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  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (7,103)

Crossbones is a historical fiction drama television series produced by NBC, starring John Malkovich, Richard Coyle, Claire Foy, and Yasmine Al Massri. The show premiered on NBC on May 30, 2014, and ran for 9 episodes. Set in the early 1700s, the story takes place on the infamous island of New Providence, a sanctuary for pirates, thieves, and other unsavory characters. The island is ruled by the legendary pirate Blackbeard (Malkovich), who is feared and revered by all who live there. However, his reign is threatened when an undercover assassin named Tom Lowe (Coyle) arrives on the island with a mission to take down Blackbeard.

Tom Lowe, an educated man with a background in war and espionage, has been sent by the British government to find and eliminate Blackbeard. Lowe quickly realizes that the task at hand will not be easy, as Blackbeard has his own agenda and a loyal crew that will stop at nothing to protect their leader. The two men engage in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, each trying to outsmart the other while keeping their true intentions hidden.

Meanwhile, a woman named Kate Balfour (Foy) enters the picture, throwing a wrench into both Blackbeard and Lowe's plans. Kate is a strong-willed thief who is looking for a way off the island and will do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. She is a mistress of disguise and uses her skills to manipulate both Blackbeard and Lowe for her own purposes.

Throughout the series, viewers are taken on a thrilling ride full of action, adventure, and unexpected twists and turns. The show does an excellent job of bringing the 1700s to life, with stunning sets, intricate costumes, and attention to detail that immerses viewers in the world of pirates and privateers.

John Malkovich delivers a standout performance as the enigmatic and feared Blackbeard. He is captivating in every scene he is in, portraying the legendary pirate with a mix of charisma, intelligence, and brutality. Richard Coyle complements Malkovich perfectly as the determined and cunning Tom Lowe. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable, and their scenes together are some of the most exciting in the series.

Claire Foy also shines in her role as Kate Balfour. She brings a toughness and vulnerability to the character, making her one of the most interesting and likable characters on the show. Yasmine Al Massri, who plays one of Blackbeard's loyal crew members, also stands out with her compelling performance.

Overall, Crossbones is a well-written and well-acted series that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. While the show didn't last beyond its initial 9 episode run, it still manages to pack in plenty of excitement and drama during its short time on the air. If you're a fan of historical fiction, pirates, or just great storytelling, Crossbones is definitely worth adding to your watchlist.

Crossbones is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on May 30, 2014.

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This Is How It Ends
13. This Is How It Ends
September 7, 2013
While undergoing a complex brain operation to rid himself of his alter ego, Jason discovers the true source of Ian Price.
But I'm Allergic to Cats
11. But I'm Allergic to Cats
August 31, 2013
Dr. Marcado continues to optimize his kill drug, but should he use his concoction to eliminate Ian or Jason?
10. Mine
August 24, 2013
As Jason's secret begins to unravel, Ian solicits the help of Jason's most trusted ally, Dr. Marcado.
9. Blackbeard
August 2, 2014
Lowe must decide if he should save the people he loves, the man he looks up to, or the legacy Edward Teach has built.
8. Crossbones
August 2, 2014
Blackbeard sends Rider, Nenna, and Tom Lowe on a mission to raid a Spanish stronghold.
7. Beggarman
July 25, 2014
With few allies left in Santa Campana, the situation worsens for Tom when Nenna tries to escape. Meanwhile, James makes a dangerous alliance.
A Hole in the Head
6. A Hole in the Head
July 18, 2014
In an effort to protect the people of Santa Campana from William Jagger's wrath, Lowe plots to kidnap Blackbeard and deliver him to the English authorities. Meanwhile, Jagger looks for answers at an an insane asylum.
The Return
5. The Return
July 11, 2014
Lowe figures out a way to report back to his spymaster, only to discover that Jagger may be the questionable one.
4. Antoinette
June 27, 2014
Lowe discovers Blackbeard plans on attacking innocent civilians in Jamaica so he comes up with a way to report back to his spymaster, William Jagger.
The Man Who Killed Blackbeard
3. The Man Who Killed Blackbeard
June 20, 2014
Kate gets caught on a trading voyage so now Blackbeard and Lowe have to work together to try to rescue her before she shows the island's location to William Jagger.
The Covenant
2. The Covenant
June 6, 2014
When Blackbeard's plans are rejected by a popular Pirate Captain, he considers eliminating a dangerous old friend for his plan to work.
The Devil's Dominion
1. The Devil's Dominion
May 30, 2014
In the series premiere, an important device is taken from HMS Petrel by pirates under the command of the legendary, Edward Teachbetter, also known as Blackbeard, who the world has presumed dead.
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Crossbones is available for streaming on the NBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Crossbones on demand at Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    May 30, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (7,103)