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  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (25)

Crave is a dynamic offering from the Food Network that first graced screens in 2011. This captivating series is an enthralling exploration of the complex and delightful world of food. Each episode focuses on a specific type of food item or cuisine, providing viewers with an education in gastronomy that is as nonscientific as it is compelling. The show, which is presented in an hour-long format, adopts a unique approach to food analysis, making it an appealing watch for passionate foodies and casual viewers alike.

Crave is hosted by the enigmatic Troy Johnson, a prolific food critic and novelist widely recognized for his keen palate and sharp wit. Johnson’s charisma and culinary knowhow add an extra flavor to Crave. He is undoubtedly at the heart of the show, guiding viewers through each episode with his humor and insightful observations. This former Modern Luxury Magazine food critic delivers snappy commentary, exudes an infectious enthusiasm, and provides expert guidance, making each episode a joy to watch.

The heart of Crave's appeal lies in its uniquely eclectic approach to examining the origins, preparation, and cultural impact of various food items. The show is not simply about eating food, but about unraveling the rich histories behind our most loved culinary treats, be it a humble hamburger, a decadent chocolate dessert, or an exotic international cuisine. The viewers are treated to a journey that dives deep into various food topics and is meticulously designed to be engaging, informative, and downright tantalizing.

Each installment is composed of various segments dedicated to interviews with food enthusiasts, chefs, and industry experts who share insights, tips, and surprising facts about each dish or ingredient discussed in the show. It also includes field trips to various locales, restaurants, markets, and festivals where the featured food holds some significance.

One of the most distinctive features of Crave is its visual storytelling. The show opts for a more cinematic approach over traditional cooking demonstrations, with stunning shots of food preparation and cooking processes. It's a feast for the eyes, beautifully designed to whet the viewer's appetite for both knowledge and food itself. The compelling narrative structure, underlined by Johnson's snappy dialogue, vibrant graphics, and catchy music all blend together to give viewers a smorgasbord of entertainment.

In Crave, the food isn’t just a series of ingredients combined to deliver taste; it's a hero, a loved family member, a symbol, a story being told. You don't simply watch Crave, you embark on a unique culinary adventure of discovery. The show prompts viewers to question their regular eating habits, to delve deeper, and in some cases, to create their own versions of classic dishes.

But Crave doesn't just satiate viewers with bites of culinary history and expert interviews. It equally sparks their appetite for exploration and discovery. This series makes food fun, interesting, and thought-provoking, all the while cultivating an atmosphere that's positively infectious. Johnson, carefully revisiting foods we love, teasing out their stories, and meeting the passionate people behind them, does more than just entertain; he inspires. Crave teaches us to cherish the meals we enjoy, to respect their origins, and to understand the process behind their creation.

Crave gently hits a sweet spot between storytelling, culinary delights, and entertainment. It underlines that our appreciation for food is not just about our sense of taste. The series amplifies the importance of culture, history, and craft, in the creation of beloved dishes. As viewers follow Johnson’s enlightening journey to different locations and through different cuisines, they learn about the prominent role of food in our lives. Each episode unravels the close bond between the food, the people who create it, and those who relish it.

In conclusion, whether your passion involves cooking, discovering new foods, or just eating, Crave is more than your average Food Network show as it takes one on a captivating epicurean expedition. It is filled with a mix of facts and fun, rendering a comprehensive food experience that leaves you craving more.

Crave is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on August 29, 2011.

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Spicy Food: Taste the Pain
9. Spicy Food: Taste the Pain
November 11, 2011
Food writer Troy Johnson on a cross-country trip to discover his ultimate hot dish. From New Orleans, home of gumbo, where he uses aromatics to infuse crawfish and spice up its flavor to the headquarters of Tabasco where Troy traces the origins of America's fascination with all things hot. In Chicago, an American classic is given a kick with the infamous ghost pepper making the hottest wings anyone will ever eat, then to Philadelphia where Troy plays guinea pig at Monell Chemical Senses Labs and discovers just how high his tolerance level for heat actually is. In Texas, Troy experiments with two classic spicy dishes - Texas style chili and dips into salsa, before jetting off to Los Angeles for a 5-pepper creation that will set his taste buds on fire.
Chocolate: The Dark Side of Delicious
8. Chocolate: The Dark Side of Delicious
November 4, 2011
Troy Johnson goes all over America looking for the ultimate chocolate. In San Francisco he signs up at the Recchiuti for a chocolate 101 course to make unconventional flavors. In Seattle he discovers the cacao bean may potentially be a healthy choice. In Chicago he tries some savory chocolate.
Cheese: Milk Does Hard Time
7. Cheese: Milk Does Hard Time
October 10, 2011
Troy Johnson travels across America in search of the ultimate cheese dish. He stops in Seattle, Point Reyes, Madison, Philadelphia and finally Los Angeles.
Burgers: Between the Buns
6. Burgers: Between the Buns
October 3, 2011
Troy Johnson goes to New Haven, Connecticut, where he takes a bite out of a historic burger, then heads down south to Memphis, Tennessee, for a deep-fried version. In Austin, Texas, Troy tries a meatless combo that tests his love of chuck, but it's nothing a stop in Los Angeles can't cure where he finds over three hundred thousand combinations of fixings that send him into burger lovin' overload.
BBQ: Up in Smoke
5. BBQ: Up in Smoke
September 26, 2011
In North Carolina, Troy feasts on a pork shoulder that takes a half day to slow cook, and then catches the cattle train to Texas where he walks the "Avenue of Barbecue Dreams." Troy finds a barbecue pit that was made out of a school bus in Austin.
Bacon: The Magical Meat Stick!
4. Bacon: The Magical Meat Stick!
September 19, 2011
Troy hits the 'bacon belt' in Kentucky for a taste of America's oldest bacon smokehouse, then he heads to a Bacon-Palooza, where he tastes bacon inventions on the frontlines of the bacon 'revolution'. In Seattle, Troy sees bacon's future and the inventors of Bacon Salt, who have harnessed the flavor of bacon and made it vegetarian.
Ice Cream: Socially Acceptable Lick Food
3. Ice Cream: Socially Acceptable Lick Food
September 12, 2011
Troy goes across America to discover his ultimate ice cream scoop. He travels from the oldest recipe in Pennsylvania to San Francisco, Calif., where he uncovers two former Wolfgang Puck pastry chefs making off-the-wall gourmet ice cream flavors.
Fried Chicken: Deep Fried Love in a Bucket
2. Fried Chicken: Deep Fried Love in a Bucket
September 5, 2011
Troy goes on a cross-country trip to find the ultimate piece of juicy fried chicken. On his quest, Troy gnaws on drumsticks in Charlotte, N.C., before he gets greased up with Purdue University scientists to discover the best tasting fry oil. Then his craving takes him to New York for a spicy Korean twist on the American chicken classic. And then he hops down to Memphis, Tenn. to see if buttermilk or brine make the most crave-worthy fried chicken.
Pizza: The Edible Frisbee of Glee
1. Pizza: The Edible Frisbee of Glee
August 29, 2011
Food writer Troy Johnson is on the hunt for the ultimate American slice of pizza to satisfy his craving.
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Crave is available for streaming on the Food Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Crave on demand at Food Network.
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    August 29, 2011
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    7.0  (25)