mary Ann to his caseificio, Wolf Meadow Farm, to show her how to make the cheeses, then his partner Christina Barbieri helps Mary Ann make a Burrata Salad, Grilled Scamorza, and a Tomato Caprese Salad.

  • Mary Ann sends artichokes to new heights by stuffing them with farro, chopped parsley, mint, and lots of pecorino Romano cheese. A good long bake in the oven and these tender treats are ready for the table. What could go with it? Easy answer: using freshly chopped mint and more pecorino cheese, Mary Ann whips up a Frittata with Mint in about the time it takes to read this sentence!

  • The higher you climb the hungrier you get. The mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia region make you hungry for a plateful of deep-fried Cheese Fritters filled with crisp prosciutto di Parma and Montasio cheese. That's for starters, then a piping hot bowl of Yota, a hearty bean soup from Trieste with the tart and terrific addition of sauerkraut.

  • Mary Ann features Canederli with Speck, a fantastic dumpling-like recipe from the little-known Italian region of Trentino Aldo Adige. Filled with diced speck, this unique meat product adds an unmistakable, smoke-like flavor to the tender canederli, bobbing in broth. Perfect for a cold winter's night.

  • Gelato genius and entrepreneur owner Morgan Morano invites Mary Ann to her popular Boston gelateria to show the secrets behind her gelato made with a Sicilian twist, from vivacious vanilla to paradisiacal pistachio, and all sorts of flavors in between. Then Morgan and Mary Ann create two mouthwatering desserts, Neapolitan-Style Ice Cream Cake and Double Fudge Chocolate Semifreddo cake.

  • Mary Ann says, don't be chicken when it comes to making your own Homemade Chicken Broth. The results are fantastic, and the steps so simple, that when you use the broth in her Meatball and Chicken Soup, you'll pass up those boxes in the grocery store and head for the poultry section instead.

  • Mary Ann takes inspiration from the region of Molise to create a crispy, double-crust Focaccia stuffed with escarole and Pecorino Romano cheese, guaranteed to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. She gives step-by-step instructions, from making the dough from scratch, to steaming and chopping the escarole, to grating the cheese to create Focaccia alla Molisana.

  • When life hands Mary Ann lemons, she doesn't make lemonade, she makes a luxurious Sicilian Almond Lemon Cake instead, that comes from the heart and soul of Sicily; the home of fantastic citrus fruit, and Mary Ann's ancestral home as well, in Caltanissetta. She tops her dessert creation with Candied Lemon Slices then drizzles it with a confectioners sugar glaze that sings of Sicily.